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OLD YELLER - Page Text Content

S: Joshua Barnes Mixbook

BC: Old Yeller By:fred gipson

FC: By:Fred Gipson | By: Fred Gipson

1: Joshua Barnes May 11,2011 4th period

2: A | Arliss

3: Arliss is the little boy that wanted to keep Old Yeller.Arliss is Travis little brother.Arliss is also the little boy that keeps on getting in the drinking water.

4: B | bear

5: Arliss was holding a momma's bear cub. Arliss wouldn't let go of it. The momma bear was coming after Arliss so Old Yeller came out and saved Little Arliss.

6: C | cornfield

7: This is the cornfield that the animals kept coming in to get corn. This is the field that Old Yeller and Travis found the wild hogs. The corn field is were Travis go to get corn for supper.

8: D | DOG

9: In this story Old Yeller was a dog. The dog in "Old Yeller" was the one who saved Little Arliss from the momma's bear. this dog is the dog that Travis hated in the begging of the story.

10: E | Enemies

11: In this book their was a whole lot of enemies. The two bulls that were fightng they were enemies. In the beginning of the of the story Travis and Old Yeller was enemies.

12: F | Family

13: Travis, his mom, his dad, Little Arliss, and Old Yeller was all a family. Travis is the oldest out of him and Arliss. Arliss is the youngest out of him and Travis.

14: G | Gipson

15: Mr.Gipson is the person who wrote Old Yeller. His name is Fred Gipson. He is very famous for writing this book. This books teach me a lot about animals and hunting.

16: H | hitting

17: When the two bulls were fighting they was hitting each other. When Arliss threw the rock at Travis the rock hit Travis. When Arliss was mad at Travis, Arliss was hitting on Travis with his fist.

18: I | invented

19: When Travis and Old Yeller got bit by the hogs Travis invented a rap. He invented it so that his hog cut leg wouldn't get infected. Before he rapped his leg up his mom gave him some kind of cream to put on it so that the cut can heal.

20: J | Jamed

21: When the the two bulls were fighting they was jaming each other head agaist each other . when the hogs were coming after Travis the hog was trying to jam there teeth into Travis skin. When I fight I try to jam my fist in someone face.

22: K | killed

23: In this book there was a whole bunch of killing. There also was a whole bunch of almost getting killed like when Arliss almost got killed by the momma bear. At the end of the book Old Yeller got shot by his owner because his mom thought that he was goan have rabbies.

24: L | limping

25: When travis got up from the hog cut he was limping. He was limping all the way to the house. He was going to his house to get his mom so that she can help Old Yeller.

26: M | MULE

27: In this story we also have a mule called Jumper. Jumper was a hard working mule. Jumper was a baby horse.

28: N | nats

29: There was a whole bunch of nats flying around the creek. They was flying around the water. They were all in a group like they was about to go some were.

30: O | OldYeller

31: Travis didn't like Old Yeller at the beginning of the book. When Old Yeller saved Arliss from the bear Travis attitude change about Old Yeller. Then they started hunting together and doing other things together.

32: P | proud

33: Travis was proud of all the things that he have accomplish. Travis was proud when he found out what Old Yeller could do. Travis was proud when his dad arrived home. Travis was really proud when got his own horse.


35: Travis and his mom quickly rush to Little Arliss when he was fin to get hurt by the momma bear. The momma bear was quicklier than Travis and his mom. Old Yeller was even quicklier than the momma bear.

36: R | rabbies

37: When you get rabbies go admedaly to the doctor. Rabbies is a deseace where you can die in minutes or hours. Rabbies are caused by animals that have them if you have somthing that have rabbies call the animal controll.

38: S | SHOT

39: Travis shot a whole bunch of animals in this story. Travis shot deers,cows, and other animals. The main thing that he didn't want to shoot was Old Yeller but he shot him any way so he and his family can stay safe.

40: T | Travis

41: Travis is the main character in this story. Travis is the boy who didn't like Old Yeller at first. Travis is the boy who dad trusted him to the work when his his dad was goan.

42: U | UNDERAGE | 5

43: Arliss was underaged to do anthing. Arliss didn't have eny friends ether. Travis and Arliss mom ask Arliss to do something to make him feel like he did something. Arliss was 5 years old.

44: V | vegatable

45: When Mr.Bud Searcy's came over he use to gosop and wait until somebody ask him do he want some to eat. They have vagatable meat and stuff for supper. All they food come from Travis picking them.

46: W | WATER

47: Arliss and Old Yeller always use to get in the drinking water. Arliss always use to come out the water naked. Travis alway use to tell Arliss to get out of it at self of once.

48: X | xhausted

49: Travis was very xhausted when he got bit by the hog. He told his mom that he was about to get off his leg. Then mom was xhausted when Travis told her about Old Yeller and the hog bite on him.

50: Y | yelling

51: Travis and his mom yelled at Arliss to put the bear cub down. He wouln'd so Travis yelled Old Yeller. Old Yeller came barking yelling and saved Arliss.

52: Z | zest

53: Travis was so zest when his dad got home. Travis was really zest when he found out that he own his own horse. Travis was also zest when he got another dog like Old Yeller.

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