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Old Yeller

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Old Yeller - Page Text Content

S: Antwalisia's Misxbook for Old Yeller

BC: The End | Thanks for reading (:

FC: Old Yeller

1: Class Period: 7th Teacher: Ms, Simmons Student: Antwalisia Newman

2: A | Arliss

3: Arliss Coats , was Travis little brother. He always enjoyed playing in the drinking water, when he knew he wasn't allowed. Arliss was the first person in this story to come to love Old Yeller for the way he was. Arliss was only five years old. Arliss screamed all the time when he was happy, sad, or scared. | About Arliss

4: Bud Searcy | B

5: Bud Searcy, was Lisbeth Searcys Uncle. He was left out of all the other men to watch everybody else in town. He comes by every now and then just to check on Travis's family. Travis thinks all he does is talk alot to his mother about old stories. Then he thinks he should get a good meal from them. Bud Searcy saw that Travis family needed help so he left his niece to help travis's family. | About Bud Searcy

6: C | Cow

7: One of the things Travis family owned was cows, but one cow in particular was different from the others. She had the best milk, but would actualy let anyone touch her. Until one day Old Yeller came and set her right in her place. She didn't dare to move. But afterwards she started running off into the forreast and got rabies and they had to shot her and burn her body.

8: D | Doe

9: Travis was going hunting, and he saw a doe. It was a baby girl, so it wasn't as big as a grown deer, It was running and he shot it still.

10: E | Eggs

11: When Old yeller wouldn't eat his food at home Katie, Travis mother said, "You act as if you've been sucking on eggs." When actually Old Yeller had been sneaking out at night and stealing meet. They get the eggs from hens/chickens that they owned. Then they cooked them and made eggs?

12: F | Family

13: No matter how mad little Arliss was when Travis tried to kick old yeller. He still loved his big brother Travis. Through the whole story no matter what they were going threw, Maintained as a family. Even the dog, began to get loved and started protecting them more then he did his own pup. When the bear was coming , how came and helped? Old Yeller. When the boars attacked Travis , who came to help? Old Yeller. When the Wolf came with rabies , who still killed it anyway? Old Yeller. He did all of this because he love his dearly beloved family (:

14: G

16: H | Horse

17: Before Travis Dad left , he want a horse. So he asked his dad for one. His dad promised to bring him a horse back. When his father came back, he did as he said he would. Travis jumped and rode his horse happily.

18: I | Injury

19: While fighting wide boad old yeller and Travis got injured. They received this injury maybe because Travis wasn't standing on a cliff or tree like he was suppose to.

20: J | Jim Coates

21: went away on a cattle drive for a few months, he left Travis in charge of helping his mother . “You’re the man of the house while I’m away,” Jim Coates tells his eldest son as he leaves.. Upon his return, Jim Coates learns about what his son endured, and goes to talk with him... He recognized that Travis, as a boy, has dealt with something far more difficult than most men ever have to face.. Most of us won’t have to face that kind of choice. To sacrifice someone or something we’ve come to love so much, for its own good and for the good of those around it.

22: K | Katie coats

23: Leaving behind his wife Katie, older son Travis, and younger son Arliss. The family is so poor the children have never seen a dollar bill, other than worthless Confederate dollars. She Cooks them home cooked meals every night, TRavis never went to bed hungry. When Travis and Old Yeller got hurt she was the one to nurse them up. Once Travis was hurt she was left alone to do all the work, and still maintained.

24: L | Lisbeth

25: Lisbeth Searcy was BUd Searcys niece. Once Bud saw that travis family Needed halp he left Lisbeth to help them out. Travis and his mom thought she wasn't going to be much help because she was a girl but Lisbeth could do almost everything that Travis could. Lisbeth was the one that gave Travis and Little Arliss one of Old Yellers Puppies. So when Old yeller died he had something to remind him of Old Yeller.

26: M | Mule

27: Travis and his mother owned a mule name Jumper. Jumper liked to carry people on his back. Sometimes he got irritated and started to try to jerk people off his back, thats when they had to put him into place. Jumper could hold a whole dog on his back, which means he was strong.

28: N

30: O

32: P | Playing In the Pond

34: Q

36: R | Rabies

37: Burn, told Travis that rabies was going out. He had to watch all animals, and if one attacke

38: S | Snakes

39: One thing Arliss enjoyed doing was bring home things in his pocket. One day he brought a toad, one day he bought a snake. As Soon as he brought the snake , Katie made him put it up and she swiched him hard, But that didnt stop him. If he couldn't bring them ALIVE , then he started bring them DEAD.

40: T | Travis | T

41: At first, Travis couldn't stand the sight of Old Yeller. He didn't even want him standing by him. Soon Travis started to begin to love him because he was very protective. Travis was left by his father to watch his family. At the end of the story Travis had to shot Old Yeller.

46: W | Wolf

47: After Bud Searcy told Travis about the disease, There cow got rabies, they had to kill it, but they didnt know where it got it from. Till one day a wolf came and tried to attack Katie, Lisbeth, and Old Yeller had to kill it in order to save it. If A wolf doesn't run away from you, and it tries to attack you then it has rabies.

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