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Once upon a time.

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Once upon a time. - Page Text Content

S: Once upon a time ... IF things didn't happen

BC: THE END!!! | To: Mrs.Roach

FC: Once upon a time ... IF things didn't happen By: Megan Hayes and Victoria Carnes

1: Table of Contents | Ancient River Valley Civilization~ 2-3 Classical Era 4-5 Post-Classical Asia/Africa 6-7 Medieval Europe 8-9 Renaissance/Reformation 10-11 Enlightenment/Revolution12-13 World War 1 -14-15 World War 2 -16-17 Cold War 18-19

2: Once upon a time there were these people called the Ancient River Valley Civilization who lived in an ancient city called Harappa. The nomads stopped hunting and gathering and started to farm. Which helped them have a permanent home so they could settle down in one place. | Ancient River Valley Civilization

3: what if | If the nomads didn't want to finally settle down. Then we would still be hunter-gatherers. Hunter- gatherers are nomadic groups whose food supply depends on hunting animals and collecting plant foods. So one day they decided to settle down into civilizations. Civilizations are forms of cities, characterized by five things. So if people hadn't learned how to farm in the Ancient River Valley Civilizations we would all be eating animals all the time.

4: Then came the Classical era | The Classical era was the time of the TrojenWar which an army led by Mycenaean kings attacked the independent trading city of Troy in Anatolia. During this time Homer was a famous person in the Greece and the greatest storyteller. Their was four different types of governments like Monarchy, Aristocracy, Oligarchy, and Democracy.

5: what if | If Rome didn't fall then we would not be able to have a democracy instead of a imperialistic democracy h in the nations since the Romans always wanted to over throw all the other countries and dynasties around them.

6: The Post-Classical Asia-Africa | The Post-Classical Asia- Africa Era was a time when the Mongols were people on calvary. They opened up the Silk Road which is where people traded different ideas.

7: what if | If the Mongols had not not opened the Silk Road to safe travels then we would not have trading would have take a longer travel time.

8: Medieval Europe | After the fall of the Roman Empire the old world swept into darkness. Barbarian hoards swept the land killing the last of the once great Roman Empire. Also, during this time people that traveled along the Silk Road caught the bubonic plague, which broke out and caused many deaths.

9: what if | If the bubonic plague hadn't hit Europe. Then it would be over-populated. It wouldn't have disrupted medieval society. Causing the society of the Middle Ages to collapse. The Silk Road is what this horrible disease traveled on. Also if this disease hadn't hit trade would be increasing and towns wouldn't have disappered.

10: The Renaissance, Reformation was a time when the arts out did everything else. There were many things that made the Renaissance one of the best era's. It challenged the Church's authority. When the era rose so did the technology. There were also renaissance men who excelled at many different fields. As it spread throughout Europe the standard of living among Europeans greatly improved. The Reformation led to the founding of Christian churches that didn't accept the Pope's authority. | Renaissance--Reform

11: what if | If Gutenberg had not invented the printing press then we would not been able to have copies of books, we would be still handwriting everything which wold take a long time to do. Also, we would not have computers or laptops today or the newspaper to spread the news or conversations.

12: The Enlightenment | The Enlightenment was the ideas of the Scientific Revolution paved the way for a new movement. This was when the three natural rights which were life, liberty, and property were born. Then came philosophes who are philosophers that believe people could apply reason to all aspects of life, and finally came the separation of powers. The separation of powers are what Montesquieu called divisions of power among different branches of government.

13: what if | If the Enlightenment ideas were not embraced the French wold be have been a rise int here middle class.

14: World War 1 | World War 1 was during 1914-1918. An Arch Duke Frenand of Austro- Hungaria was put to sleep. He was killed by assassins from Serbia that were mad at him for oppression from the Empire.

15: what if | If Germany was not solely blamed for World War 1 then they would not had to pay for all the war bills. Also, they would not have been so mad that they started to build up their army for the start of World War 2.

16: Soon after World War 1 and Great Depression-in the 1930's- this was an economic downfall for the nation. World War 2 began on September 3rd 1939. World War 2 started by an unprovoked German attack on Poland, when the Britain Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain declared war on Germany. Soon after Britain and France declared war on Germany, Hitler had refused to abort his invasion in Poland. The War ended on September 2, 1945 by the United States dropping the Atomic Bomb on Japan. | World War 1

17: What if | If the United States did not drop the Atomic Bombs on Japan then World War 2 would have lasted longer and cause more deaths than needed. Also, If the United States did not then Japan would have continued its reach for control of the Pacific.

18: Cold War | The Cold War was also called the Third War which was when the US fought against the Soviet Union. The nonaligned nations met to form what they called a third force of such independent countries. Detente was a policy of lessened Cold War tensions, finally replaced brinkmanship during the administration of President Richard M. Nixon. Then we won the Cold War.

19: what if | If the Soviet Union had landed on the moon before the United States then we would be the second man on the moon instead of the first. Also, the Soviet Union would have made history twice in a row. One by sending the first spaceship in space, two by my being the first to land on the moon and change the technology we have today changed forever for the better. So, now we can explore and discover the moon and the other planets or galaxies.

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