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Old Yeller

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FC: Trenton Countryboy Marshall Old Yeller A to Z book | Mrs.Simmons The Best Teacher Ever!!!

1: Ms.Simmons The Best Teacher in the world!!!

2: Aa, Arliss | Little Arliss is a bad child.he swims but naked with dirty old yeller in the familys drinking water.He gets in trouble some times because he brings home wild animals in his pocket.One time he evan came home with a baby copper head in his pocket!

3: Bb,BirdSong Creek | Bird song Creek is the place were the family lives.It is a peacfull little creek.It is also were old yeller saved little Arliss from getting attacked by a momma bear!

4: Cc,cow | Cows Is where the family got there milk.One cow got rabies.Travis had to shot the cow spot so it would not hurt the rest of the family.

5: Dd,Doe | At the beginning of the story Travis killed a Doe.Hekilled it by the Salt Licks.He killed it when it was running.

6: Ee,Entrails | Entrails are the insides or the internal organs.IN the story Old Yellers entrails were hanging out.Momma had to push them back in and stich him up with a piece of mule hair.

7: Ff,Fred Gipson | Fred Gipson is the author of the book old yeller.He is a very creative guy.He also has a whole lot of other books.

8: Gg,garden | Its where they got there food.It had corn.Jumper ate out of it.

9: Hh,Hogs | Hogs are what old yeller got cut up by.They are also what Travis got cut up by.They are vishious and can cut you up.

10: Ii,Indians | Indians are a group of people that the people in Bird Song Creek.They use to come up to houses and kill people.The family built there house up on a hill so they could have a good shot if any if them came.

11: Jj,Jumper | Jumper was the family mule.He was what they used to haul stuff.He died at the end of the story from getting rabies.

12: Kk,Knoll | A Knoll is a small hill.The family had there house built up on a Knoll.The house was very high on a hill.

13: Ll,Love | The family loved each other.In the story Momma cryed when Daddy left.They akso almost cryed when Travis had to shot Old Yeller.

14: Mm, Momma | Momma was the woman in the story.she was the one who took care of Travis and Old Yeller when they were cut up.She was also the one who made the fire that burnt Jumper.

15: Nn,Nettle | Nettles are sharp plants that cause skin irritation.There are a whole lot of them around the house.When Travis got in them he said that he was itching.

16: Oo,Old Yeller | Old Yeller was the dog of the family.He was the one who saved Arliss from the momma bear.He died at the end of the story from getting bit by a wolf with rabies.

17: Pp,Prickly Pear | Prickly Pears are fruits that have pointey things on them.They grow in the wild.Momma used these to help Travis when he got cut up by wild hogs.

18: Qq,Quit | Quit Means to stop or sease what ever your doing.In the story the bulls would not stop fighting.In the story Little Arliss would not let go of the cubs foot.

19: Rr,Roan | Roan is the a brownish color.The Horse that Papa brought Travis was a roan color.The horse was a brownish color.

20: Ss,Saddle | A Saddle is the thing that you put on a Horse that you ride on.The Saddle is often made of Leather.When Old Yeller got cut up they took him home tied down to a Saddle.

21: Tt,Travis | Travis is Little arliss's Brother.He was the man of the house when daddy was gone.He was the one who had to shot Old Yeller.

22: Uu,Ugly | When they first got Old Yeller he was ugly.He had only one ear.He soon got better.

23: Vv,Varmits | Varmits are animals that are nasty.One of the varmits are Buzzards.In the story when Old Yeller was hurt and in the hole Varmits were all around the hole he was in.

24: Ww, Worried | The word Worried can come into a whole lot of situtations in this book.In the story Travis was Worried about Momma and Lizbeth when they were out burning a body.They were worried about Travis and Old Yeller.

25: Ee,eXcited | The word eXited can be used in many places in this story.In the story Travis was eXcited about the Bulls starting to fight.He was also eXcited when his Dad came back with his new Horse.

26: Yy,Yeller Dog | A Yeller Dog is a type of breed.Yeller Dog are usually a Yellow color.Old Yeller was a Yeller Dog.

27: Zz,liZbeth | liZbeth was a little girl in the story.She could work more than Travis could.When Travis and Old Yeller was hurt she stayed and helped around the house.

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