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Old Yeller

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FC: BY:Fred Gipson

1: May 11,2011 Bubba hall 2nd period

2: A | Arliss

3: Arliss is a 5 year old boy living in Texas with his mom and his older brother Travis. He loves to play in the drinking water and put any kind of living thing in his pockets.

4: B | bull

5: A bull is a big cow with horns. It can be very mean or calm. In the novel, "OLD YELLER"the two bulls gets in a fight with no winner.

6: C | cart

7: A cart was in the story "Old Yeller". this is what they used. A cart like this in the older days for hauling stuff. Also this was what ended the fight between the two bulls.

8: dog | D

9: Old yeller was a dog in this story and one of the main characters in the story. Dogs are a 4 legged animals and also mans best friend.

10: E | excited

11: Arliss was excited when they got Old Yeller, he was so excited that he went tumbeling head over hills.

12: F | farm

13: When Travis's dad left, he had to take care all of the crops they were raising on the farm. Travis even had to keep all the animals out of the corn field.

14: G | grass

15: In the story, the grass got burned up because of the drought that was in the land where they lived.

16: H | hogs

17: Hogs can be very dangerous. They can also carry rabies. When Travis got bit by the hog, he got lucky that he didn't get rabies.

18: I | illness

19: In the story there was a illness going around called hydrophobia. If you got that back then you would have died because there is no cure

20: J | Jumper

21: In the story there was a mule named Jumper. He was used to plow all the gardens and to ride. Mules are a mix bread between a horse and a donkey.

22: K | killing

23: Back in the time Travis lived, they had to kill animals like hogs, bears, and deer to survive. They had to kill a lot of food before the winter.

24: L | lurking

25: In the story "Old Yeller," Yeller would go lurking around all the camp sites and would steal the eggs. Old yeller would even lurk up on his pray.

26: M | mama

27: Mama was the hardest working person in the story. She had to do every thing for Travis and the dog when they got hurt, until the Bud Searcey's daughter came to help.

28: N | nettles

29: Thorny plants that are very irritating when getting poked by them. They are also the plants that stuck in Travis's arm and made him itch.

30: o | old yeller

31: Old Yeller himself is one of the main characters. He is a thieving little dog that dies from hydrophobia and was the best cattle dog around.

32: p | prickly pear

33: A prickly pear is a cactus with a thorny pear thing on the top of the cactus. In the novel they used the prickly pear for a lot of things. They came in really handy.

34: Q | quail

35: Quail are birds that Old Yeller was good at hunting. They are good food and they would scare them out of trees and when you shot one the dog would go find it

36: R | roughing

37: In the book old yeller and little Arliss would rough around all the time like when Arliss would ride on the back of Old Yeller.

38: S | saved

39: Old Yeller saved little Arliss and Travis from a bear attack and even a wolf attack. They got lucky that Old Yeller was around.

40: T | Temper

41: Arliss had the worst temper I have ever seen. He would get so mad he would throw rocks at his brother.

42: U | unhappy

43: Travis was very unhappy when he had to shoot his own rabid dog. Then to cheer him up, his Dad brought him his horse.

44: V | vet

45: When Old Yeller and Travis got hurt, Momma was like a vet to Old Yeller and big Travis. I think she was the best vet in the world.

46: W | whip

47: During the story, Travis had a whip and he would whip the animals. Like when Jumper didn't want to plow anymore.

48: X | x-ray

49: Thank goodness an x-ray was not needed to patch Old Yeller up because they were not invented yet. All that was needed was a needle and Old Jumpers hair.

50: Y | Yelp

51: When Old Yeller was hurt and they tried to move him, it hurt and he would yelp every time.

52: Z | zany

53: Mr. Searcey told a story about a zany man. He had gotten hydrophobia and it drove him crazy.He finally died because there was no cure back then for rabies.

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