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Old Yeller

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FC: Old yeller

1: Tonnyce lagrone May 11,2011 Ms.Simmons4 period class

2: A | Arliss

3: Arliss always was naked in the drinking water. He brought home animals like snakes and lizards.

4: B | Burn sanderson

5: Burn sanderson was from San Antonio . He made a trade with Arliss that he could keep old yeller if his mom made him a home cooked meal . After dinner Burn told Travis that there was a plague of hydrophobia going around .

6: C | Carcass

7: Travis had to tie the dead bull by its horns . Travis and his mom burned the carcass so that the varmints wouldn't get the sickness . They didn't want the smell to be around the cabin .

8: D | Drought

9: There was a drought that Bud Searcy told Travis about. Well that drought had come. Jumper couldn't eat any of the grass do to the drought therefore he ate the corn.

10: E | Entrails

11: Old Yeller entrails were hanging out. When he got into to a fight with the hogs. Travis had to leave him behind to go get help.

12: F | Flinch

13: Travis held still when his mother poured hot water on his cut. Then he flinched when she covered the wound with turpentine. He then jumped and shouted.

14: G | Gnarled

15: Old yeller gnarled at the wolf. He stayed back to fight off the wolf so that he couldn't go after Mama, Lisbeth , and Jumper.

16: H | Hydrophobia

17: Spot and the roan bull both caught hydrophobia. This disease causes brain problems with makes the person or animal go insane .

18: I | Indian

19: Before Travis dad left. He told Travis and the family what to do encase the Indians came off the reservation .

20: J | Jumper

21: Jumper was Travis first mule. Travis dad named him that because he said that there.

22: K | Knoll

23: A knoll is a small nature hill. The coates family house was build on a knoll.

24: L | Lunge

25: Old yeller lunged at the hog's to safe Travis life.

26: M | Mournful

27: Travis felt melancholy when he had to shoot Old Yeller.Because his mom thought he might have caught hydrophobia from the wolf | .

28: N | N E T T L E

29: Nettles are plants having stinging hairs that causes skin irritation.

30: O | Old Yeller

31: Old yeller was a new member to the family. He and little Arliss were the best buddies . They played in the drinking water caught animals and bugs together. Old Yeller stoled corn and meat and fought off enemies to protect the ones he loved.

32: P | p r i c k i y | ear

33: Prickly pear is an oval fruit that is edible in some species; often used as food for stock . In the story Travis uses the prickly pear as a poultice for his leg .

34: Q | Quickly

35: When Arliss was playing with the baby cub out in the yard . Travis saw the mother bear and told Arliss to run . Old Yeller than came out snarling to defend Arliss .

36: R | Rowdy

37: Arliss was getting rowdy when Travis treated his dog wrong . Arliss threw rocks at Travis to express how mad he was . If wouldn't duck he would of had an black eye the size of a bucket .

38: S | Stench

39: Stench is distinctive odor that is offensively unpleasant . When they shot the bull they didn't want the stench to be near the cabin . The smell of the dead bull could've ruined the drinking water .

40: T | Tote

41: Lisbeth toted water from the spring to the cabin. She figured that if she was going to stay she had to earn her spot .Since Travis leg was injured she had to do his responsibilities .

42: U | Ugly

43: Travis showed ugly feelings towards Old Yeller . Since arliss found Old Yeller he treated him wrong . But hthat he was going to stay .is mom told him

44: Venison | V

45: Venison is meat from a deer used as food . When Travis caught his game for the first time he shot right between the eyes of the deer . He then slaughter the deer and keep the meat .

46: W | Withers

47: Withers is the highest part of the back at the base of the neck . ``Travis got a second rope and tied it tight around Jumper middle , just back of his withers ". He did this to tie his game on the horse .

48: X | Xenophobia

49: Xenophobia is fear or hatred of foreigners . Papa in the men told their families about the Indians . Just in case they came off the reservation .

50: Y | Yeller

51: Old yeller got his name because , He was a yellow dog his fur was pure yellow . He was often in trouble he stoled corn and meat from people . But Old yeller was a handful of a dog .

52: Z | Zestful

53: Zestful is keen enjoyment . Although Travis was upset when his dad came home he was zestful . His dad came home riding on his brand new cat-stepping blue roan with a black tail and mane | .

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