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Non-Fiction Animal Reports: Room 112

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Non-Fiction Animal Reports: Room 112 - Page Text Content

S: Room 112 Colfax Elementary

BC: Special thanks to: Chas Garcia Ms. Banuelos And our teacher, Mrs. McFadden

FC: Room 112 Proudly Presents... | Non-Fiction Animal Reports

1: Colfax Elementary | Room 112 | April 2012

3: Hammerhead Sharks by Adrian Hammerhead sharks have rectangle heads. They eat other animals. Sharks do eat fish. They are skilled hunters. They hunt together. I will not go by them.

5: Bats by Joshua Bats are awake at night. All bats have large wings. Bats can fly as fast as 15 miles an hour. Bats eat insects and other things. They eat fruits and flowers. Bats are important in nature.

7: Coyotes by Andrew Coyotes can howl. Coyotes are as big as a German Shepard dog. They have pointed ears and yellow-gray fur. Coyotes hunt. Coyotes eat mice, birds and fish. Coyotes are special animals.

9: Pandas by Jaila Pandas are big. Pandas eat plants. Pandas eat bamboo. They spend a lot of time looking for food. They spend most of their time in bamboo trees. I like to see pandas at the Zoo. Do you?

11: Raccoons By Logan Raccoons are found everywhere Raccoons eat plants and animals. They feed on frogs, bird eggs, nuts, crops. Raccoons love water. They catch a lot of their food in the water. Raccoons live in my neighborhood, too.

13: leaf-Nosed Snakes By Donovan Leaf-nosed snakes are hard to see. Leaf-nosed snakes camouflage. They have a nose that looks like a leaf. They hunt for lizards. They eat lizards and their eggs. No wonder they are called Leaf-nosed snakes.

15: Red pandas By Marcus Red pandas are not black and white. Red pandas have orange fur. They are called mammals. Red pandas eat plants. They eat bamboo. Red Pandas are fun to watch.

17: Tarantulas By Sienna Tarantulas are the biggest spiders in the world. Tarantulas eat crickets, moths and flies. They also eat mice, birds, and frogs. They hide in their homes. They sit very, very still and wait for prey. Tarantulas are scary.

19: Dolphins by Cecilia Dolphins are very playful. Dolphins eat meat. They eat eels, crabs, and octopuses. Dolphins communicate with each other. They make whistles, clicks and chirps. Dolphins are smart and fun to swim with.

21: Electric Eels by Uriel Electric eels are dangerous. Electric eels look like snakes. They have two small fins. They use electricity to kill their prey. They eat fish and frogs. Electric eels are important for science.

23: Frogs by Angel Frogs are small animals. Frogs love water. Frogs croak and jump. Frogs eat bugs. Some frogs eat worms, snails and shrimp. People can protect frogs if we keep the water clean.

25: Octopus By Nathan Octopuses look scary. Octopuses do not have bones. They live alone. Octopuses eat a lot of things. They eat crabs and clams. They are not really creepy.

27: Dolphins By Sarina Dolphins live in the ocean. Dolphins are mammals. They breathe though a blow hole. They have two flippers. They have two tail flukes. Dolphins are intelligent creatures.

29: Snakes by Jayden Can snakes hurt people? Snakes molt. They move in long, slinky curves. Snakes eat meat and eggs. They eat bugs, lizards and worms. Snakes can hurt people if they bite them.

31: Leopards by Noah Leopards are really big cats. Leopards are long and skinny. They have spots. They eat meat. They hunt birds, reptiles and mammals. Hunters have reduced the number of leopards, but there is hope that they will not vanish.

33: Rabbits by Ivy Rabbits are cute animals. Rabbits have long ears. They have furry tails. Rabbits eat vegetables. Rabbits eat carrots. Rabbits help the farm in many ways.

35: Tyrannosaurus Rex by Avelyna T-Rex was very big. It was one of the largest dinosaurs. It was 46 ft long and 18 ft tall. It had two small arms. It attacked other dinosaurs. People still study T-Rex fossils.

37: Trapdoor Spiders by Amadeus Trapdoor spiders are big. They eat all kinds of insects, They eat beetles, ants, and grasshoppers. They build a trap door to hide under. They close the door to be safe from their enemies. Trapdoor spiders are unusual.

39: Tigers by Arianna Tigers are big cats. Tigers eat mostly meat. Tigers like to swim. Tigers have stripes. They have big paws. They roar really loud. I will see the tigers in the zoo, not in the jungle.

41: Rattlesnakes by Alex Rattlesnakes are dangerous. They defend themselves from enemies. Rattlesnakes bite. They have a rattle on the end of their tail. Rattlesnakes have scales. I’m going to stay away from rattlesnakes.

43: Badgers by Christopher Badgers are cute but also very mean. Badgers dig small holes. They use their long claws. They are black and white. They have teeth like a vampire. I am going to stay way from badgers.

45: African Elephants by Ernesto African elephants are big, but gentle. Elephants use their trunks for many things. They use their trunks to eat and drink. Elephants eat grass, leaves and fruit. Their skin is dry and the color is gray. They have long curved tusks. Even though they are big, they walk quietly.

47: Peregrine Falcons by Alonso Peregrine Falcons fly really high. They are about 15 inches long. They weigh about a pound. They hunt and eat birds. Most falcons live in the wild. They live in high places.

49: Cheetahs Bryan Cheetahs are the world's fastest animals. Cheetahs are long and skinny. They eat meat. They eat deer. No prey can out run a cheetah.

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