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Our Trip to the Aquarium

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Our Trip to the Aquarium - Page Text Content

BC: Thanks for joining us on our cool tripto the aquarium . Hope you had fun see you later!

FC: Our Trip to the Aquarium By: Heather Ashley and David Messinger

1: Hi my name is Heather. This is a picture of me and my friend David. Today we are going to tell you about our fun trip to the aquarium. Follow along in our exciting adventure and learn about the wonders we explored under the deep blue sea!

2: The first thing that we saw at the aquarium was this beautiful sponge. This sponge is not like the one you have in your kitchen. This type of sponge lives in the bottom of the ocean and gets its energy from the sun . This sponge eats little bits of food , such as algae, that float by it in the water.

3: WOW! David and I were amazed at the next animal we saw. The creature that we saw was a jellyfish. Jellyfish eat small plankton, fish, and catch their food with their stinging tentacles. Unlke humans and other animals jellyfish don't have a brain and move by using their bell-shaped bodies. What an amazing creature to see!

4: Did you know that worms not only live in dirt in your garden? David and I didnt know that until we saw these animals at the aquarium. These neat animals are called aquatic worms. These worms live in fresh water, lakes, ponds, marshes, and streams. They eat mud and tiny parts of plants or animals. Talk about a good meal yum yum!!

5: O neat!! I thought this next animal was really cool. This neat creature is an octopus. An octopus is very smart and changes colors to protect itself from enemies. The Octopus has eight arms and has three hearts! Could you imagine having eight arms? David and I wondered what it would be like!

6: Look nat this unique creature! This pretty creature is a clam. Clams live under the sand deep in the ocean and eat tiny parts of plants or animals that float in the water. These animals make the beautiful pearls that are on your mom's necklace. I wish i had a pearl necklace!

7: Ah watch out! I told David to make sure he didn't get pinched by this next creature. This creature is a blue crab. These crabs eat plants and small clams. The have a hard shell and ten legs two of which are claws. Ouch! Watch out! They live at the bottom of the deep blue sea.

8: David like this next creature. This animal is a scorpion. Scorpions have poison and use it to kill their food. These animals prefer to live in wamer areas and can live up to twenty-five years.

9: I really liked this next creature. This creature is called a starfish. It got its name from its shape, a star. It's not like the stars you see in the sky but it is just as amazing to look at. Starfish eat clams, oysters, and plants. To eat this food starfish have two stomachs. Imagine how much you could eat with two stomachs!

10: David don't get too close to these animals in the water! These animals are stingrays. They can grow up to thirty-five feet and they all have a stinger at the end of their tail. This stinger can sting its prey and usually breaks off. No worries for the stingray thaugh. The stinger grows back in inches per month. What an interesting creature of the ocean!

11: WOW! Look at these fish and their cool orange color! David and i loved watching these fish swim. These fish are clown fish. Clown fish like to live in the warmer waters in the oceans. They live in special sea plants that provide a safe area for fish to live and hide from predators. These are another beautiful wonder of the deep blue.

12: Woah! Heather look at those frogs. Aren't they neat looking. Yeah they are . They are poison dart frogs David. These frogs are brightly colored for protection against enemies. They live in tropical areas and also release poison to keep their enemies away. Sweet Heather I wish I had poison!

13: Hey Heather look at that black headed python! Doesn't it look cool? Eww no it's slimy and gross David. This snake lives in warm areas and eats reptiles and some mammals. They also can grow up to 8 feet long!

14: O h neat look at this bird David! This bird is a taucan. Toucans have brightly colored beaks and feed on insects and small lizards. They live in tropical climates and grow up to 29 centimeters.

15: Aw look at this cute monkey! Aw he is cute! This monkey is called a spider monkey. Spider monkeys eat nuts and berries and live among trees. Their tails can grow up to 89 centimeters! This helps the monkeys hang fromtrees! Wouldn't that be fun!

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