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No More Oil!

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BC: Resources: "ASPO International" Retrieved from "Peak Oil" Retrieved from All photos either composed on Photoshop using Google Images by Matt Klaber or found on Google Images.

1: One day while strolling in his protected forest, Chicken Little came upon a man drilling for oil. "Whatcha doin?" said Chicken Little. "Trying to get the last of the oil in these parts." said the man. "What do you mean the last of the oil?" Chicken Little exclaimed. "Well, in case you didn't notice...gas has been ever increasing in price over the past 8 years. Some say it's because of the war and turmoil in the Middle East. I say it's because of Peak Oil." "What's Peak Oil?" said Chicken Little.

2: "Peak Oil is when the maximum amount of oil extraction from the earth is reached. At this point there is a steady decline in oil production where supply doesn't meet demand. It can get very costly and be catastrophic if not properly planned for." said the man. "What does this mean?" said Chicken Little, nervously. "It means that unless we find a miracle energy cure in the next 50 years, we're doomed!" said the man laughing as he pointed to a chart on a clipboard. Chicken Little ran over to get a better look at it.

3: "Ohhhhh...crap!" cried Chicken Little. He began to nervously twitch and flutter about. "You okay, little buddy?" asked the man. "NO!" exclaimed Chicken Little, "I must find out if there's a way to stop this! I will not succumb to my apocalyptic desires!" And with that he fluttered out of the forest and into town to learn more about Peak Oil.

4: In town, Chicken Little went to the local library and soaked up everything he could about Peak Oil. He learned that there will come a time when all the fossil fuels have been used. That's why they're called non-renewable resources. They can't be replenished. He learned that M.King Hubbert first coined the phrase Peak Oil back in the 1950s when he figured out using a simple bell curve when oil production would peak and then decline.

5: The more Chicken Little read, the more worried he became. He learned that the U.S. is the world's largest consumer of petroleum at about 21 million barrels a day. The entire oil market only produces 86 million barrels a day. Chicken Little then realized how fast China and India were growing and becoming oil-thirsty countries and started to do the math. He realized that he needed to get the word out about Peak Oil before it was too late!

6: So Chicken Little went around town crying out "The sky is falling! The sky is falling! We're running out of oil! Everyone switch to electric cars before it's too late!"

7: He went to other towns and cried out "Switch to wind power. Go nuclear! We need solar power! Hurry!" Everywhere he went, he told everyone about Peak Oil. He demanded they use alternative fuels. He preached energy conservation and investing in green energy. Chicken Little was becoming an advocate for clean energy even!

8: As he was touring the world trying to save it from Peak Oil, Chicken Little ran into that man he met in the forest again. "Hey, little buddy. How are you doing?" said the man. "I think I'm not scared anymore about Peak Oil, actually." stated Chicken Little. "Oh? Why is that?" said the man. "Because we have so many alternatives to choose from." said Chicken Little smugly. "Oh really?" said the man, "Did you forget about where electricity comes from?" " It comes from coal." said Chicken Little. "Coal will peak, too." said the man. "Well, we've got nuclear power." said Chicken Little. "And how do you suppose we get uranium out of the ground without any oil powered machines to get it out." said the man, "Not to mention the fact that we have a limited supply of plutonium and uranium." "What about wind and solar power?" said Chicken Little grasping at straws. "Wind and solar are NOWHERE near as efficient as gas. Not to mention non-windy, cloudy days put a damper on energy collection." said the man.

9: "Ohhhh crap. We really are doomed." said Chicken Little. "Yup." said the man. "And I'm in the mood for some KFC, so you're doomed tonight!"

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