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Our Stories

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FC: Our Stories Written and Created by Eileen's Fourth Graders Winter 2012-13

1: Our Stories Written and Created by Eileen's Fourth Graders Winter 2012-13

2: Sleepy Midnight Adalynn The day before 2013 my family had a delicious breakfast and a popsicle for a snack my brother, mother and I went to the Dollar store. We bought four different pretty colors of silly string (Two for my brother and two for me.) Also, we bought really huge blow horns and they were as loud as Ashlee screaming at the top of her lungs. (You would understand if you knew Ashlee.) We also bought small blow horns and the blow horns were as loud as fire crackers exploding. My mom and my brother found fancy hats; the hats were a shiny black, and had a gold strip around all of the hats. The gold strip looked like it was so fat that it decided to sit on the edge of the hat. After we got all the “party” stuff at the Dollar Store, we all hopped in the warm, cozy, car and drove home. Once we pulled up the snowy driveway, we saw our kind friend Rodney waiting for us in his big pickup truck to stay warm and cozy. About three minutes later, we helped our awesome Rodney get all the delicious yummy food into the house. He brought enough food to properly feed the entire neighborhood! A few hours later Rodney made a wonderful, nice looking lunch and dinner for my family. He also brought something we like to call “Kid champagne”. All it really is is juice and bubbly sparkling stuff mixed in. It is so fantastic to drink. After hours and hours I, started getting extremely tired. I felt like falling asleep at the minute! A few seconds later my mom went and got the kid champagne and put it in very gorgeous wine glasses and all of us cheered to the New Year. (2013.) After drinking some of that, I was wide awake and having fun once again. Later we started doing puzzles. We each got our own and we had five puzzles out. As we were doing puzzles, we ate chips and salsa. It was super late at that time. After hours and hours, it was finally past sleepy midnight and we all ran out and blew our blow horns and sprayed the colorful silly string screamed happily, “HAPPY NEW YEAR.”I had a great time staying up. Finally, we went to bed and we all slept in for a long amount of sleepy time.

4: Gift By Ayleen I had to wake up early to go to the grocery store so that my mom could get some yummy food for Christmas Eve. We bought some decorations for the house too so that it could look amazing for everyone who was coming to my house. A few hours later, we got home and started cooking yummy food like tamales and some posole with my grandma and other yucky thing’s but the tamales and the posole were so good. After a while, everyone from my family started to come. My aunts, my uncles, and my cousins sat down and started eating. They loved the food so much. Meanwhile, everybody was eating and opening their presents. I was the first one to hand out a present. I grabbed the present that I was going to give to my aunt. I gave it to her and she opened it. She said thank you because she loved it. Then she handed me my present. I opened it and it was a box of Pepsi.

5: I opened the box of Pepsi and there it was. It was some pair of Jordan’s, Jordan’s are some famous shoes. I said ‘' AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH thank you so much!’’ A few hours later, everyone finished opening their presents. After a while, my mom and my dad handed me another present. It looked the same size as an iPod. I opened it and it was a white iPod. When I saw the white iPod I gave them a big hug. Then I opened the box so that I could start playing with it. I was so excited. The next day my brother got his present and it was an Xbox 360. A few minutes later, my brother and I started playing with the Xbox 360. A few hours later, some friends of my dad started coming to our house and their kids too. So they started playing with us too. Their parents said that they had a present for us so they gave us the present. It was a 2 Barbies for my two little sisters, a car for my brother, and a big box of make up for me. And finally they told us that they were going to stay till midnight we all said ‘’yeah!!!!!!’’.

6: Snow Day By Eric Buzz! Buzz! Plop! As I quickly hit the snooze button. I was extremely tired so I stayed in my bed for a moment. Five minutes later, I happily got up and turned on the TV and switched the channel to Adams 12 morning day the broadcaster hurriedly blurted out saying “There is no school, canceled by severe weather.” “YES,” I blurted excitedly. I told my mom, “There is no school today.” Then my mom suddenly left, which meant I was home alone (I slept dreamily for about an hour). One hour later, I woke up, got in the shower, and got dressed. I went down stairs to get food because I was starving! Once I ate a delicious breakfast, I went down to the basement to play MINECRAFT! This is the most awesome video game. (For those of you who play this game, this is what I did) I was barely going to The End once I put the eye of ender into the portal I quickly jumped into the portal and ended up to THE END! Then twelve minutes later I beat the Ender Dragon and finished the game up. I really like Minecraft; it’s my favorite video game!

7: I heard a loud knock on the front door “PECK PECK” it was the UPS man as I saw. I couldn’t believe what I excitedly saw! It was a rectangular shaped box. “DING” as something popped in my head, it told me what it was it was a new skateboard deck! I had saved precious money for at least two and a half months. So once I built the skateboard for at least eighteen minutes I skateboarded it for a half of an hour. Then I tried the amazing kick flip I landed it! Then I excitedly tried a 360 pop shove it when I excitedly tried it I cautiously twisted my small ankle the wrong way. It hurt like if my leg had been badly chopped of. I felt like calling 911! But I knew I did not. So I just decided to try to go up the stairs sadly by limping 10 minutes later I quietly got up the stairs to my room to watch some peaceful TV. Then a half of an hour later I heard the door opening it was my mom. I had told her constantly that I twisted my ankle by trying a 360 pop shove it. Then she answered, “We will definitely have to take you to the hospital. Then we furiously went to Children Hospital when it was a snow day, they took an X-RAY they blurted that I did break my ankle. It hurt so badly that it got swollen. It looked huge and pale. The doctor said that I had to wear a big splint on my ankle for a few weeks. But also I had to have crutches which really stunk. That night my foot still hurt painfully. I played Minecraft for the rest of the night. I went mob hunting which is animal hunting. I had gotten tons of green and yellow XP’s. I was level 30 of experience. After a while my mom had made me some hot soup and a hot tea. So that was a weird day off of snow.

8: My Awesome Pet By: Connor One very lovely, hot day in June my family and I went to the mall to look for new furniture for our house. While we were strolling in the mall we passed the extremely small beautiful pet store! My eyes stared at my dream pet as my mouth dropped heavily to the floor. I yelled to my parents, “Wait mom and dad, come back here fast! Look! Mom it’s my dream pet!” My mom asked me, “Do you want him?” Of course I want him; I want that chimpanzee so badly! Are you sure you want it, it is just a chimpanzee? Of course I want him I will even buy him myself with my own money, even if I have to earn the money myself. After awhile my mom asked me, “How much is it?” I told my mom $300 dollars. Finally, my mom agreed if you have enough money you could buy the monkey yourself. So I whispered, “deal.” Later on that day when my family and I got home from that long day at the mall, I calmly asked my dad if I could borrow the shiny red fast lawn mower to mow people’s lawn for $5 dollars. So my dad said, “Sure Connor.”

9: I was so good at mowing so I asked my neighbor with the largest lawn and the lady refused to say yes! Ten minutes later, I was done with both the front and back yard so I rang their doorbell. I waited patiently for one minute for the lady to answer. When she finally answered she calmly yelled, “Great!” job and gave me $20 dollars. “YES!” I yelled out loud so everyone could hear me. I earned $15 extra dollars than I had asked for! I could not believe it I just needed $15 more dollars to buy my monkey! YIPPEE! On my way home I found $15 dollars sticking out of a big huge gutter. That was it; I had $300 dollars I had the rest of my money at home I had $230 dollars at my house, so now I can buy my very own monkey. The next day we went to the mall to buy my monkey! Then we went home and I named my monkey Bananas! Now I LOVE my monkey!!!

10: Pet by:Kyle | “I’ve always wanted a pet,” is what I was thinking to myself while walking by Bob’s Pet Shop. So later that cold night I brought it up during a tasty dinner. I recalled that my mom had promised me that I could get any pet I ever wanted. Then my mom replied, “Sure what kind of pet would you want.” So I asked if I could get a Nyan cat. A Nyan cat is a rainbow colored cat that flies through the air pooping rainbows. So she nodded that I most certainly could. So I explained that I would take care of it by giving it super sugary water, feed him rainbow flakes, and take him on walks everyday. The next day we went to the local pet shop, About five minutes later I signed a blue contract that said will you take care of this pet. After a while I finally got the nyan cat then we left right away. The moment we stepped in my amazing orange house I named him Sparkles. The next day I played ultimate speed tag we him but whenever I got about two meters from Sparkles he would speed away. For the rest of my life I was so happy that I finally got a, nice, furry amazing pet.

11: UNICORN By Nicholas One day my mom and dad got me a flying unicorn. I learned how to ride it. But the first thing I had to do was train it to not go pee and poop in the house. After awhile of training we flew to the unicorn’s Planet called Planet Unicorn. What we did at the planet is we got some ice cream. And did you know that on their planet they have movie theaters but they only have rainbow movies? After we played at the arcade, the unicorn and I flew back to my planet Jasoum (also known as earth). But we accidentally went to Tokyo but we got to see Jackie Chan and get some free dumplings.It took us a very long time to get home. but after ten minis

12: Snow Day Home Alone By Jahnessa Arrrrrrrr, Arrrrrrrr! As I got up I whacked that horrible alarm and turned on the TV. As I was silently getting out of my bed, I heard, “Breaking news because of this severe weather all schools will be closed for the day,” announcement the weather man. As I looked around the home making sure mom and dad were out of the house I yelled, “Yippee” and hopped back in bed and fell asleep. An hour later I got up, got dressed and called my friends to ask if they could go sledding with me. When they all said yes, they all came to my home and then we left five minutes after they got here. But then ten minutes later my mom came home because she heard the announcement on the radio! She came home to watch me, but I was gone. As she was home, she was worried and panicking while I was outside having fun with my friends.

13: When we got to the hill we all started building a jump. Next we had to plan out where we were going to land, and how we were going to build the pile of snow. We figured out we landed 10 feet away from the jump. Then we all grabbed a shovel and started digging the snow into a huge pile (the snow was about 3 ft. tall.) After an hour passed by, I quickly tried to get home but then stopped to see a huge bright yellow sunset. As I walked in the door, I saw mom freaking out on the sofa, not knowing where I was and what I have been doing for 1 hours. I tried to calmly explain what I have been doing, and I did have myself grounded for 2 weeks. Then mom sent me up stairs. But as I started happily walking up the stairs to my room, I was hoping that this day would come again. And it was all worth getting in trouble for going outside with no one there on this awesome snow day.

14: The Pet By: Avery I have twenty minutes until school is out for the summertime. My parents said that they might consider purchasing me a horse. Twenty minutes later, we finally got out of school for summer break. As I ambled to my car, both my mom and dad were right inside of the car. That was unusual. They both agreed that they are still deciding about the horse. It was a quiet and peaceful ride home. As we pulled up to our ranch house, my mom and dad told me the decision they made. They approved of letting me purchase a horse. So we went to the fresh stables down the bumpy road. About five minutes later we drove up the gravel up to the enormous barn. When we got there someone came and greeted us. He showed us around. I stared at this beautiful horse. Then I requested to ride her. I politely asked the owner, “Can I ride her for a little bit?” He answered, “Sure.” I saddled her up. I got on her and trotted to the riding arena. I told my parents, “She has a wonderful canter; she jumps very smoothly, and listens to every command.” After a while my legs got sore. So I got off and told the owner, “She is the perfect horse.” While I was busy brushing her, my parents were paying for her.

15: Then I requested to ride her. I politely asked the owner, “Can I ride her for a little bit?” He answered, “Sure.” I saddled her up. I got on her and trotted to the riding arena. I told my parents, “She has a wonderful canter; she jumps very smoothly, and listens to every command.” After a while my legs got sore. So I got off and told the owner, “She is the perfect horse.” While I was busy brushing her, my parents were paying for her. We brought her to the trailer and we drove back to our ranch. I showed her around her new home. Later on, I put her in a stall where she would be living in. I gave her some hay, alfalfa, and an apple. I confirmed to my mom and dad that I would feed, brush, and ride her every day. I was sure that the name Oreo would be a great name for her. So I named her Oreo because her body is full of black and white spots just like broken Oreos. The next evening, while I was having dinner, I heard Oreo whiney. I ran to her stall and I saw that she was having a foal. I remained at the wooden stall door and watched the miracle happen... About an hour and a half later, I saw that the baby horse was coming and then I saw the newborn foal. The foal looks exactly just like her mom, I thought to myself. The next morning, I came outside and into Oreo`s stall. I saw that the foal was the cutest thing I had ever seen in my life. Afterwards I was wondering what to name it then it came to me- I should name it... Starlight!”

16: My best friend Alyssa came over to my house right after I strutted inside. I asked her if she wanted to go on a trail ride with me. She replied, “Sure.” “You can ride Lazer,” I told her. Lazer is Alyssa`s horse. We saddled up our horses and then rode outside. When we rode outside on our horses we saw an eagle in the sky. We cantered over to the sunflower field and went around a couple of times. Then our horses got spooked from a construction site across the street. Our horses started rearing up and bucking. Luckily we managed to stay put. After we trotted out of the sunflower field, we were on our way back to my house. When we reached my house we took our saddles and bridles off and put our horses back in their stalls. I said, “I have to go in now.” Alyssa agreed that she had to go in also. As the years passed, I always cared for my horse.

17: One beautiful day I was at the tiny but full pet store and I was seeking a dog. Afterwards I saw the perfect one, it was what I was looking for. It was mini, brown and black color, and fast. We traveled home from the pet store and I went on www.types of (I searched the type of dog he is, a silky peak; the computer said it was a great dog that sprints plays all the time). After a few minutes of searching, I printed the information and showed my mom and dad. They replied I would have to take responsibility and take care of him then name him. Then I had to ask, “Can I have him?” They said yes. After a couple days, I potty trained my dog and the next and final thing I had to do was name him and since he was a male I named him Dude and last name Sutton. | Pet Miracle by Tiger

18: Staying Home By: Alex It was a cold chilly winter morning when Ring! Ring! Went my very small, annoying alarm clock. I was totally unprepared for the snowy winter day. I slipped my feet into my warm, furry, comfy slippers, hit the snooze button, and slowly stumbled to my parents’ humongous bedroom to find a very surprising note. The note was from my lovely parents saying that they would be gone for the whole long day. I switched on the TV and got almost every single child’s wish. “Due to severe cold weather all of Adams 12 district county schools are closed for the chilly day,” announced the local news reporter. “Score!!!” I yelled. I had planned on what to do if there was a day off a week ago. I rushed to the home phone and dialed my mom’s phone number. She picked up after three seconds. “Hello? Who is it?” she asked. I replied, “Hi mom! What can I do today?” I asked. “Anything as long as long as you don’t ruin the house, “she replied and hung up. I grabbed my PC (with the battery cord, a mouse, a hard covered book, and the mouse pad) and started playing: MINECRAFT! In this game you can try to survive or you can play it in creative were you can have every item there is. Also, everything is block related. Luckily both of my friends were on as well! I did a direct to one of their survival games and started playing. All of us spawned right next to each other. I typed,” hey guys let’s get some wood!” After a while of playing MINECRAFT I quit playing, stumbled downstairs,

19: grabbed myself some breakfast, and headed out. Since it was snowing outside I decide to make a snow hut outside in my front yard. I collected some recycling bins and a blanket along with a piece of card board. First of all, I packed cold snow into the recycling bins and placed them on top of each other. Secondly, I packed snow on the cardboard and laid that on top of all. Lastly, I positioned chairs and a small table inside and used the blanket as the door. All of this took four hours. I rushed inside my real house and had lunch, turned on my Wii, inserted Wii sports and played an hour of tennis. I noticed that my friend was outside at my front porch. I invited my friend in we played for a long time and since it got dark he left. It was 6: 30 pm so I had macaroni for dinner and cautiously (Be careful! Might make you hungry! ) Had an ice cream bowl that was chocolate flavored with smooth caramel and hot fudge with sprinkles with a cherry on top. By the time I was done with dinner I was sleepy so I slowly ambled upstairs and slept in my warm comfy bed.

20: My alarm buzzed and I wished its ringtone was “Get up, get up, there’s a dragon egg at the door!” “Uuuggghhh,” I croaked. I got out of bed and I then checked the front door because I like to see if there is a package and nil was there. So, I slowly ambled to the couch and I checked the news before I watched cartoons. “Here in Denver CO there`s a HUMONGOS blizzard!” shouted the weather man. “No school at all, but the snow thief has escaped jail and has been discovered going to the small house of 7896 Humbolt C.,” protested the announcer. After I heard the astonishing, news I discovered I was completely solitary. | Evan | And later a flash appeared in my room. Seconds later, a golden orb and a shiny sword were in my room. I touched the golden orb and got elemental powers that let me do anything! Afterwards I noticed the front door had been banged open, so I seized the sword hastily and investigated the lonely, empty house and spotted him and assaulted him (the thief) head first and fought him and won! After that, I used my magic to fix the house up and the thief was planning another escape, but he is in an invincible force field cage that’s heavily guarded by men with Tasers.

21: Hamster Caleb If I could have one brand new pet I would pick a hamster. I like hamsters because they are cute and funny. The reason I think they are funny is because sometimes when they think they are getting attacked, they dig their head in the wood chips. The reason I think they are cute because their fat faces. They need exercise because they eat every day and get fatter and fatter and soon they get sick. (That’s true, they do get sick) So I would get him a hamster wheel. Although he would still need food otherwise he would starve to death. Then my mom would take away Leo. (Leo is my dog.) The reason they would take away Leo is because I wasn’t responsible. with the hamster. My parents would never get me a pet again.

22: Dragon Christopher O. Chapter 1: How I Got the Egg On my 9th Birthday I ripped open all my presents rapidly. I thanked my parents, grandparents, cousins and friends. But as we clean up there was this mysterious egg. It was big, even bigger than an ostrich egg! It had lovely, beautiful rainbow splotches everywhere like some professional artist dabbed it. Chapter 2: Egg Hatches After everyone left, I asked my parents to see if we can search what kind of egg it was... we couldn’t find out. After 48 hours I came into my room and froze. The egg was moving! I ran as fast Anakin's pod racer, well... not that fast but real fast. I yelled for my parents who came running. I told them the egg was hatching. We charged through the door just in time to see the egg breaking rapidly. Then out came a little, cute black baby dragon. “I am going to call it Shadow,” I said. Why? Because he was pitch black.

23: Chapter 3: Training So after a few days, I decided I should start teaching him things like how not to rip up the soft, comfy pillows and how to not pee in the house. He was already helpful, like when we were making sausages and the stove broke he shot out a fiery breath and barbecued the sausages swiftly and they were great! One day I decided that Shadow’s training should start. So I took Shadow outside and decided to start with attack. I put up a scarecrow and said “attack!”. At first, Shadow shot out a hot, smoky, fiery breath. Then he shot spikes from his tail and shredded the scarecrow desperately into pieces. Then I put up a scarecrow that could move and was made of strong, thick metal. Shadow shot a comet at the moving target and KABOOM!!! It caused a big explosion that blew the scarecrow to smithereens. Next, we tried flying, hunting and survival.

24: Chapter 4: Flying After training, we decided to try flying. We already had the flapping the wings part done but we had to start getting off the ground. So I started to teach Shadow rapidly and calmly how to use powerful, strong flaps. At first, we fell to the ground but after many attempts, we started to get the hang of it. Finally, after one last fierce try, we lifted off the ground and flew over houses and creeks. I was filled with a wondrous, dreamy sensation. I felt as if I could fly forever. We flew over mountains and saw mountain lions stalk around their territory and wolves howling on mountain peaks. Chapter 5: Hunting Finally, I decided we should head back. We nailed the landing. We got back just in time for dinner. As we ate I was worried. “We can’t feed him forever,” I thought. Then...”ding” light bulb! “That’s it!” I said. My parents looked strongly confused. “I was just thinking,” I said. My parents went back to eating. I was going to teach Shadow how to hunt. We started off with the basics like pounce, claw, bite and spike shoot. At first, Shadow missed badly . After many tries, he got it. Then we went hastily to move advanced attacks like comet, razor darts, cut, plasma balls and flame throw. In the end, Shadow went hunting and came back with a feast because everything he hunted was enormous. Such as pork, lamb, barbecued chicken and more.

25: Chapter 6: School! I was glad that I didn’t have to feed Shadow any more. But there was a tiny frightening, worring problem. I had school the next day and I couldn’t leave Shadow at home because my parents had to go to work. If I brought him to school kids will think he is Zekrom. But I only had one choice. I had to bring Shadow to school! The next morning, I woke up and had a huge, delicious breakfast. I rode on Shadow’s back to school. When we landed gently on the ground, kids stared at Shadow in awe. “Is that Zekrom?” some kid whispered. “No,” another replied. “It doesn’t have the same tail, horn and claws.” I told Shadow to stay but then I was swarmed by a big crowd. “Where did you get him?”, “How old is it?”, “Can I ride it?” I answered the questions one by one then headed to class. Every now and then a kid would ask a question or desperately look at the clock. When it was recess, kids burst out and surrounded Shadow. I let 5 kids ride on Shadow’s back at a time. The day was a blast and from that day on, I brought Shadow to school. Chapter 7: That’s all Well... this is the end of my story. Shadow lives with me and helps out. We do everything together. Each day Shadow rapidly gets older and stronger and some day, I know he will leave and come back for visits. But right now, I will care for him until then.

26: My Pet Dolphin By Liyah If I could have only one pet I would want a pet dolphin. First of all, I’d want a pet dolphin because having a dolphin means having to get an extremely large pool. Having an amazingly huge pool would mean I could swim with a dolphin every day I wanted to! When winter came, I’d get some people to build a little shelter over the pool with a heating system. I would get that built with a heating system so I wouldn’t get cold while swimming during winter. Secondly, I’d want a dolphin because I could have the dolphin swim next to me so I could get even faster at swimming than I am now. If I had a pet dolphin I would have a one of a kind pet! It would be a one of a kind pet because I know for a fact that nobody I know has a pet dolphin. Lastly, I’d want a dolphin because having a pet dolphin could be fun. It could be fun because I could get faster at swimming and swim with a dolphin all the time if I got bored. That’s why I would want a dolphin as a pet. Basically, I’d want a dolphin as a pet because nobody else I know who lives in Colorado has a pet dolphin.

27: Snow Day By: Bryon It was Friday and my small, black, pesky alarm loudly beeped once again. I unjustly smacked the snooze button and turned on the radio. Five minutes later, I sat up and slowly walked on my cold carpet to my dresser. A couple seconds later, I heard the radio announcer excitedly cheer, “Due to severe weather all Adams 12 schools are closed for today.” In about 10 milliseconds I felt fully awake then I cheerfully swiftly ran upstairs. When I got in the kitchen I saw a note, I picked it up it said: Dear Bryon, If you are wondering why grandma and mom are not here it is because grandma is sick and mom has training so Cody had to go to the babysitter. Also I had to leave early because there was a problem at work and the piece of chocolate cake in the fridge is for you. Love, Dad Dreamily, I opened the fridge and saw a titanic, brown, piece of cake; I slowly pulled out the piece of cake and closed the fridge with my leg carelessly. I carefully set it on the living room table and watched TV. At 12:00 I calmly washed dishes, ate macaroni and continued watching TV. At 5:00 dad came home and we went to D & B (Dave and Busters) until 9:30 and we went home and fell asleep.

28: Ashton, The Pet This is the story of how I got Pete. I have always wanted a trained pet elephant and one day I saw in the newspaper that there was a one year old gray African elephant for $10,000. I asked my mom and she argued, “No way”. Then I said desperately, “Maybe the whole family could chip in and it could be my only and early Christmas and birthday present.” Then she said, “What about when it gets too big?” “I’ll sell him to the zoo and I will visit Pete every day,” I said. “Why Pete?” she questioned. “Because his name will be Peanut Pete” I explained. Then something radical and unexpected happened she said, “YES!” On a Tuesday on 1-15-14 we went to Chicago. We booked a very special flight so the elephant could board the aircraft. We stayed in Chicago for two days. We really only explored the Windy City for the two days. On the last day we went to the Chicago Zoo. They didn’t want him anymore because the exhibit had too many animals inhabiting it. Then two muscle men at the zoo calmly got Pete in the back of the huge zoo van. They also flew back to Denver with us. The flight got boring but I powered through it.When we got back to Denver they gave us almost ten pounds of food that would last only a couple weeks. They also gave us medical supplies, and tranquilizers. They also taught us how to take care of him and to not leave any animal untended with Pete. After that, they said you probably should reinforce your fence too. To what steel I thought. They stayed for a month, then left.

29: After two days of having Pete, I started to teach him tricks. It took a long boring couple hours but we got trunk five which is pretty much a high five just Pete uses his trunk. We almost figured out roll over. A day later I introduced Pete to my dog Talon. First Talon tried to play with Pete but Pete freaked out. So I joined in and helped. They finally became friends and by finally I mean a half an hour. Then Talon started to sniff Papp’s gluteus Maximus. After a while, I started to take Pete on walks. The second day we went on a walk we went to the park. I almost got Pete to go down the slide.Four years later we sadly had to sell him because he was getting too big. I still visit the Denver zoo every weekend. I’m a special customer, I get to go up close to him when it’s not business hours. I love happy endings.

30: Yoda Rowan One cold day I was googling “How to make Origami Yoda” and I clicked on images. It showed so many pictures of Origami Yoda. I saw an Origami Yoda that looked exactly like Yoda. This gave me the idea to make a Yoda like the other one, so I did. I used a piece of paper to fold it. After that, I left him downstairs until after dinner. That’s when I put him on the table next to me so he was looking at the TV. He was just sitting there. I looked back he was staring meanly at my brother. I watched some more TV. I looked back, he was staring at ME! IT WAS JUST SCARY!!!! The very next morning I put him on my finger. The amazing power of the force came to me! I heard Jedi knowledge unknown to man. So I keep Yoda safe and made a Yoda to go (who is also magic.) to help me on the go.

31: Do Not Fight With Sydney By: Ben I was two short years old. I had one very loose tooth. My sister Sydney and I were play fighting. My sister was kicking above my tiny head. ThenWAMM! I fell on the floor, I could not stop crying and holding my mouth, my tongue was all over my damp mouth; my tooth was looser than ever. I went to my room; I lightly touched it once plop. My loose tooth has fallen out! I showed my mom, she cleaned out my mouth with a paper towel. I went through all that horrifying pain for TWO QUARTERS TWO QUARTERS! I did not see that coming. In the end I was happy and hurt.

32: Mars Rover By: Kellen In art last year when I was in 3rd grade I made a Mars rover. The Mars rover was AWESOMELY AMAZING!!! After a few days, my parents got an email from the art teacher that said, “Kellen’s Mars rover has made it into an art show!” After we got in the Museum of Nature and Science, the art teacher, Mrs. Bennet ambled over to us and sadly announced that she lost my Mars rover. I froze for a second, and then started to sob in the men’s room for about 15 minutes. After a while, my great dad came in the bathroom and carried me out. The rest of my fantastic family cheered me up by going out of ice cream. But, we had to look at rest of the exhibits first. In one of the exhibits that we looked at was a huge plastic earth that only hanging by a thread and it was spinning! I don’t remember any of the other exhibits that we saw. The kind of ice cream I got was a delicious dip cone from Dairy Queen. After that, I never saw that wicked and cool Mars rover ever again. But I believe that Mrs. Bennet is still looking for it in her class room.

33: ICE CORE LAB FIELD TRIP By Parker The day of our field trip to the Ice Core Lab in Denver, I was really excited to go. At 8:50 my class and I put on our coats and strode to the door. There was no sign of the bus, about ten minutes later the bus came and we loaded up. I sat next to my mom on the way there. It took forever just to get near the Ice core Lab. We finally got to our destination. My class and I went inside the Ice Core Lab and sat down on these cardboard box seats. A scientist started to talk to us about stuff we already knew about, he thought we were so smart that he jumped to this really advanced stuff. All of my class and I were confused. Approximately 20 minutes later we went inside the Ice Library and it was freezing, a scientist told us that the temperature in the library was -34 degrees Fahrenheit. After about ten minutes in the Ice library, we went to learn about Rock cores, in the Ice Library I saw of tubes, the tubes carry ice cores. Did you know that salt is 30,000 years old? I know right wow and we ate it. I never knew that until now. After about twenty or more minutes, the core was part done and we got free salt rocks that we could keep. When we got on the bus we waited minutes for Ms. West’s class. They finally came out and got onto the bus. It was a boring ride on the back to school. When we did get back my mom signed me out so we could go eat lunch together. My mom and I went to Lark Burger to eat; it was the best meal ever. We finally finished our meal. My mom drove me back to school. I strode into my class room with Ms. Eileen’s drink that my mom and I got for her at Lark Burger.

34: The Best Pet Ever By Hannah You may know of the very special island called Meepiopia. No man has ever seen it (except the people who live there) because it has an invisibility shield around it that only Meepiopians can see through. The animals there are quite strange. They mostly come from fairytales or fictional stories like Harry Potter, The Last Unicorn, Narnia, and The Lord of The Rings. The main animals are Phoenixes, Griffins, Unicorns, and many more. If I were the choose one of them it would be the Griffin. I would choose the Griffin because my last name is Griffin. (Also because they are part lion, and part eagle). That’s just cool. I would use it for many different purposes like, frightening my enemies, keeping me safe, and to help with hard tasks. A Griffin is great for battles and wars (but only Meepiopian stuff like that). In the Great War between Meepiopia and the United States for the right to own the land, the Griffins were mostly used and only two were killed. They are five star pet show winners, as well. They have won fifteen years in a row especially in categories like boldness, bravery, and attack skills. I think it’s the best animal in Meepiopia. And that’s the animal I would choose out of many, and now you know why I do.

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