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Old Yeller

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FC: Old Yeller Presented By Trey Smith


2: A | AX

3: An ax is a a cutting tool that consists of a heavy edged head fixed to a handle with the edge parallel to the handle and that is used especially for felling trees and chopping and splitting wood. Lisbeth was trying to lift the big, heavy ax but it was too heavy for her to pick up.


5: There was a time when Little Arliss got caught in some briers and Travis had to come get him out. Briers is a common name for a number of unrelated thicket-forming thorny plants, including species in some plants like roses.


7: This is what mama makes through out the story. Cornbread is bread thats made from cornmeal. Their cornbread isn't like a square its flat like a tortilla. At the end the speckled pup runs in and steals some cornbread and starts to run and cry.

8: D | DOE

9: Travis has always wanted to shoot a doe on the run, and one day mama tells him to get a fat doe and Travis shoots it and thinks hes just wounded it, but it runs into a tree and then it kicks the bucket. Then later at dinnertime they ate the deer for dinner.

10: E | EGG

11: Travis once thought that Old Yeller was thieving eggs from the chickens. Travis thought this because Old Yeller was not eating the food that Travis and Mama was giving him. Come to find out he wasn't stealing eggs from them, he was stealing food from settlers around town.

12: F | FISH

13: Little Arlis tells this tall tale about how he dove way down into the water and nearly drowned trying to get a fish, when really Old Yeller got it out. Mama acted like she believed it, but really she didn't.

14: G | GUN

15: Travis has a bunch of kills under his belt. He's killed a wolf, doe, cow, bull, and Old Yeller with the same gun. The kind of gun Travis has is a old styled shotgun

16: H | HORSE

17: This is what Travis's papa trotted off with for himself to ride to Kansas and what he brings back Travis. Old Yeller barked and snapped at the horse Burn Sanderson, the owner of Old Yeller, rode on.


19: An illness is a state of poor health. A cow, bull, wolf, and Old Yeller caught a disease or illness called hydrophobia or mostly known as rabies.

20: J | JUMPER

21: Jumper is a contumacious, yet acquiescence mule. One of the only ways Travis gets Jumper to behave is to clobber him with with a club. Jumper has to pull something to help plow the corn.

22: K | KANSAS

23: Kansas, Albilene to be exact, is the place where papa goes to get the "cash money". He's gone for a couple of months before he comes back

24: L | Lisbeth

25: Lisbeth is Bud Searcy's granddaughter. She comes and helps Travis and his mama while Travis is hurt. She might be a girl and skinny as a twig, but she is a very good worker, and willing to do anything to help them

26: M | Miss Prissy

27: Miss Prissy is Lisbeth's dog. Later in the story she has pups and Lisbeth gives Travis the very best one out of all of them. They name it the speckled pup because he had spots all over him

28: N | NEST

29: Once in the story Little Arliss gets a young bird that had fell out of a nest. Mama makes him go return it.

30: o | Old Yeller

31: Old Yeller is one of the main characters. Once he saves Travis from hogs and gets hurt bad. Then he catches hydrophobia from a wolf and sadly, Travis had to shoot him

32: p | Prickly pear

33: A prickly pear comes from prickly pear cactus. They are only edible if the skin is peeled off, if not the spikes on it will shred your mouth up.

34: Q | QUICK

35: Quick is moving or functioning rapidly and energetically. When Old Yeller got injured by the hogs, Travis, Little Arliss, and Mama quickly got down to him

36: R | RABIES

37: Rabies is a disease that any mammal can can catch. It's not air-spreading, it's saliva spreading disease. Old Yeller caught rabies from a wolf trying to hurt Mama and Lisbeth.

38: S | STRAY

39: Old Yeller was a stray dog. A stray is animal without an owner. Old Yeller was taken in by Mama, Travis, and Little Arliss.


41: Turpentine is a fluid obtained by the distillation of resin obtained from trees, mainly pine trees. When Travis got hog-cut mama had to put some turpentine on his cut and when she did Travis couldn't sit still.

42: U | unable

43: Unable means not being able to do something. Betsy, the cow, wasn't able to walk when she got rabies.


45: Venture means to explore something. Old Yeller and Travis got hog cut by hogs when they ventured deep into the woods.

46: W | WATER

47: Water is what every organism needs to survive. Little Arliss got in trouble by Travis for playing in their drinking water.

48: X | XI

49: Xi means 5. Little Arliss was 5 years old. For 5 years old, Little Arliss gets into some sticky situations. He throws rocks at Travis every time he tries to hurt Old Yeller.


51: Yard grass is a type of grass known as weeds, as in unwanted plants. There are so many unwanted plants in the woods. Yard grass happens when people don't mow there lawns for a long period of time.

52: Z | ZAP

53: The way im using zap is a sudden burst of energy or sound. Every time Travis shoots his gun, there is a big zap of sound. Whenever Old Yeller is threatened he makes a zap.

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