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Old Yeller

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S: Da'Jour Nelson

BC: Da'Jour Nelson | May 11, 2011 | Thank You for all the help Ms.Simmons | 4th period English 7

FC: Old Yeller By:Fred Gipson

1: Da'Jour Nelson May 11, 2011 4th period English

2: Arliss | A

3: Arliss was one of the main characters in the book Old Yeller. Arliss is the brother of Travis. Arliss also had a dog name Old Yeller that he loved greatly.He was five years old.

4: B | Bull

5: In this story it was two bulls that was fighting. Chongo and Roan. Chongo won the fight against Roan.

6: Corn | C

7: Travis family had a huge cornfeild. His mother Mrs.Coates used corn to make cornmeal and cornbread. The cornfield had lots of corn in it.

8: D | Doe

9: Travis had to hunt for doe and deer.He hunt for them at the Salt Licks. So that he could get a good shoot there.

10: entrails | E

11: Old Yeller saved Travis from getting hurt by the killer hogs.Old Yeller fought them and, his entrails was out.Travis eased his entrails back in place until he went to go get his mother.

12: F | Figthing

13: In the book Old Yeller there was two bulls name Chongo and Roan. They was fighting in front of the cabin of Travis and his family.

14: G | Gun

15: Travis had to shoot Old Yeller at the end of the story.The wolf that had rabies bite Old Yeller when they was fighting. Travis was scared to shoot him but,he had to.

16: H | hydrophobia

17: At the end of the story Old Yeller had hydrophobia. Hydrophobia is another word for rabies. The wolf that he was fighting with gave him hydrophobia.

18: I | Indians

19: The raiding Indians was the people who stole things at Birdsong Creek.The settlers had dogs in case the Indians came and tried to steal anything.They kept their dogs as watchdogs.

20: J | Jumper

21: Jumper was the family mule.If Jumper wasn't doing something right Travis would hit him with a club.Jumper had to carry Old Yeller.

22: K | Killer animals

23: The killer animals,like bear and panther and bobcats.They are so quick.Travis killed two bobcats and a wolf while waiting for a deer.

24: L | Lisabeth Searcy

25: Bud Searcy, was her father he told Mrs.Coates that she will be good help. Travis said,"that girl is to skinny". She brought Travis one of Miss Prissy and Old Yeller pup his name was Spot.

26: M | Mama

27: She was one of the main characters in Old Yeller.She took care of Old Yeller and Travis when they was sick.She told Travis to kill Old Yeller because,he had rabies from the wolf he was fighting.

28: N | Neat

29: This book was very neat because, it talked about different things. It taught me a lot of new things that I didn't know about. It also was a very interesting book.

30: O | Old Yeller

31: Old Yeller was the main character.He was the title of the story.He was the main one mentioned in the story Old Yeller.

32: P | Papa

33: Papa went to Abilene to make some money.He told Travis he was going to bring him a horse back.He did but,Travis was sad because he had to shoot Old Yeller.

34: Q | Quiver

35: When Little Arliss seen Old Yeller he started screaming and Travis was quiver. Quiver mean to skake rapidly. When Jumper tried to pull the dead bull his body quivered.

36: R | Romp

37: Romp means doing something with pride or victorious. Arliss was very romp when him and Old Yeller was playing in the drinking water.Arliss was very romp when his mom told him to go find he a lizzard.

38: S | Spot

39: Lisabeth brought Travis a dog name Spot it was Miss Prissy and Old Yeller pup.Travis hurt he feelings because he didn't won't to tell her how hurt he was.Lisabeth had left.

40: T | Travis

41: Travis was one of the main characters in Old Yeller.He began to love Old Yeller after all. Travis had to shoot Old Yeller because he got rabies from the wolf that he was fighting.

42: U | Uneasy

43: Travis really began to get uneasy about Mama and Lisabeth.Uneasy mean not easy in manner;contrained; awkward.It was getting really dark.

44: V | Vension

45: Travis use to seeing a lot of vension from deer. Vension is the meat from a deer used as food. Travis and his family like vension.

46: W | Water

47: Little Arliss and Old Yeller was playing in the drinking water.They thought that it was uneasy.The family had to drink out of that water they was playing in.

48: X | xanthocomic

49: Old Yeller is a xanthocomic haired dog.That mean he is a yellow-haired dog.He whole body is yellow.

50: Y | yellow dog

51: Old Yeller is a yellow dog. Thats why they call him old yeller.He is yellow all over.

52: Z | Zipped

53: When Little Arliss was throwing rocks at Travis he zipped so fast .When Old Yeller go hurt by the hogs Travis zipped to go get his mother.Zip mean to run really fast.

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