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Ocean for Project

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BC: The jungle and the ocean obviously are two whole entirely different environments. But you have to look for how they are the same, for instance they both have foodchains...which are very important in any ecosystem, they both have predator and prey, and they both have plants that use the sun's energy which is the base source of energy in the world, the plants get eaten by other animals, (mostly prey) and those prey get eaten by the predators. The ocean also has corral and sea weed instead of trees and vines, you can think of these both the same thing for two different types of creatures, to a fish the corral act as a home and an environment to stay safe from predators. To tropical jungle creatures the trees and vines act as a home and a place of protection from the hungry predators! As you can see there are a lot of things that are the same between the two. There's a lot that is different though too, like the ocean is made completely of water, and the jungle is completely land but gets a lot of rain. The animals in the ocean don't have a lot of hair or fur, jungle animals do. The ocean is very cold, jungles are warm and humid. So there is a set line between these two very intriuging ecosystems but they both are the alike in some ways!


1: Sharks are at the top of the food chain. They eat sea turtles, that live on algae and other vegetation. The algae survive off photosynthesis, which comes from the sun's energy, which is the source of energy on the earth.

2: Sharks are one of the most feared predators in the ocean. They have very sensitive hearing, and can sometimes hear more than 700 ft. They eat many animals, such as the sea turtle. They also have skeletons of bone, like humans.

3: Sea turtles are natural born swimmers and eat vegetation like algae. Some turtles can grow up to 28 inches long and 1500 pounds. They have better hearing than sharks and dogs, and are color blind. Females can lay up to 200 eggs.

4: Algae are very small, but impact the earth greatly. Algae produce more than 71% of the earth's oxygen. They can live in all kinds of environments, and get their food from photosynthesis. They are single cell organisms and a lot of underwater creatures eat them.

5: The sun is the basis of the earth. It gives all the energy for earth, and allows life to be. It gives the energy to plants, which then go into photosynthesis, a required state which is needed for life. The sun is hotter than 6,000 degrees Celsius.

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