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Our Stories...Class 2-310

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S: Our Stories...Class 2-310

FC: Our Stories... By Class 2-310

2: The red frog asked, “What shall we do today?” How about hide and seek?” said the blue frog. “Sure!” said the red frog. So the red frog hid in the log. And the blue frog hid in the cat tales. And the yellow frog hid under the lily pad. The orange frog looked in the log, the orange frog found the red frog. Then he looked in the cat tales. He found the blue frog. Then he looked under the Lilly pad. The oranges frog found the yellow frog. | By Charles

3: The dog was enjoying the warm sunlight. His friend, the turtle came over for a visit. “What did you do today?”, asked the turtle. I am enjoy being upside down in the sun. Oh I’ll leave you alone now. NO said Dog I won’t you to enjoy the sun No. Why! I am allergic to the sun . Ok said Dog let’s play hid and seek I’ll count 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20 ready or not here I come! | By Barbara

4: Tina looked at all the beautiful rocks and gems. She wanted to buy one for herself but she didn’t have any cash. So she asked a man and he gave her 20$ she was so pleased that she wanted to merry him and he said, “NO!” and she said” why not” the man said” because we’ve never met” well want to have a date sure she screamed Yah! The man said” okay okay” but, what house are we going to mine or your house Tina said” you pick” okay I pick your house” “okay” Tina said in a very exited voice “meet you Saturday 10am your house see yah” the man said while he walked out the shop. Finally it was Saturday and the man came over to her house and they had wine and while they had wine they talked about each other and they liked each other that both of them now wanted to get married. When they got married they had two children. And they lived happily ever after. | By Anand

5: The cat said, “Would you like to play?” the dog said “No” “you are mean I will not play with you but I will beat you up” “no please” “sorry but I have to do this If I don’t I will die” “Why will you die” fine I won’t die. | By Ben V

6: The monkeys were loose at the zoo and they wanted to eat some bananas because they were hungry and wanted food. The monkeys started biting a man. So the man fed some bananas to the monkeys. | By Benjamin

7: “Peep-peep! Mama! Mama! I’m hungry”, cried the baby bird. “Ok” said Mama bird I’ll give you the last worm. I can’t give you more cause we don’t have any more. I’ll go get more worms. You stay here. “I’m scared,” said Baby bird. Don’t worry Baby bird. Said Mama. Somebody is going to eat me. Cried Baby bird. Then what should I do? Said Mama bird. “Hmmm” I got an idea. Said Mama bird. I’ll leave you at your ant’s house. “OK” Said Baby bird. So Mama bird went off. She flew over nests and flew over houses until she hundreds of worms. She picked them up with her beak and flew back and went to Baby bird got her and went back home. | By Claire

8: The golden cat was trying to sleep. The three little bluebirds wanted to pep the cat got up a gen the cat growled at the bluebirds. The birds kept pepping and pepping until the cat got happy and started to laugh. | By Eleni

9: Greg and the goat did not agree. The goat did not let Greg play a song for him the goat pulled on the leash. The goat pulled back and Greg pulled front and hollered they pulled snap the leash. It broke then the goat ran all around and Greg never got to play a song. | By Evangeline

10: Miguel and Katy looked into the water. They saw a blue crab and 1 Moon jellyfish, they saw sea otters sharks, puffer fish and a sting ray. Miguel said, “I will watch more sea animals. Katy said, “ I would like to play in the sand . Miguel even saw a sword fish, Katy made a sand castle and made a sand angel. They played till dark, when it was time for their bedtime they went in their warm, cozy home and dreamed about their fun adventures. All night long and didn’t even notice they were dreaming because they were so sound asleep. | By Grace

11: The police helicopter zoomed over the treetops and saw a thief who was robbing the bank. The policeman told the crew to get the thief. The thief ran away but the crew got cars and helicopter to chase him. They put the lights on because the thief was hiding some war. Then finally they found the thief and put him in jail. | By Jonathan

12: Bob stopped to let the penguins cross the road. They were on their way to Antarctica. They wanted to go home to their friends. They wanted to swim they wanted to slide and they wanted to play in icy snow. | By Joseph

13: Edgar wanted to be a cowboy because cowboys had horses. And because their clothes were nice. Edgar wishes a fairy came to make him a cowboy. Edgar went to his room he found a cowboy costume then he went to his sister’s room. He tried to find his toy horse. It was in there because his sister hid it there. When he found it he found it he went back outside. And pretended he was a cowboy. | By Luciana

14: A lady and her cat were riding in a taxi they were going to a gym that had swimming pool and rock climbing and a playroom. They had classes too. They finally got there. They went to the swimming pool first then the rock climbing and then the playroom. Then they took classes. They got back in the taxi. They told the driver about their adventures and the fun they got home and played a game they had so much fun. | By Mia

15: Aga Panthis looked at the butterflies and she looked at the flowers. She thought that they were so beautiful. She was so happy. Aga looked at the other side of the garden she saw that their were no butterflies and no flowers. Aga wanted to plant flowers. Because she thought that if she planted more butterflies will come. Aga said ‘I think this will work’ she went in her house and got her watering can seeds and shovel. She walked to the other side of the garden. She shoveled up a hole put some seeds in and put the dirt back she poured water and she let the sun hit it. All the flowers have grown. She saw butterflies flying back she was even happier than she was before. She sat back down. All Aga did was stare at the butterflies. Aga said again, “that defiantly worked.” She thought again. She said, “May be I should invite my friends. She thought yes I should invite my friends so she called her friends they had fun. | By Siena

16: Aga Panthis invited Mr. Watson to smell the two roses. He sniffed the first one slowly and said, ”It smells like sand.” Then he smelled the second rose. He did not smell anything. He started to open his mouth to say that perhaps it was not real,but then he stopped. He did not want to hurt Aga’s feelings. “So?” asked Aga. Quickly Mr. Watson made something up. “It smells like chocolate. Very strange.” Aga said. ”To me it smells like a fake rose. ”He waked outside and down 5 blocks. Then he went in a pet shop. He looked and looked for a animal that was smart enough to replace a person and trick another person. But he did not find anything. As soon as he walked outside his phone rang. It was his wife, “Come Home for dinner.” His wife said. “I made brad with toast.” Mr. Watson ran down seven more blocks. When he sat at the table he took one huge bite. It made him feel okay. | By Sophia

17: One day in the pet shop, Tony was feeding the green snake. The red snake tried to get its own food but the lied was closed. And the key was in the red snakes box. So first the red snake got the key. Then the red snake pointed the key in the place where the goose and then the snake turned the key. And now that the red snake had escaped he finally got food. | By Stavroula

18: Betty reached down to pick up an Easter egg. Her basket was almost full. She was very happy to find another Easter egg. She thought she might win the Easter egg hunt! She was even happier because she saw other people with 1 or 0 eggs. Then the Easter egg hunt was over and her friend Billy won. Betty was sad. She didn’t know Billy had 7 Easter eggs. She felt like crying but... Their were other Easter games at the party that she might win! She felt happier all ready! Soon she won every other game at the party. She was so happy she was jumping up and down. And that’s the story of Betty and the Easter egg hunt. | By Amanda

19: The mail carrier brought a mysterious package to the zoo. It contained meat for the tigers and lions to do tricks and ball for the seals to play [the seals love balls]. The mail carrier shook the box and heard meat and a ball shaking around. He said the tigers and lions and seals would be happy of their new meat and ball for their tricks and show or dance show or play or even play like a show. I have to walk quickly because I need to go to the post office and then go home. | By Edward

20: Edward found a four-leaf clover and said, “I’m going to be very lucky!” And for the rest of the day he ever had. A four-leaf clover is a lucky clover that is with four leaves. He would play all day. If he had all of those four-leaf clovers. Maybe he will call one of his friends to play with him and gave him a four-leaf clover and they had so much fun together. | By Jude

21: Edgar liked to decorate eggs. His favorite part was to give them on Easter Day. When he gave them out on Easter Day he made the children have a hunt. And the children liked it. | By Leila

22: Captain redcoat looked far out to sea through his telescope. He saw a big splash. There was a whale shark heading right towards him! He ran and ran until the whale shark couldn’t reach him. He wanted to find out if the whale shark left or not so he ran back to where he was standing and again he looked out at sea he didn’t see anything but water the ocean is so peaceful he thought to himself he sat there for a while thinking about it but he just remembered that he was looking for the wreckage of his pirate ship then all of a sudden he saw a piece of wood! with a lot of other pieces following behind it he rowed to the pieces of wood and put on his diving suit and dived toward the wreckage he swam inside the wreckage of his pirate ship he found the treasure ! at last he swam back up to the row boat with the treasure. | By Milan

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