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Our Best Work

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FC: Our Best Work: First Trimester ELA

1: THIS is the awesome mixbook project. i am typing. yeah! ok this is getting long. blah blah | This book is a compilation of paragraphs from middle school ELA students for the 2012/2013 school year.

2: Halloween Halloween is a special holiday for kids. They dress up and beg for candy at night. One of the coolest things about Halloween is the creative costumes and decorations. You go up to a house and knock at the door. Someone comes and opens the door. Then, you say "Trick or Treat!" the day turns to a rainbow from a dark place. These are all the reasons why I like Halloween. By: Aaron Agustin

3: Soccer is the best sport in the world. What you need for soccer is a lot of footwork. Soccer is my life thats how I have control on the ball and thats also why I now what I'm telling you. One important thing you should now is you need to use your legs and not your hands because this isn't football. Only the goalies can use their hands because that's what they use to block the goal. That is why I love soccer. By: Christian Barrera

4: Converse is my favorite brand of shoes.I just love them. You can get them in any color that you want. Converse can go with anything i want like if one day I want to wear shorts I'll put on my Converse. They also go well with pants. Duh! Converse is the shoe that wont go out of style in the summer. Thats is when all the colors come out and stuff. Thats why Converse are my favorite shoes. By: Edwin Trejo

5: My favorite holiday is Christmas. When its Christmas you have a party at your house.At night you'll sing a song when it's Christmas.At Christmas you get a lots of presents. At Christmas Santa Claus comes and puts presents under the tree. Santa Claus eats cookies and drinks milk. Christmas is the best holiday. By:Bibin Joby

6: Soccer is cool. It is the best sport. I like to play. i play with my friends and family. You need to play with your feet. The best sports in the world is soccer. By: Juan Cervantez

7: Music There are many people in the world who like music. Well i don't like music I LOVE IT. Music is a big part of my life. I guess that just by listening to music I could get stress out or any kind of emotion that is bugging me. I can't imagine living in a world with no music. Now that would be BORING!!!! I love most music but there are some types that really irritate me. I HATE the kind of songs in which there is constant cussing. I just think that this kind of music is junk to my ears because music is supposed to be something you can enjoy not something that's damaging your brain. Some music i enjoy listening to is the kind of music with a rhythm or a beat. I think that I like music so much i can listen to it 24/7. So yeah some music is great but others not so much. BY KIARA MEDINA

8: Are dune buggies better than dirt bikes? Dune buggies are like medium sized cars. Dirt bikes are two wheeled motor bikes. Dune buggies are hard core monsters. Everybody loves going fast but the whole world loves going strong! Dirt bikes do small stunts but don't protect you. Dune buggies do extreme stunts while protecting you. They're both good with changing climates. I personally think that dune buggies are the best. By: Adrian Montanez

9: Football There are many things I like about football. When I play football I like to get tackled on a smooth pile of grass. When people start cheating I get mad. Another thing I like is to throw the ball. My conclusion is that these are the many things I like about football. By: Alex Natera

10: Lets talk about tamales.There are different kinds of tamales like candy flavored, and red chili flavored.Also they're easy to make. Tt all depends on how much you want.They're so delicious because they have so much delicious ingredients inside them. Thats all you need to know about tamales. By: Jonathan Vasquez

11: This is a story about cheese, and how I like cheese and how good it is. One of the reasons I like cheese is because it is the smoothest thing in my refrigerator. Another reason I like cheese is because it is sticky when you are chewing it. The cheese is also very squishy while you are chewing the cheese. A third reason I like cheese is because it is the color yellow and my favorite color is yellow. These are three of the reasons why I like cheese. by: Antonio Marquez

12: I Went to a Quincenera One day I went to a quinceanera for my friend Daisy. I was pretty.. I wore a red short dress with a red scarf. when I was ready to go to the party, my mom said that it was far away. We went to the party anyway. When we got there I saw my friend Marie. I was so happy to see her. We talked and talked, but my mom said we had to eat. I asked Marie if I could sit by her. She said yes, so i was able to visit her again. Suddenly everybody was quiet because the quinceanera girl and her damas were waiting to come on stage. Daisy was wearing a white and purple dress and flowers on the bottom. Her partner was wearing white and purple. The girls at her party were dressed in short white dress with a little purple belt.Their partners wore dresses and black suits with a purple belt. Next we saw the quinceanera and her dancers.They were dancing Mexican songs. It took 1 hour for them to dance. I really love how they danced. They had 8 girls in a line and 8 boys in a line. Meanwhile, they showed a video about her life. She was talking on the video and she was crying. I don't know why but I saw her crying. Her video was good. Then her video was over. Then everybody clap[ed because the video was good. When it was over it was to give her a doll. Then the parents put on the high heels and crown. Well first of all they got a chair for Daisy so she can sit. Daisy was siting. Her mom and her dad had a doll in their hands. That was her last doll forever.Her doll looked like her and her dress. Her mom and her dad brought Daisy high heels. Daisy's dad put them on her. After that everybody went to dance and guess what? Daisy's mom told my brother that she found a girl to dance with him. But my brother said no. Daisy mom was not kidding. Shortly after that my brother wanted to go home because he was tired.we didn'tg et to eat cake. Daisy said that we should stay .But my brother said no because he was really tied.I said,"come on i want to stay because the cake look good.finally we left because my brother was tied. When we got home i went to go sleep and everybody went to sleep.It was the best birthday ever. By: Emily Gonzales

13: My favorite food is enchiladas con carne de pollo. My mom makes enchiladas one day per week The enchiladas have carne de pollo ,chile verde,and queso. By: Ivan Gonzalez

14: Football is important to my life because it is the only sport I do. When I played I lost weight and my dad was proud of me and I was good at playing football. And that's why football is important. By: Hugo Hernandez

15: Batman is awesome because he uses his fists to fight and not a staff. He uses a lot of gadgets that help him fight. Robin uses his staff to fight. He uses shirukens but Batman uses baterangs.They both have armor. This is why I think Batman and Robin are awesome. By: Tony Holguin

16: Easter is a holiday my family celebrates. Easter is when Jesus rose,which is special to my family. We all join together in church and pray and have lunch and have some fun, because that is our tradition. For lunch we usually have Indian food. For fun we play games like hide the eggs. The teachers hide them.Whoever finds the largest egg gets large pieces of candy,but we all still get candy because each egg holds candy. This is my family's special way of celebrating Easter. By: Bilmi Joby

17: There are many things to do at South West Plaza. I went there last weekend because I needed new clothes, and my mom gave me some money. First, I went to Aeropostale to buy shirts, jackets, and perfume. I usually buy one shirt at a time because I don't really have a lot of money and my mom gets mad if I buy too much stuff at once. I also, went to the Vans store to buy new shoes for school. Vans are expensive but buying shoes is important because I only have one worn out pair. Lastly, I went to the Converse store to shop for shoes. I didn't find any shoes at the store so I have to wait until next weekend to go back to shop. But, thats OK because I like going to South WEst Plaza for shoes and clothes. Maybe next week I will also take my friend along. By; Leslie Gutierrez Pena

18: Lets talk about Tae Kwon Do. It takes four years of training in order to get your certified 1st degree black belt. I've been training for three years. Shall we get more specific? Well, my Tae Kwon Do school is called Seo's Martial Arts. It was founded by Grandmaster J. Seo in 1982 New York. There are three different locations where you can find Seo's Martial Arts. The locations are Lakewood, Arvada, and Thorton. We have many activities such as tournaments were we compete in forms and sparring. Breckenridge, Colorado is were brown belts and up stay three days in the mountains to test for their promotion. Finally, low-brown belts and down test at the headquarters school withc is located in Arvada. Martial Arts is enjoyable and comes in handy during your lifetime! By: Alex Martin

19: I Love to Cook I Love cooking because it is fun. I like to cook Indian food. Indian food is very spicy. My mom and my grandma always cook spicy food. I also like to cook different varieties of foods,because you can try something new. The best part of cooking is eating the food thatI make. I think it is fun to cook. By Jenisha Odollil

20: Volleyball Why is volleyball fun? Volleyball is my favorite sport because it is fun and competitive. I love to play it with my cousin, friends, and relatives. I like to play it when I am bored or have nothing to do. I also play volleyball in the summer. I think this amazing sport is fun for me and my cousins. By Amanda Tran

21: My favorite sport is volleyball. I think volleyball is fun because it gets you into a sport.You can play with friends and family. It's also fun too because if you are playing at home you can make your own rules. And you can also be in a team. By: Andrea Martinez

22: Christmas day | Christmas day is a day most of us celebrate.Some of the things someone might do on Christmas day is play games. Games like spin the bottle. jump on the trampoline, or any other silly game you can think of, really. Another thing that is a big part of celebrating Christmas is the traditional Christmas treats. Things like gingerbread houses covered with frosting, and other types of goodies on it. Gingerbread men are also part of the traditional Christmas snacks.Family is a big part of Christmas. Things like conversations and the big family dinner and especially the opening of the presents brings the family closer together! By: Jerri Martin

23: I am a good wide receiver because I catch the ball all the time. I always go where the QB can throw it to me. I also go for open space so I have a clear run. I am a good sport by not fighting and stuff like that. I also try get the QB to throw where somebody is open to. I love begin wide receiver | By Derrek Oregon

24: The sport that I think is the best is football.The most fun you can do in football is tackling people.Some people think that the worst thing in football is running but I think it is fun.The worst thing is the adrenaline feeling in your body.That adrenaline feeling usually happens in the super bowl. Its like that feeling when you're about to kick a field goal and then he makes it and you're in shock.Thats why I like football. By Luis Plazola | Football

25: One of my favorite sports is soccer. I love to play out in nature so I can smell the fresh air. I mostly like to kick the ball as hard as I can. I can get good exercise when I play soccer. It is mostly running. I also like to score goals, because the more goals you score the better chance of winning. I also like to play in the rain so I wont be sweating a lot. I like teamwork, because you pass the ball to a teammate to score a goal,and everybody enjoys it. Thats why soccer is one of my favorite sports. By: Mauricio Puga Ramos

26: I like skateboarding because it is cool and you can do a lot of things. I skate every day. It is hard to get the tricks and i always fall. I always use my skateboard for transportation. By: Tzuriel Rios Casillas

27: Justin Bieber By: Jhanetsy Rios Casillas | Justin Bieber has different things. What I know about him is that I love Justin Bieber. He is the best singer ever and he is so cute. I love his music so much. He uses beautiful clothes. He is so friendly and his favorite color is purple. Half of the world thinks that Justin Bieber is cute but the major part of the boys are angry, and I know why: because he is so cute and more handsome than all boys.

28: i love magna I love animated manga because they are so interesting. The fantasy and romantic books are so dramatic, they make you feel like you want to cry sometimes.The art is so beautiful that sometimes I'm jealous of it.The comedy books are so cool that they make me laugh so hard.The biggest reason I love manga is because they're backwards. It is really fun to read backwards.That is the reason I love manga. | By: Samantha barrios

29: High heels are a girls best friends. So many kind of shoes exist. The ones that are more fancy to most girls are high heels. There are too many different styles, different colors, and different brands. The way high heels would look good on a girl would be if you wore a dress or a skirt. You also have to know how to walk in them because that could be a challenge. There are a number of occasions to wear them and enjoy them. Such as to a party, or reunion or fancy event would be the best. I love being a girl in the company of those nice "friends" that make you look good. <3 | by Leslie Bernal

30: I like getting Mrs. Woodyard mad, and here are some reasons why. The first reason i like getting Mrs. Woodyard mad is because she gets all red like a tomato. I also like getting Mrs. Woodyard mad because when shes mad she makes fierce faces at us. When we get Mrs. Woodyard angry, she gets white hairs. Those are some reasons why I like getting Mrs. Woodyard mad. By: Melissa Castellanos

31: My favorite hobby is playing guitar. I enjoy it, because every time I see, touch, or play, it makes me smile. Usually, I play electric guitar, because you can change the sound however you want to use an amp. I like the feeling and the sound from electric guitar. Every Thursday, I get excited. The reason is that after school, I go to a guitar lesson where I learn new codes and songs. Sometimes, it's very difficult to make a sound, because in order to make a beautiful sound you have to grab the strings. If you made the sound you'll have a string mark with a pain left on your fingers. It is hard to learn and play guitar, but still it's fun to play and if you practice a lot and work hard, someday you will be a great guitarist. | by Jeongmin Lim

32: There are lots of similarities between Day of the Dead and Halloween.One of the similarities is they both are celebrated in the fall season. Another thing is that they both give candy.The final reason is that you could wear costumes in both places. One of the differences is that Day of the Dead is celebrated in Mexico and Halloween is celebrated in the U.S. Another one is difference they give different types of candy.The last reason is that in Mexico it goes on for a week and in the USA it goes on for one day. | by Jonathan Flores

33: Children should not eat too much candy. One reason for this is that it is unhealthy. Your child can become obese. Another reason for this is that they should not eat too much candy because they can get sick. Some kids of course get hyper. They can annoy you so bad it could be considered torture. They might bounce off the walls or something like that. I know this from experience they will feel horrible. So grown ups don't give us children too much candy or you and them will suffer excruciating pain. So eat something healthy like carrots with mustard and give your child a big smile. By: Monica Leyva

34: Justin Bieber and One Direction are alike in some way and different in others. Justin Bieber is one person; however One Direction is a boy group. What both boys have in common is that they both are singers. Justin Bieber is from Ontario, Canada but One Direction is from England. However Justin Bieber is cuter but One Direction only has two cute members and that is Zayn and Harry. So both singers are great but in my opinion Justin Bieber is better. | By Paola Jimenez

35: Drawing By Lilian Parra Aguilar I love to draw because I don't stick to one topic. I draw a lot of different things. I know I'm not the best at drawing but I know that if I keep trying I will get better at it. One thing I like to draw are cute things. Sometimes those cute things can be funny. I also like drawing mustaches because I love them. I love drawing and drawing different things can be really fun.

36: There are many differences and similarities between LMFAO and Wisin y Yandel. One similarity is that they are both singers. Also they are both famous and they are both duets. They also have some differences, LMFAO sings in mostly English, on the other hand Wisin y Yandel sing in mostly Spanish. Also LMFAO's genre is hip-hop however Wisin y Yandel's genre is reggation. One last difference is that LMFAO's music is shuffle but, Wisin y Yandel's music is much smoother. Wisin y Yandel and LMFAO have many differences and similarities between eachother. These were some good examples of comparing two things. By: Joslyn Lucas

37: The weather in Arizona is different from the weather in Colorado. There are also some similarities between them both. A difference is that, during the winter, it snows in Colorado. Although during the winter in Arizona it doesn't snow. In both states, it is cold during the winter. Another difference is that in Arizona, it is EXTREMELY hot in the summer. I mean you cant even wear sandals because your feet feel like they are on fire! But in Colorado, it is not extremely hot in the summer. You can wear sandals and your feet wont feel like if they are on fire. Before the winter,in Colorado, it starts to get cold around late September or early October. In Arizona before the winter it starts to get cold around late October or early November. In both states, in the winter, it gets dark right after 6:00 pm. It also hails a little bit in both states. The weather in Arizona is different and a bit similar to the weather in Colorado. By: Adriana Montano

38: Volleyball vs softball There are many different things between volleyball and softball. First of all in volleyball you wear shorts and in softball you need to wear pants. In volleyball you need to serve the ball and in softball you hit the with bat.There are three things that are the same between volleyball and softball. One is that they both have balls. Second they both have a team. Also they have a coach. By: Beatriz Reyes Torres

39: Baseball By: Aaron Phan I love playing baseball for three years now. I was very good at it. I try and try to catch and hit the ball to make a win. I came to the baseball field to do more hitting and catching. I got a good bag and catching gloves, bat, and a baseball. I have hit the ball on the last year of baseball. it was in the field far away. It was fun that I played baseball for three years. FIN

40: Some of the differences between football and soccer are that in football you can touch with your hands and in soccer you can't touch the ball with your hands (only the goalie). another thing is that you can tackle in football and in soccer you cant. next, in football you can score touchdowns and in soccer you can score goals. some things that are alike from football and soccer are they both have teams. another thing is that they have fouls. those are some things that are alike and different from football and soccer. by Adrian Robles

41: Football is an awesome sport. Basketball is too but they are very different. Football has penalties but basketball has fouls. It is almost the same thing. In basketball you have to shoot the ball, but in football you have to throw the ball or catch it. In football you have 60 seconds to snap the ball, but in basketball you have 24 seconds to shoot it. In both sports you have to use balls. In football you have a ball that is kind of diamond shaped. In basketball you have a round ball. Now don't you think those sports are very awesome? By Carlos Plazola

42: Airplanes and cars are different in some ways and alike in others. Cars take a long time to get to your destination but if you ride an airplane it is really fast to get to your destination and you don't waste time. If you're in an airplane you can see clouds and tiny stuff below but if you're in a car you can see stuff like crops and farms. Cars and airplanes both have wheels and they both need gas. Cars and airplanes are both getting to a destination. This is what is the same and different about airplanes and cars. | Luke SanBoh | same different

43: The difference between tennis and volleyball is in tennis you have to use a racket to hit the ball back and forth but in volleyball you have to use hands to hit the ball while you serve. In tennis you have two players on the team and can only play outside. On the other hand, volleyball needs six players on each team and it can be played indoors or on the sand. The similarities between tennis and volleyball are tennis and volleyball both have a ball and a net. In tennis and volleyball they face the other team and pass the ball to one another. Between tennis and volleyball there are many differences and similarities. By Felicity Sanboh

44: by Mikey Avila | Football is a fun sport. I like football because it's fun when you make the perfect catch and make a touchdown. I like to catch. I think I am good. Thats why I like football By: Mikey Avila

45: Who is a Better Quarterback Who is a better quarterback Tim Tebow or Peyton Manning? Tim Tebow is young but, Manning is old. They are both quarterbacks. Tim Tebow plays on the New York Jets but, Manning plays on the Denver Broncos. Tim Tebow is not popular on the other hand Manning is popular. I think that Peyton Manning is a better quarterback than Tim Tebow. By: Anthony Nguyen

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