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Old Yeller

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FC: Old Yeller By Fred Gipson

1: Kaylee Ford 2nd period 5/10/2011

2: A | Arliss

3: Arliss is a 5 year old boy who tries to hit his big brother Travis for trying to kill his dog Old Yeller.Arliss would lie and say he caught wild animals like rabbits and fish, but it was really Old Yeller.Arliss loved caughting wild animals, one time he caught a baby bear and the momma bear tryed to kill him,Yeller saved him.

4: B | Boy

5: In the book Old Yeller there was two boys Travis and Arliss. Travis was the oldest, he was fourteen. Arliss was only five. Even though they would fight alot they loved each other.

6: C | Cow

7: Cow are how we get milk. Some people have farms, and all they have on on there farms is cows so they can milk them, sell the milk. In the old days people would have only a few cows.

8: D | Dog

9: Dogs are mans best friend. They will do whatever it takes to keep you safe. Like Old Yeller did for Little Arliss he fought a bear to save Arliss. He also fought a wolf to save Mamma and Lizabeth, and doing so he was killed. Dogs risk there lives for ours, thats why people have dogs.

10: E | Entrails

11: Entrails are your internal organs. When ever you die your entrails are taken out of your body. With out your entrails you can live. There is some animals that like to eat entrails out of people and other animals that are dead.

12: F | Fight

13: In the book Old Yeller, Yeller saves Little Arliss from a she bear when he was trying to catch her baby.Yeller had to fight off some wild hogs after Travis was attacted by one.He also fights a wolf that tryed to kill Mamma and Lizabeth.

14: G | Gnarled

15: When Travis and Yeller were marking hogs, Travis fell from where he was and got attacted by a hog. Then Old Yeller came and saved him, and was cut wide open. Before Travis went back home to get Mamma he put Yeller in a hole, and stopped it up with a gnarled.

16: H | Hydrophobia

17: Hydrophobia is a sickness that animals and people can get. It will make you go mad and you dont know what you are doing. Mostly animals get it,but people can get it a animal bites them.

18: I | Illness

19: Illness is when u get sick. You could have a cold or a decies.There is alot of illnesses. You can get them from almost anything.Old Yeller got hydrophobia from a wolf that had it, and he had to killed.

20: J | Jumper

21: Jumper was the Colt family's mule. He was named Jumper because, no one had built a fence big enough that he couldn't jump. Jumper was a dun mule with a black stripe down his back between his mane and tail.

22: K | Kill

23: At the end of the book Travis had to kill Old Yeller, because he got in a fight with a wolf that had hydrophobia.Mamma said that they couldn't take a chance, so Travis shot Old Yeller. Yeller wasn't the only thing he killed.He killed their cow too.

24: L | Log

25: Mamma and Papa used logs to build the cabin and the fence around the yard. In the old days people would have to cut down trees to build houses and fences. Logs were used for alot of things back then. They also used them for starting fires. Travis used logs to burn the bull and cow in the book.

26: M | Mamma

27: Mamma was the one who names Birdsong Creek. She doctored Travis and Yeller when they were hog cut. She was the that told Travis to get his gun when the wolf was trying to kill them, and she told Travis he had to shoot Old Yeller.

28: N | Naked

29: Little Arliss would swim in the drinking water naked all the time. The day Pap left to go on the cattle drive, Travis walk up to the house and Arliss was up to his ears in the drinking water. Travis threatened to get a switch after and Arliss ran to the house naked.

30: O | Old Yeller

31: Old Yeller was a stray dog that showed at Birdsong Creek. At first Travis didn;t like him and wanted to kill him, but after Yeller saved Arliss life he started liking him. Then when Travis had to kill Yeller he didn't want to he had come to love Yeller so much he didn't want to kill him anymore.

32: P | Prickly pear

33: Prickly pear is a round or pear shaped cacti fruit. Mamma used it to clean out Yeller and Travis's cuts, when they were attacted by the hogs.

34: Q | Quab

35: In the book Old Yeller would quab when ever Travis came around him. When Travis had to kill Yeller he quab because he was scared and didnt want to kill Yeller. Mamma and Lizabeth quab when the wolf tryed to attact them.

36: R | Roan

37: In the book two bulls got in a fight in the front yard of the cabin, and one was a roan bull. Roan is a chess nut bay or sorrel coat. The roan bull was kill by Travis because it had hydrophobia.

38: S | Shoat

39: A shoat is a young pig. Travis and Old Yeller went to market all the shoats that the sows had. Bud Searcy told Travis that he had miss a bunch of sows and shoats. Thats when him and Yeller were cut by the hogs.

40: T | Tote

41: Old Yeller would tote Little Arliss around the yard on his back. Arliss was so small it was easy for Yeller to carry Arliss.

42: U | Ugly

43: When Old Yeller showed up at Birdsong Creek, Travis called him a old ugly yeller dog. Thats how he got his name Old Yeller. Because he was old and the color of his coat was yellow.

44: V | Venison

45: One morning when Travis woke up he went out to cut of so venison for a deer he killed, and that is when he found Old Yeller. Venison is meat from animals, mostly from deer. Thats what people would eat in the old days.

46: W | Wallowing

47: Old Yeller liked to wallow in the dirt, thats why he was always a dirty yellow color.wallowing is to roll the body about indonally or clumsy in or if in water. Yeller liked to play in the water with Little Arliss too.

48: X | Xanthic

49: Xanthic is a dingy yellow color. Old Yeller was a dingy yellow color.

50: Y | Yaff

51: When Old Yeller would bark it would come out as a yaff. A yaff is like a high pitch bark. Yeller would yaff alot, most of time it was because he was fighting another animal.

52: Z | Zitella

53: Lizabeth is a zitella. Zitella mean a young girl, Lizabeth was only 11. She stayed with the Colt family when Travis and Old Yeller were sick and couldn't work around the house.

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