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Oklahoma A&M's AGR Men of the 1950's

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S: Oklahoma A&M's AGR Men of the 1950's

BC: Mom B's boys...she would be so proud of each of you and the men you have become.

FC: Oklahoma A&M's AGR Men of the 1950's

1: It is both a pleasure and an honor to compile this book of photos, information and memories of the Wonderful AGR Men of the 1950's. To be around them will inspire you, make you laugh, take you back in time and occasionally bring a tear to your eye as you watch them interact as brothers, friends and as family. They can teach all of us what true friendship means, even when miles and years separate them. A special thank you to each AGR who participated in interviews and who provided photos for this book. To every AGR member of the Pi Chapter, this book is dedicated to you. Debbie Sharp, wife of Ron Sharp, 622 1957

2: AGR History A group of seven college students at the Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio decided to bind together their cords of friendship and organize a fraternity. Surveying and plans developed slowly and on the first Sunday in October, 1904, Alpha Gamma Rho was born. While the agricultural group at the Ohio State University were developing a fraternity similar action was taking shape at the University of Illinois. During the fall of 1905 the students at Illinois discussed the formation of an agricultural club. By the spring of 1906 the idea sprouted and Delta Rho Sigma came into being. The interactions between the two fraternities started at the International Livestock Show in Chicago during the fall of 1906 when embryonic livestock judges met and discovered they had a common bond. Correspondence ensued during the winter, but true love was not smooth and the groups drifted apart. However, negotiations were reopened in April when the Illinois fraternity invited two delegates from Ohio to visit. In time things became serious, and on April 4, 1908 they were united in a public ceremony at the Claypool Hotel in Indianapolis. Records show that the University of Illinois took the name of the Ohio State organization, Alpha Gamma Rho. In turn for giving up their name sake, the Illinois men received the distinction of Alpha Chapter. On May 19, 1921 at 2:30 p.m. eighteen young petitioning men were formally inducted into the Phi Chapter on the campus of Oklahoma A&M College.

3: Bob Branson Hometown: Panama, OK Major: Animal Science Invited by Don Trobe to join AGR What did you gain from AGR? Social skills and meeting new people. I made a log of good friends. Mom B was a stable force for me, she game me guidance. I would have been "wild" if it wasn't for her being present. I lived in the house 1 semester and she made a big difference. Favorite Memory: Hell week, being rousted around all over town. That was tough! Career: Served in the Army 3 years. Spent 8 years as an Extension Agent in Oklahoma and Kansas. While in the Kansas Extension Service he produced a weekly television show A petroleum land man in Southeastern Oklahoma, sold real estate as well as operate a ranch with 1,000 head of cattle. Family: one daughter, Karen and one grandson Currently makes his home in the Poteau, Oklahoma area.

4: Marshall Burkes Major - Animal Science. Graduated in 1956 What did you gain from AGR? What was to be 3 or 4 years of brotherhood has now become six decades of friendships through affiliations with four chapters; California, Oklahoma, Indiana and Ohio, plus the AGR capital Group in D.C." Favorite memory? "Simple and worldly comments offered by the Idabel Southern Lady "Mom B" The first opportunity for group living, members beyond Lindsay and Oklahoma. Leadership and brotherhood participation with alumni supervision and practicing democracy on a daily basis". Career- Global Financial Management and Consulting, primarily to the private sector in developing countries. Continues to lead two small-business loan portfolios on the south side of North Carolina.. Currently resides in Chapel Hill, North Carolina with a son and daughter near-by. | Who finds a faithful friend finds a treasure

5: We do not remember days...we remember moments

6: Ron Schultz Hometown: Billings, Oklahoma Entered A&M 1953 Major Soil Science Masters in Soil Science from A&M Big Brother-Don Chestnut Served as Big Brother for Jim Rodenberg What did you gain from AGR? "I was a rough farm boy and there wasn't a hell of a lot to polish but thanks to my experiences and Mom B. I came along. Fondest memory? "That answer is pretty easy, she is setting next to me (he points to his wife Eloise) How did you two meet? "We were on the 4th floor of the Student Union and I asked Doug Peacock, who was that girl? I was looking for a date to the AGR Christmas party. That was 51 years ago. Now we are the parents of one son, David, and a daughter, Linda. That's the best Christmas present ever"! Fondest AGR memory? Cameras were not allowed during initiation and now I know why! As a pledge you had to sleep in a gunny sack with everyone else. There was nothing between your body and that sack, no underwear and nothing on your boobs! It hurt. I also remember Mom B., she taught us manners". Career: 20 years in the US Air Force as an electrical engineer on missile duty. Stationed in Washington, Hawaii, San Antonio, Wichita Falls, Tucson, Dayton, Ohio, Rapid City and retired from Nuclear Safety in Albuquerque. After retirement, came home to the farm in Billings. | Ron and Eloise at the Pink Rose Formal Wedding Day....a cowboy and a cowgirl unite

7: Gerald Reimer Hometown: Mountain View, Oklahoma Major: Pre-Vet What did you gain from AGR? "Good friends, life long relationships with a lot of good guys. Leadership, respect and good training from the house mom in terms of female relationships and etiquette" Fondest memory of AGR? Friday night of hell week! We went on a scavenger hunt and if you got caught by members you would be taken out on a "ride" and you would have to figure how to get back to campus". Career: Graduated the OU School of Medicine and traveled to Portland, Oregon for an internship in Neurology. Spent one year in fellowship in London and has been practicing in Portland ever since. Is currently semi-retired. In 1980 opened the Reimer Nursery, a 100-acre operation that ships all across the U.S. Married Jo Edwards and has two children, David and Jill.

8: Frank Miller Hometown: Blackwell, Oklahoma Major: Vet Medicine Big Brother - Bob Whitney What did you gain from AGR? "I had a home. A place of belonging. It built my character, taught me self-discipline and helped me focus on academics. It was a jump start into who I am." | Career: After dental school at Baylor (his roommate was Earl Novack) he chose his military obligation for the Navy where he served as a dental officer for 4 years in Oakland, CA and on the USS Ranger. Moved to Rockwall TX and entered into private practice then back to dental school in 1976 for orthodontic study, returning to private practice. Naval Reserves for 31 years. Father of three, Valerie, and twins Bart and Deanna. He now shares a dental office with son Bart in Rockwall | Frank

9: Max Lindsey Hometown: Fort Gibson, Oklahoma Major: Animal Husbandry Big Brother Jim Johnson Big Brother for Gary Jarvis What did you gain from AGR? "Humility, cooperation and I learned to live with people. The fraternity opened several doors for me." Fondest memory? "Pledging. This is where all the comradery started." | Career - After graduation from college it was back to the farm for 6 months then on to KVOO Radio/TV as assistant farm director for 3 years. The next 10-15 years he worked for Shell Chemical. Then in 1970 he began selling commercial real estate.

10: Jim Rodenberg Hometown: - Drummond, Oklahoma Major: Agriculture Education Big Brother - Ron Schultz Was Big Brother for Jim Throbe & Bill Moore What did you gain from AGR? "The fraternity was the main reason I stayed in school. Members, like my big brother Ron, helped to encourage me. Being a member brought me out of some of my shyness. Social events, working on a committee, and serving as an officer brought me confidence. One of the best things is the friendships that are developed, they will last as long as I am alive. I can't say enough good things about Mrs. Burrus (Mom B). She was a beautiful southern lady who taught us table manners and confidence in social situations. We all liked to escort her to functions because she always made us feel special. | Favorite memory - During pledge week, Fall of 1955, we were instructed what to do in case of a fire. The members had us get in a sleeping bunk with our clothes on, wait for the alarm, then get down the fire escape as fast as we could. They had a fire burning in a barrel. They gave us a soda straw, had us run to the south side of the house where they had a tub of water. We had to suck the water through the straw onto the fire. Sounded simple enough however they had put a lot of alum in the water. The second trip made it almost impossible to suck up water or to spew it onto the fire. Naturally they continued to stoke the fire with lighter fluid. Great fun for all. Career Graduated in 1959 and took basic training at Lackland Air Force base. Began selling ag chemicals for Phillips Petroleum in Atlanta, Ga. but was activated with Alabama Air National Guaard and sent to Dreux, France due to the Berlin Wall situation. In January 1963 began insurance sales with Mitchell Jones in OKC. From 69-98 was a commercial Underwriter with four companies in Okla. and Arkansas. Retired in 2007. | It is not a successful climb unless you enjoy the journey

11: Rodney Orrell Hometown - Fort Cobb, Oklahoma Major - Animal Science Big Brother - David Sharp What did you gain from AGR? It took me out of being a country boy who didn't know manners. I was a little shy and being an AGR meant you had to participate and this helped me develop courage. One thing I am especially proud of is working as the Noble Ruler to get Dr. Walters elected to office.. This led to him later being elected as national president. Favorite memory? I was the Noble Ruler in 1960 and Chairman in 1959. My association with Mom B, doing things with the guys in the house, things I could do outside the house such as meat judging. We won National Meat Judging in | 1961. I remember going home with my Big Brother, David Sharp. It was snowing and we shot the pistol at a rabbit, we didn't hit the rabbit but nicked my car instead! Career - Started a career with Wilson and Company in Oklahoma City and progressed through management becoming the plant manager for 20 years. Joined IBP in 1982 and was part of the pork start up team. | In 1993 joined Seaboard in Guymon, designing the plant and organizing operations, personnel and setting up international sales. Left Seaboard for Smithfield in Virginia, traveling to Poland for the last 3 months of that career. Went to work for Wright Brand Foods in Vernon, Texas then moved to Springdale, Arkansas as Vice President of Operations. Currently retired but does do some consulting. Rodney lives in Rogers, Arkansas and has one daughter, Brook. | Mom "B" our teacher, our friend, our second Mom, our memories

12: Charles (Charlie) Anderson Hometown - Blue Jacket, Oklahoma Major - Agriculture Education Big Brother - Jim Campbell (Tig) Big brother for Don Hix and Bob Trickey What did you gain from AGR? " I have built relationships over the years and doors have been opened. Being an AGR taught me character, and discipline. I also learned from Mom B., she taught me about relationships, she was a special lady who was concerned for everyone.,". Career - Trained and showed Shetland ponies and judged horse shows across the country for 5 years. Worked at the East State Hospital in Vinita as personnel director and with the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture for 30 years. Worked with the OSU Center for Local Government, USDA Farm Home and Department of Environmental Quality and currently serves as the State Senate Sergeant of Arms. Married to Joyce Richey for 43 years and they had two sons, Scott and Rod along with a daughter, Renee'. After the passing of Joyce, Charlie remarried in September, 2010 and he and his wife Sue make their home in Edmond, OK. | The most agreeable thing in life is worthy accomplishment

13: A.L. (Punk) Bonner Hometown - Indiahoma, Oklahoma Major - Animal Science Big Brother - Dewey Rounds Was Big Brother for Darrell Surface What did you gain from AGR? "Fellowship. We moved a lot and it was like going back to school, everyone was there. I was asked to visit the house before joining and I remember I was impressed with the group, I wanted to be part of it". | Fondest memory? My girlfriend, Katy Kay's grandfather passed away and I didn't have a car to go to the funeral. John Dunbar loaned me his. I'll never forget that. Career - After graduation worked for the Lawton Meat Supply, working there until the 1970's when he went to Garber with the Oklahoma Department of Agriculture. Became the Director of the Department of Ag in the 1980's and retired in 1998 after 25 years of service. Served as the Oklahoma Ag Aviation Association Director for 5 years. Married Katy Kay Keathley in 1956. They had two daughters, Katy Beth and Becky and one son, Bob. After Katy Kay's passing Punk married Pat. They have been married for 11 years and live in Edmond. | Make new friends but keep the old...one is silver and the other is gold

14: Howard Perry Hometown - Muskogee, Oklahoma Major - Agriculture Economics Big Brother - Ron Sharp Was big brother to Fred Borum What did you gain from AGR? "It took some of the backwardness out of me. I didn't have any brothers or sisters but I wound up with a whole family. Friends that became more than friends. It was good to have Ron as my Big Brother because we met as small boys at the Tulsa State Fair. We've been friends a long time." Fondest memory? When I became a member and received my pin it felt good. Members looked at you differently with that pin. As a pledge I felt like dirt but being a member felt so different. One of my funniest memories was the pledge sneak. Some of us put Ex-Lax in the frosting of a cake which we served our big brothers. Some of them became sick and had to go to the hospital (too much men's room)! Howard and his wife Dorothy have been married 54 years and have one son, Bryan and 2 grandchildren. Howard spent much of his career as a farmer and rancher in Muskogee and during the past few years has developed and sold a successful company which replicates historic building pieces. This adventure has taken Howard and Dorothy to Washington State for a while but they are now "home" on the farm. | Things that were hard to bear are sweet to remember

15: Joe Skinner Hometown - Lexington, Oklahoma Major - Agriculture Education/Horticulture Big Brother - Richard French Joe brought in two members, Gary Clark and Bill Dillsaver What did you gain from AGR? "Confidence. I was an only child and started school at the age of 7. I desperately needed confidence and social skills. Being an AGR established a line of communication that I would never have had, a network and the skills I needed to succeed" Fondest memories "I really didn't go through what a lot of others did because they were younger than me. I came the second semester of my junior year so It was different for me. I did serve as the house manager". Career - Taught Agriculture Education at John Marshall. While teaching one of his students was the National FFA President in 1970-71 and another was State FFA President,. Worked in Dallas for 11 years at the Career Development Center and was selected the 1983 Teacher of the Year. Spent 6 years with Richland College and as head of the Horticulture Department for 2 years. After college he opened a horticulture department in Garland. Currently consultant for 6 Texas High Schools for horticulture programs. Married to wife Brenda for 45 years and the father of 4 children; twins, Leighann and Darren, Melody and Kimberly.

16: Ron Little Hometown - Hickory, Oklahoma Major - Animal Husbandry Big Brother - Jack Wilson Big brother to Donnie May What did you gain from AGR? "Leadership qualities which made for a good transition into the military. Manners from Mom B. that prepared me for meals with dignitaries and generals such as Joint Chief of Staff Abrams and Senator Sam Nunn". Favorite memory? "I remember getting up to feed cattle at 4:30 a.m. then hurrying to get back to the house for duties there such as shining shoes and cleaning bathrooms. " Career - Received his Second Lieutenant commission through ROTC in 1956 and entered the US Army in 1957. Served as the Division Artillery Advisor, 25th Infantry Division Army of the Republic of Vietnam. Served as Operations Staff Officer in Southern Europe and Commander, 2nd Battalion, 30th Field Artillery, Vicenza, Italy. Served as Deputy Commander, 59th Ordnance Brigade, Europe, Inspector General, Ft. Sill, Office of the Chief of Staff, Intelligence the Pentagon, Assist. Professor of Military Science, Houston and Assistant Attache', Laos. Little has received numerous awards and decorations. Col. Little and his wife Freda make their home on a ranch in Sulphur, OK.

17: Max M. Berry Hometown - Lambert, Oklahoma Died - April 2, 2011, Conroe, Texas Max was raised on a wheat and dairy farm in Alfalfa County and served as Oklahoma's State FFA President in 1954-55. He attended Oklahoma A&M and graduated in 1957 with a bachelor's degree in Agricultural Economics. In 1955 he traveled to Great Britain on a student exchange program with FFA and in 1959 was named Rotary International Fellow | at the University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia. In 1965, he received his juris doctorate from Cleveland-Marshall Law School in Cleveland, Ohio. He was a member of Ohio and Oklahoma Bar Associations. He married Carolyn Long on July 1, 1975 and they lived in Ponca City for many years where he practiced law. Max was the past Ponca City Municipal Court Judge, past Pres. of the Kay County Bar Association, past Pres. of the Ponca City Rotary Club and was awarded the Paul Harris Fellow in 1992. He was named Outstanding Rotarian in 1994. He was a member of the OSU Alumni Association, a founder and charter member of the OSU Ag Alumni Association, member of the Oklahoma Sirloin Club and served many years as swine superintendent at the Oklahoma Junior Livestock Show. He was a member of the First Christian Church.

18: Doug Peacock Major - Agriculture Economics Big Brother - Don Chestnut What did you gain from AGR? "Self discipline and how to study for tests. I also gained a lot from, Mom B, she was a wonderful lady and I think she made us all more gentle in our mannerisms". Favorite memory? "Going through hell week and completing the scavenger hunt without being caught." | Career - After graduating OSU, it was on to Law School at OU, graduating in 1961. His first job was as a Grant County attorney for one year. Doug then married and moved to Phoenix, AZ and opened a private law practice and practiced for 32 years. In 1995, he took a sabbatical and bought a large yacht and cruised from Milwaukee down the rivers to the Gulf of Mexico. Because that adventure was so much fun, he decided to close the office and retire. Doug now lives on North Hutchinson Island, a barrier Island on the East coast of Florida. Doug has two sons, Geoffrey and Kelly who reside in the Phoenix area.

19: James W. Sigmon Hometown - Los Angeles, California Major - Animal Science Was Big Brother to Jim Berg What did you gain from AGR? "I came from the city without any real farm experience. I would have never made it through the first, let alone the other three years, without the help of my AGR brothers. I did not have the rural experiences that I needed when I arrived. Favorite memory? "When my girlfriend came down on the train from Springfield, MO to go with me to the Pink Rose Formal and Barn Dance. She stayed in Mom B's apartment. Now she is my wife of 52 years." Career - The first 20 years after graduation James worked in the meat packing business and with Ralston Purina. The next 20 years he was a commodity broker for agricultural products in the Midwest and was a regular analyst on TV's Market to Market show. Also a commentator on a daily radio show on commodities.Eleanor and James live in Arizona and have two children and six granddaughters | Memories...what a wonderful gift from God

20: Ron Phillips (Daddy Rabbit) Hometown: Chelsey, Oklahoma Big Brother: Danny Thomas (Swamp Rabbit) Little Brother was Bob Barney Entered A&M in 1956 Major: Dairy Production What did you gain from being an AGR? I first lived outside of the house and had three friends. When I moved into the AGR house I had friends overnight and those friendships have lasted a lifetime. I enjoyed living in the house for two years. Favorite Memory: Like everyone hell week is something you will never forget. When the week was over your body didn't have anything left, you were worn smooth out! | Some funny stories I remember was when Claybrook ran into a skunk and brothers put him out of the car. He smelled too bad to ride. I also remember Mom B. You never saw her when she wasn't "made up". She was always perfect and you never saw her without that perfection. She wouldn't let Claybrook come to see her when she was on her death bed because she didn't "Look like a lady". Career: Two years in military service, 3 years in the Extension Service in Okmulgee County, 32 years in Chelsea in the feed business where he owned a feed mill. After selling the mill in 1995 he bought a farm south of Paris, Texas where he makes his home. He has 2 daughters and 1 son.

21: Joe Stewart Hometown - Oklahoma City Major - Animal Husbandry Big Brother - Doc Adams Big brother to Hugh McClure, Jim Johnson and Ray Varnell What did you gain from AGR? "Perhaps the greatest thing was a sense of belonging to a strong brotherhood. I also began to develop my leadership skills while serving as Assistant Pledge Trainer and Vice President. Mom B played a big part in my college life. The social graces she taught gave me a great deal of confidence as I moved on in my life. College was a powerful growing up experience and the brothers at AGR played a big part in that." Favorite memory? "I remember the Korean War veterans in the house and learning to disappear | when they came in drinking beer. I also remember house duties, fire drills with alum water, chocolate cake with Ex-Lax in it, peanut races and marshmallow races. I remember fun at the Barn Dance and Pink Rose Formal and driving to Arkansas City, Kansas to get a supply of alcohol. I remember stealing the huge street banner during engineering week and stealing the Houston cheerleaders megaphone at the football game. Most of all, I remember my brothers". Career- Served for two years in the US Army, worked for two years for Montgomery Wards and spent the remainder of his career in the meat industry. In 1983, Joe left Morrell and joined Bar-S Foods in Phoenix, Arizona in their marketing department. Retired as VP of marketing in 2002. Resides with wife of 50 years, Mona, in Scottsdale, AZ

22: Zed F. DeVaughn, Jr. Major - Agricultural Education Big Brother - Donald May What did you gain from AGR? "Learning teamwork skills, making new friends, improving my study skills, people skills and social skills. I loved our housemother, Mom B, she was very helpful to all of us in developing social graces, especially during meal time. Fondest memories? Getting to meet and know Mom B and all the great guys in the fraternity". Career - Taught 1 year of Ag Ed in Cooperton. Taught Senior chemistry in Cushing High School for 4 years, served as administrator for Oklahoma City schools for 4 years. Completed Doctor of Education Degree in 1974, served as graduate research associate with OSU and in 1974 joined the State Department of Vocational and Technical Education, retiring from there in July of 2000. Served as an adjunct member of the OU graduate college, taught several classes in Europe for OU and attained the rank of Colonel in 1982 with the Army National Guard and Army Reserves, serving as Liaison Officer for West Point. Zed and his wife Judy reside in Edmond, Oklahoma | A faithful friend is the medicine of life

23: Hugh McClure Major - Pre Med Big Brother - Joe Stewart What did you gain from AGR? "A bunch of lifelong friends." Entered A&M in 1956 and left in 59 to attend Chiropractic College. | Favorite memory? Hell week! Career - A practicing Chiropractic Physician for 49 years and still going strong! Enjoys family, traveling and enjoying 3 children and 4 grandchildren

24: Jerry Edinger Major - Ag Journalism Big Brother - Max Berry What did you gain from AGR? I met some nice young men who were academically motivated. Favorite memory? Pledge night when we dashed out into the night after having had bright lights shined into our eyes. I ran into a parked car and ended up in the emergency room for stitches."! Career - Entered the Army immediately after graduation and retired in 1980. Attended Law School at the University of Houston and after graduation worked for 12 years in a trust department. Currently lives in Austin, Texas and has been a widower since 1999. Teaches Sunday School class, enjoys reading and exercising and trying to stay abreast of his extended family. | The mystical bond of brotherhood makes all men brothers

25: Bob Knapp Major - Poultry Science Big Brother - Bob Gawf Served as Big Brother for Woody King What did you gain from AGR? Being an AGR member taught me the real meaning of respect, friendship and being a part of the brotherhood. Favorite memory? The pleasant and relaxing week before initiation. The suit and tie, along with another body garment, shaving in Theta Pond, now that was a real experience! The looking out for each other and keeping on balance of every group member during the challenges of that week. Initiation was indeed very special." Career - Served on extended active duty in the United States Air Force for 28 years. Upon Air Force retirement served 17 years as Executive Director of the Oklahoma County Bar Association. Wife Donna and Bob enjoy volunteer activities, travel and spending time in their new cabin located in Sulphur, Oklahoma on Lake of the Arbuckles. | The crest and crowning of all good, the final star, is brotherhood

26: Nelson (Doc) Adams Major - Animal Science Big Brother - John Day Served as Big Brother for Joe Stewart Favorite Memory? I arrived at A&M in the fall of 1949 and pledged AGR. I was in the first pledge class that got to live in the new house. My active membership was actually split in two parts due to my being a member of the Oklahoma National Guard that was called up for the Korean Conflict and I was gone for a year. In September 1951, I arrived back on campus and served as the Chapter Chaplain, Vice Noble Ruler and was house manager and worked as kitchen manager". What did you gain from AGR? My whole AGR experience brought me confidence and many close friends". Career - In May of 52, Doc graduated and took a job managing a ranch near Wewoka for 2 years until the GI Bill became available to veterans of the Korean War so he returned to Stillwater to work on his masters in agronomy.The next stop was working for the Extension Service in Bartlesville. It was then on to Kansas for a job with Extension in Manhattan doing 4-H work.In January of 1958 Doc began a 19 year career with the University of California Cooperative Extension at Santa Rosa. In 1965, the Adams family moved to College Station, TX for a sabbatical where Doc worked on his PhD in meat science. After a few more years back in California the family moved back to Texas for work as a livestock specialist in Fort Stockton with the Texas Agricultural Extension Service. | During that time Doc traveled to Tanzania, East Africa to set up a cattle grading system for that country. In July of 92, Doc and his Roberta moved to Morgan, Texas where they make their home. They have four daughters and 11 grandchildren. Note: While working in California Doc became very involved in assisting with the establishment of the Fresno State AGR chapter. Names from that area that many AGR members will recognize include George Bath, Virgil Stratton, Bill (Billy) Jacobs, John Dunbar, Gary Noonan, Mike Rowan and Dee Whitmire who had a distinguished Extension career.

27: Danny Thomas Hometown: Sweet Home, Arkansas Major - Dairy Production Big Brother - Jack Hollingsworth Big Brother for Dana Sailor and Ron Phillips (aka Daddy Rabbit) What did you gain from AGR? "Without AGR I would not have finished college, the relationships with the members made such a difference. I made many good friends." Favorite memory - "Cookie, our cook had it in for me because she thought I was talking about her. We put together a scheme in the kitchen in which the other kitchen brothers poured ketchup all over me and I screamed "Cookie, stop stabbing me" and I fell onto the dining room floor" That was lots of fun." Career - Work with the dairy back home, chemical sales and then on to Commercial Real Estate in the Little Rock area. Danny is owner of "The Danny Thomas Company". He and his wife, Johnnie Nell make their home in Little Rock, Arkansas | Oklahoma A & M

28: Ronald Joe Sharp "Indian" Hometown - Pawnee, Oklahoma Major - Animal Husbandry Big Brother - Clarence Stafford Big Brother for Howard Perry & Carl Raper What did you gain from AGR? First of all an education, I wouldn't have finished college without the support of AGR friends and Mom B. I gained a home away from home, companionship, brotherhood and it gave me an insight into the career I chose. " Fondest memory? My pledge class, my friends, my roommates, hell week and taking Mom B. to church. I had borrowed my little brother's car and was to escort Mom B. to church. As soon as she got in and closed the door a bottle of whiskey exploded in the glove box and went all over Mom B. She had to go change before we could go to church. Most embarrassing moment ever"! Career - First job was with Oklahoma Crop and Livestock Estimates in Oklahoma City, 1957-59. In 1960 joined the Extension Service and served in Coal, Muskogee, Pushmataha and Carter Counties before retiring in 1995 after 35 years of service. Father of two sons, Ronnie and David, and husband to Debbie.

29: Huey Claybrook Entered OSU in 1956 graduated in 1958 Major - Animal Science Big Brother - Doug Peacock Big Brother for Gary Deal What did you gain from AGR? "Friends, fellowship and MOM B"! Favorite memory? Pledge sneak Career - Attended Vet School at Auburn then practicing Vet Medicine for 26 years. Currently retired and enjoying fishing, hunting and gardening. | AGR Poem by Jim Rodenberg Over 50 years ago we pledged Alpha Gamma Rho at Oklahoma A & M We were just a bunch of hicks that came in from the sticks to get our education at the school Mom B taught us table manners while the members were the tanners of our hides that became so tough in just a week With gunney sacks and paddles thru hell-week we did battles at Oklahoma A & M Although we can't forget it, we will never regret it now that we're members of Alpha Gamma Rho

30: Quotes remembering Mom B. MomB was in her 60's and came to the house after her husband died. She followed Mom Green who retired. She loved kids and you could go to her if you had a problem "I remember being in the living room of the house and my big brother was really "warming up" my backside. Mom B flew around the corner and announced "That will be enough", and it was. "One time I took an art gum eraser and stuck it in my nose to look like a booger. Mom B never said a word. She would never embarrass you". "Mom B had a parakeet named Skipper. We taught Skipper to say "Farmhouse stinks" We always worried that when Mom B. hosted bridge club that the Farmhouse mom would hear Skipper. One time when Mom B was gone for a week the boys tried to teach skipper to curse. Thank goodness they weren't successful"! "You recognized that she was different. She was polished, you looked up to her". A truly wise person uses few words; a person with understanding is even-tempered. Proverbs 17:27 | "She had a "cuss box" and you would have to pay!"! "When she retired there was a BIG party to honor her."

31: Don Hellwege Hometown - Kingfisher, OK Major - Animal Husbandry What did you gain from AGR? "I probably wouldn't have finished school without the AGR group. I gained an education". Favorite memory? "Fellowship between people. I have had some wonderful experiences, especially pledging I also remember Monday evenings was "dress up" night when we had a formal dinner and a meeting". Career - Joined the Extension Service in Mays county for 3 years then on to Colorado to summer school/ Completed courses in Claremore in Horticulture then came back to Stillwater for course work for a Masters in Adult Education. Next stop was to Custer County then a chemical company opened a plant in Kingfisher and for 10 years Don was in sales and plant management. After the plant closed Don went back to the farm to raise wheat and cattle. Spent 25 years in real estate appraisal. Don has been active in Rotary, serving as Rotary District Governor in 1976-77 Don and his wife, Virginia have been married 47 years and have one daughter, Donna.. | In every success story you find someone who has made a courageous decision.

32: Earl Ed Novak Hometown: Yukon, Ok Was a big brother to Hugh McClure Born Nov. 7, 1934 on the Novak farm south of Spearman, Texas. Soon after his father passed away the family moved to Yukon to be closer to family. He graduated from Yukon High School in 1953. After graduating from Oklahoma A&M he entered Baylor University College of Dentistry in the fall of 1957. It was at Baylor he met a young dental hygiene student, Barbara Fulkerson. They were married on Nov. 26, 1959 in Fort Worth, Texas. After graduating with honors from dental school Earl and his bride returned to Hansford County, arriving just in time for wheat harvest. Bobbie and Earl established their dental practice, E.E. Novak, DDS Dental Clinic in August 1961. They worked at their business, farmed, raised their family and loved and lived their life in Spearman. In 1999 Earl sold his practice and after a short retirement began volunteer dentistry at the Community Dental Clinic of Amarillo. He was an active member of the First Christian Church and was a member of the choir. He was also a member of the barbershop quartet known as The Wizards of Harmony. Earl passed away on May 6, 2004 leaving behind wife, a son and daughter as well as 3 grandchildren.

33: Jack Richey Born at Cloud Chief, OK Big Brother: Fred Jones B.S. Degree from Oklahoma A&M in 1957 M.S. from Oklahoma State in 1968 PhD. Iowa State in 1971 Favorite Memory: Copies of old tests when there wasn't time to study! What did he gain from AGR? Experience of working in a group setting and an appreciation of support from others. Upon graduation from OAMC Jack worked as Herdsman for a ranch in Missouri, one in Texas, then returned to Oklahoma where he leased a ranch for several years near Apache before returning to OSU and ISU to continue his education. Upon completion of his degree at ISU (Animal Breeding and a minor in Statistics) he was employed by the American Polled Hereford Association in Kansas City where he was in charge of education and research. He was responsible for the development of the first National Sire Evaluation Program for beef cattle in the United States. He also served as the CED of the American Beef Records Association. In 1972 Jack and his family moved to Dallas, Texas area where he worked for a company that imported some of the first Simmental and Chianina cattle from Europe to the United States. In 1973 he formed his own company which managed farms and ranches in five states. In 1983 he purchased an equine facilities manufacturing business in Fort Worth. Since 1987 he has been active in the National Cutting Horse Association. He raises, trains and shows his own cutting horses. Jack and Twila met in the fall of 1955 at OAMC and were married in the spring of 1956. They have two daughters, six grandchildren and three great-grandchildren.

34: Jack Hollingsworth Hometown: Caney Kansas Entered A&M in fall of 1951 Major: Dairy Production & Agronomy Big Brother: Dale Smith Little Brother: Danny Thomas What did you gain from AGR? Brotherhood I would never have had. I only had a sister 6 years older than me and being with the guys meant a lot. Also gained a sense of humor and a sore rear end! If I hadn't joined AGR I wouldn't have an education. I pledged in the Spring, went home and dad asked me if I was going back and I said yes, just to see what that AGR was about. Favorite Memory: Probably not my favorite one but what pops in mind is that on Friday and Saturday night we would have a little Libation. We would be late getting back to the house so we would head to the fridge to snack. One day they called the group into the dining room and took me south of Perkins. They dropped me off here because they said I was the "kitchen thief". Truth be known some of them were probably guilty of snacking as well. Many memories, all pleasant. | Nothing can beat the memory of dance hour on Monday nights. You had to go or you would get demerits. A member of Alpha Delta Phi, Jody was at the door and would assign me the ugliest girls. One night she asked me who could she fix me up with and I said "You'll do". We were married for 48 years until she passed away in 2005. Career: Returned to the dairy and crop farm with the family for 5 years then the land was taken for a reservoir so I went to Tulsa to Sparks School of Aviation. While waiting for an aviation job I went to work for Thompson-Hayward Chemical Company for 7 years. In 1970 we moved from Kansas to Powell, Missouri where I went into the hog business. Raised hogs for 25 years for the meat industry. Family: Two daughters, Lisa and Stacy. Still lives in Missouri The acts of this life are the destiny of the next

35: The true meaning of life is to plant trees under whose shade you do not plan to sit | Forever brothers | AGR

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