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Old Yeller

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Old Yeller - Page Text Content

S: Judea Aiken

BC: This was a presentation by: Judea Aiken

FC: Old Yeller By:Fred Gipson | Judea Aiken

1: Judea Aiken Ms.Simmons 4th Period | Old Yeller

2: A | Arliss

3: Arliss was Travis' little brother. He was the one who always stuck up for Old Yeller and threw rocks at Travis. He is about 5 years old.

4: B | Bull

5: In the book, two bulls were fighting. They were very fierce about hurting each other. They almost tore the house down.

6: C | corn

7: Mama had a farm or a field or something that she used to grow corn. That is what they ate most of the time. Once, the ground got all dry and Jumper, Travis' mule, kept jumping over the gate to eat the corn.

8: D | Doe

9: In the salt licks, all kinds of mammals come and lick the salt off the rocks. Travis goes out and hunts and kills animals like the doe, so he can feed his family. They are very scary animals.

10: E | Entrails

11: When Travis and Old Yeller got into some trouble with the hogs, Old Yeller got all cut up on his belly. Travis went and got his mom and she had to put his entrails back inside of him. They were all hanging out when the hogs got done.

12: F | Frightened

13: Old Yeller was frightened at Travis at first because he tried to beat him when he first seen him. He would tuck his tail and run for cover. He knew that Travis was coming for him.

14: G | Good

15: Papa had a very good family. Even though he left, Mama still cooked dinner every night. Arliss still got his whipping. They didn't use profanty and they didn't sass off to their parents.

16: H | Happy

17: Travis was happy when he finally got his horse of his own. In the book, it says that he always wanted one. Arliss was happy when Mama said he got to keep Old Yeller.

18: I

20: J | Jumper

21: Jumper is the family mule. He is the one that Old Yeller rode on when he got injured. Once, Jumper got whacked on the head by a club by Travis.

22: K | Kill

23: When the family needed more meat to cook, Travis goes out to the salt licks and gets meat. He kills the doe, leaving his mother to clean it. He also kills whatever he knows that mama could cook.

24: L | Large

25: When Little Arliss was holding on to that little cub bear, the mama she bear came to save her baby. The she bear was very large, huge I would say. Arliss was screaming bloody murder.

26: M | Mama

27: Mama is Travis and Little Arliss' mother. She fixed old yeller up and everything. Her husband went off to Kansas to make some cash money, by selling some cattle.

28: N | Nice

29: Lisbeth was very nice to Travis, Arliss, and Mama. She helped around the house a lot! She didn't get mad when Travis gave her that rude remark on the puppy.

30: O | Old Yeller

31: Old Yeller is the main character in this story. He is the one who saved Little Arliss from that she bear, and the one who saved Lisbeth and Mama from that hydrophobia crazed wolf. Travis didn't like him at first, but when he started to see what big of help Old Yeller was, he started to like him . . . A lot!

32: P | Papa

33: Papa left in the beginning of the story and came back in the end. He went to go sell cattle and make some cash money. He did that so his family can have some money.

34: Q | Quick

35: Old Yeller was a very quick runner. He could outrun almost anything. he dusted off when Travis came at him with a club.

36: R | Red

37: When Travis was marking the hogs, he fell out of the tree. The hogs cut his leg. It got red and swollen and it started to hurt .

38: S | Snake

39: Travis' old dog got bit by a Copper Head snake. It was only holding on by a thread; belle(Travis' dog) got bit by the snake head.

40: T | Travis

41: Travis is one of the main characters in the story also. He had many responsibility's when his father left. He had to be the man of the house. My opinion is that Old Yeller was the man of the house, not Travis.

42: U | Ugly

43: Old Yeller was a dingy, yellow, ugly dog. He looked like he hadn't been fed for days, even weeks. Even though he was a thieving dog, in the end, he was a good dog.

44: V | Vicous | Vicious

45: The hydrophobia crazed wolf and Old Yeller had a vicious fight. After the fight was over, Mama come to find out that Old Yeller got bitten by the wolf. Things had to be done.

46: W | Water

47: Arliss and Old Yeller was always playing in the drinking water. Travis would say," Arliss, you get that old dog out of our drinking water you hear!"

48: X | Xeric

49: Later on in the story, the grass gets xeric. Jumper eats off the ground so he was jumping over the gate to eat the corn that they were growing. Travis and Mama tries many ways to stop him from doing that.

50: Y | Yell

51: Before and after Travis liked Old Yeller, he always yelled at him. Whether it was "get out of here you old ugly dog", to go "get em Yeller!" Yeller did what Travis told him to do at all times.

52: Z

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