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Old Yeller

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Old Yeller - Page Text Content

1: Tycambria Brasfield May 11, ,2011 Seventh Period

2: A | Arliss

3: Little Arliss is Travis little brother. Arliss has is a bad little boy and when he gets mad when Travis used to throw rocks at Old Yeller. Arliss is very fussy.

4: B | Bull

5: In the story two bull were fighting. The bulls fought in front of Travis and Mama. The bulls broke the fence and almost ran Travis and Mama over.

6: C | Cow

7: Spot is the Coates family cow. Spot has a calf. Spot got rabies in the story.

8: D | Dog

9: The dog in the story is Old Yeller. He was a good cattle dog. He was also a thief.

10: E | Entrails

11: Entrails are the insides of something. In the story Old Yeller's entrails got torn out by the wild hogs. Mama had to sow them back inside of his body.

12: F | Fence

13: In the story the fence got torn down by the to fighting bulls. The bulls rammed the fence down by slamming each other into the fence.After that Travis had to repair the fence with steel rods.

14: G | Gun

15: In the story Travis used his gun to hunt. He also used his gun to shoot the cow, the bull, and wolf. The last thing he shot was Old Yeller his faithful and loyal dog.

16: H | Hog

17: In the story, Travis was marking hogs. Old Yeller would make the hogs chase him. Travis was in a tree and he picked the hog hogs up and marked them.

18: I | Indians

19: In the story Indians were considered evil people. They were considered evil because, they captured people.I don't think Indians are evil.

20: J | Jumper

21: In the story Jumper was the mule. He was a good worker but, he couldn't take on all projects. For instance, he tried to pull the dean bull he couldn't because it was to heavy.

22: K | Knoll

23: Knoll a knoll is a nature small hill. In the story Roanny the bull rolled down a knoll after Chongo pushed him into the Mexican cart. After Roanny rolled down the knoll he fell on of the Mexican cart.

24: L | Lisbeth

25: In the story Lisbeth is was Bud Searcy granddaughter. Lisbeth stayed with the Coates after Travis got injured by the hogs. Lisbeth was a good help to the Coates after Travis' injury

26: M | Maul

27: A maul is something that is used to split steel in half along with a wedge. In the story Travis used a maul and wedge to split the steel he needed to prepare the fence. Travis has to place the wedge on the steel and hit the wedge with the maul.

28: N | Nettle

29: Nettles are numerous plant that cause skin irritation from the hairs on the plants. Lisbeth had to stay away from the nettle while she was taking on the task of Travis. They stayed away from the nettle because they didn't want the itchy rash from the nettles.

30: O | Old Yeller

31: In the story Old Yeller was the good, loyal,and faithful dog in the story. In the beginning of the story Old Yeller used to steal from the Coates family. By the middle of the story Old Yeller was the Coates family pet.

32: P | Prickly Pear

33: Prickly pears a cacti spiny flat joints and oval fruit that is edible in some species. In the story Travis used the prickly pears to put under his arm, to heal the wing worm that he got from Old yeller. The prickly pears cleaned his wing worm quickly.

34: Q | Quiver | Quivering car crash

35: To Quiver is to shake in fear. In the story, it made me Quiver when I read that Old Yeller was fighting a wild wolf. I almost cried when it read that Travis had to kill his faithful and loyal dog, Old Yeller.

36: R | Romp

37: Romp means to play boisterously. In the story Little Arliss and Old yeller used to play in the drink very romp. rliss also played romp by himself before he got Old Yeller.

38: S | Shoat

39: Shoats are young pigs. In the story the when Travis was marking some shoats along with the help of Old Yeller.Travis marking the shoat on trier ear from he could know the shoats belong to him.

40: T | Travis

41: Travis was the house in the house of the Coates family. He did a ton of work in the story, like repairing the fence, picking corn, and going hunting for his family.Travis was the oldest child in the Coates family.

42: U | Ugly

43: In the story Travis had an ugly attitude when Lisbeth gave him the speckled puppy. He had an ugly attitude because, his leg was injured by the hog.

44: V | Varmint

45: A varmint is an irritating person.In the story the irritating person in my opinion is Bud Searcy. He is a varmint because, he is always gossiping.

46: W | Wedge

47: A wedge is shape that is triangular a in cross section. Travis used the wedge to repair the fence that was torn down by Roanny and Chongo the to fighting bulls.

48: X | eXciting

49: The story was very exciting especially when Old Yeller and the wolf was fight.I hated that Travis had to shot Old Yeller because, they became close. I almost cried.

50: Y | Yleller

51: Yeller was Old Yeller's nickname. Although, his nickname was Yeller, he was never called that. Yeller means yellow.

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