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S: Kids Rock

BC: The End

FC: A magazine for kids. | Kids Rock

1: Table of contents Interviews.......................2 Mr. Martin.......................2 Mrs.Elby.........................5 Go Go Green...................6 Camp Nightmare..............8 Biography.....................14

2: Teacher Interviews Have you ever wondered about what teachers did when they were kids!? Well here’s your chance to find out! You see I am going to interview two Jackson Teachers and get to know about their life when THEY were kids! The lucky teachers are Mr. Martin and Mrs. Elby! My first interview was with Mr. Martin (a.k.a Christopher). Did you know that had Christopher a sister growing up named Cecilia? Well if you didn’t then read on! She was 17 months younger then him and she was smart and creative. Also they sometimes worked together on a farm and she did not want to work fast. Did you know Christopher’s faorite. Color is dark blue. The scariest movie he ever saw was PET CEMETERY! By: Steven King ( He will never watch it again.). And did you know Christopher would rather read than watch TV. (That’s why he’s so smart.) . The type of style he had in school was the skater style. (Hair over one eye and colorful clothing.). His favorite role models are his Dad, Pastor Karl and TONY HAWK! Also he wanted people to like and respect him. His favorite toy was his Red Ryder BB gun. He still has it. He didn’t have his own group. He hung out with all kinds of different groups from skaters to jocks and rockers to the church choir. Well that’s all about Christopher so by for now!

5: Mrs. Elby Interview! Did you know that Mrs. Elby has a brother named Malcom and a sister named Jennifer? They were her friends. Also, her favorite color is blue. The scariest movie she ever saw was Child’s Play and the star is none other than the ghost doll Chuckie. Mrs. Elby would rather read than watch T.V. As a student she dressed in mainly skirts and clean white shirts. Mrs. Elby wanted to be rich when she was younger. Her role model was her mother and still is. She cared about what other people thought about her. Her favorite toy as a child was a doll, but it disappeared and she doesn’t have it any more. Did you know that Mrs. Elby had her own club? She would have friends over to her basement and play school. They would use their dolls as students. Now you know about Mrs. Elby.

6: Go green! You should go green because: 1. Our playgrounds could be turned into dumpsters if we fill all the landfills. 2. You’ll have more trees, plants, fresh water, and clean air. 3. If we don’t go green, all we will have is dirty gray air, tall smoke stacks, a lot of smoke, thin hobos, no plants or trees and filthy muddy water. These are just some reasons why we need to unplug, reuse, trade clothes and go green. Here are some simple ways you can do it. 1. You could unplug the vacuum, TV and microwave when you’re not using them. 2. You could wear hand me down clothes from your big bro/sis. If you’re an only child then reuse them by giving them to your neighbors. These are just some ways you could go green.

8: Anny Banko Trina Jhonn | Narrator: It’s the first day of camp. Jhonn and Banko just woke up. Jhonn: Hey Banko I think this camp is weird! Banko: Yah know I think your right. Narrator: In the next cabin Jhonn’s sis Trina & Banko’s Cousin Anny were talking in the next room. Trina: I am so upset! Anny: Chillax! | Camp Nightmare

9: Trina: I can’t! I’m afraid my lips will get chapped without my sparkly lip gloss! Anny: Trina you’re over reacting! Trina: No way! Do you know how much boys love cherry scented & flavored lip gloss? Anny: Trina you have a million more in your case over there. Trina: No! That lip gloss has red sparkles in it that are shaped like hearts and I left them at home! YOU CAN’T REPLACE LIP GLOSS LIKE THAT! Anny: Okay! Okay! Just chill! Trina: Your right, I should just relax. Anny: I’m going to find Jhonn, he said he’d help me finish my nature project. Trina: Well come on! I have to meet Banko so he can help me with my leaf collection. Narrator: The girls headed over to there usual spot under the maple tree were the boys were waiting with the gang’s dog Whitey who is a blood hound. Anny: Hi Jhonn, hi Banko and hello Whitey (she said scratching the furry dog). Narrator: The gang was about to have their usual chat when Pearl Tibet the rabbit girl with red round glasses came over. Pearl got her nickname because she loved carrots and had large front teeth. Pearl: Hey guys, have you heard the screaming at night? That’s the curse of the vampire! Trina: Vampire? Yeah right, I just think that was Jhonn playing his video tape of Screams of the undead! Jhonn: Trina, you know I left that at mom’s house! Pearl: No guys, the scream sounded like this AaaaaaaRRRRRrrrrrEeeeeeeEEEEEeeeAAAAaaaaaaa. Trina: What kind of vampire makes a sound like that? Pearl: The dark moon one that everybody says is a myth. Banko: Wow! That’s so fake. (he said laughing) Narrator: Just then Bunko (Banko’s and Jhonn’s enemy and the boy who likes Anny) waltz over his huge mussels rippling. Bunko: Hey stupid. (he said to Banko and hello Anny) Jhonn: Uh Anny, we’re going leave you two alone. Bunko: Yeah, get out of here. Narrator: The gang left Anny and Bunko under the tree. Anny: What are you doing here? Bunko: I couldn’t stay away from my favorite girl. (he said hugging her for 1 min)

10: Chapter2 the horrible scene! Anny: Bunko you know I like them not you! Bunko: Well then call Jhonn over here. Anny: Jhonn! Jhonn: Yeah Anny? Anny: Bunko wants to talk to you. (she said leaving) Jhonn: What Bunko? Bunko: Anny belongs to me, not you and your friends and you remember that! Narrator: Bunko left and the gang went into the café. Trina: (Sniff) Eeewwwww! Their making that gross tuna salad with salami and beets! Banko: Yuck! Why can’t we have waffles or pancakes? Anny: Well at least they have those yummy fruit cocktails. Trina: I wonder if that’s going to be my only breakfast choice. Jhonn: So after this do you guys want to meet in me and Banko in their cabin? Anny & Trina: Sure. Narrator: But after breakfast as the gang walked to Jhonn and Banko’s cabin, they saw something horrible! Jhonn: Oh my goodness! There’s blood all over the cabin! Trina\Banko: Ahhhhhhhhhhh! Anny: Uh guys, aren’t those Pearl Tibets red glasses smeared in blood on the floor? Narrator: The gang looked at each other then looked at Pearl’s broken glasses on the floor.

11: Chapter3 The ugly truth! Jhonn: NOOOOOOOOOO! Banko: Ahhhhhhh! Trina: Guys look! A sneaker is sticking out from under the bed! Whitey: grrrrrrrrrr arf! Narrator: Anny pulled the body out from under the bed. Anny: Guys look! It’s Pearl! Banko: Is she dead? Trina: No, she’s unconscious! Anny: WILL SOMEBODY GET HELP? Jhonn: Ouch! Anny you hurt my ear drums! Trina: Who cares! JUST GET HELP! Jhonn: OKAY! Just stop yelling at me! Whitey: Arf Arf Arf Arf! Trina: ALL OF YOU STOP YELLING AND GO GET SOMEONE! Jhonn/Anny: YOU GO GET SOMEONE MS. DRAMA-QUEEN! Banko: GUYS! Will you all calm down? Trina: Banko’s right, guys we’ve got to calm down. Jhonn: Okay, I’ll go get Mr. Vlad. Narrator: Mr.Vlad is the gang’s camp janitor who has a weird accent and two front teeth that are suspicously long. Anny: Finally you go get someone. Trina: First we have to do something about the cabin. Anny: She’s right we have to clean the cabin. Banko: Were do we start?? Narrator: Just then Pearl woke up. Anny: PEARL! YOU’RE OKAY! Pearl: Huuuh, were am I? Banko: You’re in our cabin. Trina: Can you tell us anything? Pearl: Only how I got here. Trina/Anny/Banko: HOW?

12: Chapter 4 the truth!!! Pearl: Well, I was walking by your cabin when I saw this note with strange letters on it. Narrator: Pearl held up a note with strange writing on it: Banko: WHAT? But what does it mean? Anny: Turn it over. Narrator: Pearl hesitated then obediently turned it over hiding her face. Trina: WHAT? It only says this thank you for ... Pearl: Huh? Oh!!! W-well I knew that. Banko: It’s so weird. Jhonn: Hey I’m back with him! Mr.Vlad: Vant is going on here! (he said just like a vampire) Anny\Trina: Ahhhhhh! Narrator: Anny and Trina had a right to scream because Mr. Vlad was a horrible sight. He was tall, his skin was so very pale he could blend in with the snow, he had hair as black as midnight. Then there were those two teeth. He picked up Pearl and carried her away but two minutes later they heard a scream! They raced out and found a white thing in front of their cabin. It was something that had two red marks on its neck and it was still as a stick. Anny: Guys, those are red glasses! Trina: It’s Pearl! Narrator: Suddenly Pearl shot up, turned and looked at them. Her eyes were nothing but snow white, her red hair had turned black and with her glinting white fangs showing, she looked and jumped at them. To be continued.

14: The most exciting I ever did was when I went Hershey Park with my Aunt Crissy and my brother. We went on a huge green waterslide higher than the school. School had just let out! We were so hot! We decided to change into our bathing suits so we could get on the waterslide. My aunt didn’t have one so she wore her t-shirt and jeans. We reached the top of the slide and it was our turn. I was so scared I almost ran back down the stairs but my aunt caught me by the back of my bathing suit just in time. She made me get on the slide because we already waited for about thirty minutes. I made my brother Steven go up front because I didn’t want to look. Before I knew it we were bombing down the waterslide at an awesome speed. We quickly splashed down and I had to help my brother get out of the splash pool. I decided I will never get on that slide again. | My world

15: Hi, my name is Nylah Roland-Washington. I’m from York, PA . I am 9 years old and have glasses also I have one brother and two older sisters and their names Jasmine and Brandy. The scariest thing that ever happened to me was when my cousin made us think she was a vampire. She did it by putting on fake BLOOD! And she wouldn’t go near light. Jeremiah tried to give her $1.00 if she would change back to her old self. He nearly FREAKD when she yelled NO! Then my grandpa came in eating something that had garlic and as soon as she smelled it she screamed so loud that it hurt my eardrums. She ran into her bedroom and slammed the door. My grandpa asked “what’s with her?” It all turned out to be her playing a trick on us that had us all scared. I’m doing GMYNASTICS! I think its fun because gymnastics is one of my favorite sports ever. My favorite thing to do is the cartwheel. My least favorite is the back flip because every time I try to do it I hit my head. If I could go anywhere in the world I would go to Russia cause I like there food, buildings, and art. I read it’s called the city of art. (Cool right!) And I have always wanted to fly in an airplane to CALIFORNA! (Hold your applause) because I think it’s the coolest place ever! (Or hottest ha ha ha). My two favorite books and movies are James and the giant peach and Charlie and the chocolate factory. Well that’s all there is so I hope you enjoyed reading all about My World.

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