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Old yeller

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Old yeller - Page Text Content

S: Old yeller by Fred Gipson mix book by Lecole Wilson

FC: old yeller by:Fred Gipson

1: Ms. Simmons 4th Lecole Wilson

2: A | Arliss

3: Arliss is a little 5 year old boy. He loves his dog old yeller. He runs around naked sometimes.

4: B | Burn Sanderson

5: Burn Sanderson was a skinny man. And he tried to take old yeller. But he made a trade with Arliss. That he could keep old yeller if mama would cook for him.

6: C | Chongo

7: Chongo was one of the fighting bulls. He had won the fight between the two of them. After the fight he was looking weird.

8: D | Died

9: Burn Sanderson had tried to claim old yeller. that made Travis upset. Travis almost died after hearing that.

10: E | Entrails

11: Old yeller had gotten cut up real bad. Then Travis and his mother had sewed up his wound. Then his mother ashed him was any of his entrails was cut.

12: F | fighting

13: Old yeller was always fighting. Because he had to fight to save Arliss. He fought the she bear. And he also fought a wild hog.

14: G | Groan

15: Old yeller had groan when he had gotten sewed up. It sounded like he had dropped a load off his mind. The reason he made that noise was because he was hart badly.

16: H | hydrophobia

17: There was allot of hydrophobia going around at bird song creek. old yeller had to fight with animals that had hydrophobia. And a bull that had hydrophobia tried to attack Arliss and Lizbeth.

18: I

19: There are Indians in bird song creek. Travis and Arliss papa had to fight off Indians, to keep them safe from the Indians. They also tried to kill them.

20: J | Jumper

21: Jumper was papa mule. He had saddle up Jumper to go get old yeller. but every time Jumper would feel a bump he would jump.

22: K | Killed

23: Old yeller had gotten killed. After he had saved mama life. Because he had got bitten by a wolf who had hydrophobia.

24: L | Lisbeth

25: Lisbeth was a girl who Travis liked. And she liked him to. But one day Travis had gotten him self hurt and she had to help take care of him. Travis had also hurt her feelings by mistake.

26: M | Mama

27: Travis and Arliss mama was a big help while papa was gone. She keep the boys fed and when Travis and Old yeller was sick she took care of them. Mama also had did a mans job while Travis was sick she burned the heifer by herself.

28: N | Naked

29: At times little Arliss would run around naked. When Old yeller first came, Arliss ran out side naked to play with him. At times Arliss would play in the drinking water naked with old yeller.

30: O | Old yeller

31: Old yeller was a good dog. He was always saving Travis and his family. Old yeller had to get killed at the end of the book. because he had hydrophobia.

32: P | Plague

33: In bird song creek there was a plague going around. The plague was a deadly disease. Hydrophobia was the plague that was going around.

34: Q | Quiver

35: Old yeller would quiver every time mama put the needle through him. When she put it through him he would shake or quiver. the way he quivered it must have hurt badly.

36: R | Roany

37: Roany was the bull that Chongo was fighting. When the two of them got to fighting Ronay was wining. Then he turned around and lost.

38: S | Save

39: Old yeller had saved his whole family life. Old yeller saved his family from she bears, bulls, and wolfs. Old yeller sacrificed his life to save his family.

40: T | Travis

41: Travis had to take care of his family, while his father was gone. Travis was also the oldest child. Travis had a younger brother named Arliss.

42: U | Ugly

43: Old yeller use to be real ugly when he first came. Because at first Travis use to talk about how ugly old yeller was. Then he got past old yeller looks.

44: V | Velvet

45: Old yeller had some velvet hair. Because his hair was so silk, and smooth. Old yeller hair also was short.

46: W | Wolf

47: The wolf is what killed old yeller. the wolf that old yeller had fought had hydrophobia. The wolf had bitten old yeller on the neck. Which could have gave old yeller hydrophobia.

48: X | xerothermic

49: Travis and old yeller would go out in xerothermic places. Because it would be so dry and hot. But still Travis and old yeller would have them selfs a good in the xerthermic places.

50: Y

51: Yow yow is the kind of bark old yeller had. Every time old yeller get mad he does that yow yow bark. When ever old yeller had gotten ready to attack he would do that yow yow bark.

52: Z | Zestful

53: Old yeller was a zestful dog. He always was full of energy. Old yeller was so energetic He had good speed.

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