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Old Yeller

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S: Old Yeller

FC: Old Yeller

1: Amarhea Harris 7th May 11th

2: A Arliss

3: Arliss is one of the main people in the story. He was the one who would always get in trouble. He was the one who got mama and Travis to let old yeller stay.

4: B | Birdsong creek

5: In the book birdsong creek is where mama and papa build there home. It is where they get all there fish. It was where Arliss and a old yeller played.

6: C cattle

7: In the story there papa took cattle all the way to Abilene,Kansas to get money for his family.That was also where mama got her milk.Spot was one of the cattle.

8: D dog

9: There was some dogs in the story that Travis loved one was bell,and old yeller. They where good dogs who took care of them.Old yeller was the dog that he had to learn to love.

10: E entrails

11: Entrails are internal organs. In the story old yeller got cut up very bad by some hogs saving Travis. When Travis got to old yeller his entrails where hanging out and Travis had to push them in and close him up.

12: F Fish

13: The story talks about Birdsong Creek. Travis,LittleArliss,and Lisbeth caught fish in the creek. Fish is some of the food that the ate a lot.

14: G Gun

15: Guns where used for a lot of things back then. In the story Travis used a gun to shot a deer that was running. He also used the gun to kill spot,a bull,and a wolf.

16: H Hog

17: When Travis's papa was gone he had to be the man of the house and one thing he had to do was mark the hogs. When he marked the hogs he would get up in a tree and tie a rope together and grab hog and cut its ears. He found a group of hogs he had not marked and he tried to mark them and got his leg cut all up.

18: I Indians

19: The Indians where raiding the cabins for food. They where put on reservations to keep them from hurting people. In these times Indians where dangerous killers.

20: J | Jumper

21: Jumper was a mule who helped with the work. He was a stubborn mule who Travis had the hit to make acted right.There was nothing that he could not jump so that is why he has the name Jumper.

22: K Knoll

23: A knoll is a small natural hill. The knoll is the hill at Birdsong Creek that mama and papa billed there home on and started a family.

24: L Lisbeth

25: Lisbeth is Bud Serceay's granddaughter and the owner of the dog who had Old Yeller pups. Lisbeth was the girl that Travis liked but he could not talk to her because of her eyes; when he looked in them it felt like she was looking through him. Lisbeth stayed at Travis's house to help out because Travis was hurt.

26: M Mama

27: She was Travis and Arliss mama. Mama took care of Travis and Old Yeller when they got hurt; she had lots of work and she got help from Lisbeth. They got attacked by a wolf that had hydrophobia and Old Yeller saved them but they had to kill Old Yeller would of tried to hurt them.

28: N Nettle

29: Nettles are plants with hairs that irritate your skin and leaves a rash. When Travis and Old Yeller got hurt by the hogs Travis left Old Yeller and went to get help from his mama. When Travis was running back to the house he ran through some nettles.

30: O Old Yeller

31: In the beginning Old Yeller was a dog that Travis did not like;OldYeller stole food and when Arliss saw him he wanted him to stay. Travis did not like him into he saved Arliss from that she bear. Old Yeller was a brave dog who at the end had to die but he will live on in the speckled pup.

32: P prickly pear

33: A prickly pear is a pear like, prickly fruit. The fruit was could be eaten but most people don't eat the because of the little hairs on them. In the book they said that the hogs liked to eat the fruit.

34: Q quid

35: Quid is when you cut or piece,and chew tobacco. Bud Serceay always came to Travis's house and would always quid. Travis would git so mad and he would want to say something.

36: R Romp

37: Romp is to play boisterously. Arliss liked to romp with him brother and mama but Travis was not filling good and mama was working. Then Lisbeth and the speckled pup came and he had somebody to play with.

38: S Shoat

39: Shoats were young pigs.Travis had to get the shoats so that he can mark them.The bore hogs would take care of the shoats so the would not be hurt or eaten.

40: T Travis

41: Travis was the man of the house when his father left. He was the one who did not want Old Yeller to stay at first but then when Old Yeller saved Little Arliss he started to like him. Him and Old Yeller had became good friends and then he had to kill him and it made him really melancholy.

42: U Unique

43: Unique means to be unusual. There are not many if any dogs like Old Yeller; he is unique. He watched Travis and him family and he helped them when they needed it even if Travis did not like him and first.

44: V venison

45: Venison is the meat from a deer used for food. Travis shot a deer when it was running and killed it and he cut up the venison so they could eat. Travis had to get more meat because when Old Yeller first got there he stole the meat that they had from the winter.

46: W wither

47: Wither is when something dries up and dies. In the book everything dried up when there was know rain. So they had to pick everything before it died to.

48: X xeno

49: Xeno means to be a stranger. Old Yeller was a stilling xeno at first but after a wile he was family. There was a man in the story call Burn Sanderson he was the owner of Old Yeller.

50: Y yeller

51: Yeller was the color of Old Yeller in the story. Now we call it yellow.

52: Z zoom

53: Zoom is when you run fast. In the story Travis had to zoom to get help from for Old Yeller but his leg was hurting so he could not go as fast as he wanted to. Old Yeller ran fast to help Travis from getting hurt.

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