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Our World: Current Events

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FC: Our World: Current Events | By Teresa Williams

1: Table of Contents | 1) Table of Contents 2-3)"Better Lives In Mexico Means Fewer Emigrating to America" 4-5)"Unprecedented Outage Left Millions in the Dark" 6-7)"US Ventures into Bloody Africa Conflict" 8-9)"Cairo in Turmoil: Obama's Plan B Stumbles, What's Plan C?" 10-11)"World Economy: China Must Slow Growth" 12-13)World Map 14-15)Bibliography

2: Better Lives In Mexico Means Fewer Emigrating to America | In the article "Better Lives in Mexico Means Fewer Emigrating to America", Damien Cave writes about the changes in immigration and how it is greatly caused by economics. It is filled with many statistics about the immigration rates have changed over the years from Mexico to the United States. Such statistics state that Mexico contributes 60% of all illegal immigrations to the United States. Illegal immigrations dropped to about 20% in 2010 compared to the years of 2000 to 2004. One of the reasons that immigration overall is dropping is the decreased average fertility rate which is now 2 children per woman versus the average of 6.9 in the 70's. Life has gotten better in Mexico with a 45% increase in GDP compared to 2000. There have been overall better services such as trash collection, running water, and electricity to parts that have previously not have such luxuries. Mexico has even greatly increased its number of school facilities. | By Damien Cave

3: Overall, Immigration has decreased slightly over the years. This is an interesting article as we live so close to the border. Immigration affects our daily life here in San Diego. It's nice to see that people are trying harder to come legally instead of illegally. This way we all get to benefit from getting to know each other and not worry about laws. Also, as their economy grows, more opportunities for us to do business with them opens up. As each country prospers, the global economy benefits.

4: Unprecedented Outage Left Millions in the Dark | By Craig Gustafson | On Thursday, September 8th at around 3:38 pm, the power in all of San Diego County and neighboring parts of Baja California and Arizona. This led to about five million people without electricity until the power slowly started to come back on around Friday early morning. It was caused by a five-hundred volt power transmission failing, leading to many other events that finally knocked the San Onofre nuclear power plant offline. About 1.4 million SDG&E customers within San Diego and Orange County were without power and had to cope without many everyday things. Schools and businesses were closed and radio stations went silent throughout. Transportation was hard without gas stations and trolleys, yet people could still find buses. Surprisingly enough, people were pretty good-natured about it. People found different ways to entertain themselves and crime rates didn't seem to raise significantly. As one resident, Peggy, said; "You put on your big girl pants and deal with it."

5: It's amazing to look at how removing one key thing from society can dramatically change what would happen in its economy. Without power, many of our daily activities were halted and businesses couldn't function. Our economy greatly depends on electricity. Without it, we cease to function properly. This power outage turned out okay but gave a clear warning of what could've happenned if it were to last much longer than it did.

6: US ventures into bloody Africa Conflict | By Mark S. Smith and Bradley Klapper | On Friday, October 14th, the Obama administration announced that the U.S. would be sending soldiers to Africa. The United States is deploying one hundred troops to fight the Lord's Resistance Army (LRA). This army has been suppressing the people of Uganda, Southern Sudan, The Central Democratic Republic, and the Democratic Republic of the Congo. This is where the troops will be going. These troops are not meant to fight in combat against the LRA. They are only allowed to fight the LRA as a means of self defense. Rather, they are there to train the African troops to fight for themselves. The troops will also help track down Joseph Kony, the leader of the LRA. These actions are to help fight for the humanitarian rights of the people of Africa. The U.S. failed to help in the great Rwandan genocide in the 1990s and does not wish to have something as tragic happen again. The LRA is the most notorious for its brutal kidnapping of children to be child soldiers and/or sex slaves and for being savage murderers.

7: What hurts one country, can affect another. If there is a problem in one country, it is important to stop it before it spreads worldwide. All this warring has handicapped the countries that it has occurred in. The people of Uganda can't support themselves with constant war raging at their homes. If this war were to end, then their economy could stabalize and would be able to contribute to the world economy. There are many reasons it should stop and economics plays a crucial role in it all.

8: Cairo in Turmoil: Obama's Plan B Stumbles, What's Plan C? | By Tony Karon | The rebellion in Egypt for a new form of government continues. The U.S. continues to try to control the shift in government in Egypt by appointing the military in control. This backfired and it became clear that the military was abusing its power to dictate the shift, angering the rebels. The military in Cairo was using American-made teargas canisters against the rebels where they didn't necessarily have to use it. Despite switching out different people in charge of the military to try to calm things and not anger the rebels too greatly, each leader abused it and made things even more problematic. This is just another example of the Middle East no longer allowing the U.S. to influence its politics. The U.S. is no longer as major of a vital role in the Middle East as it once did. All over the Middle East countries aren't heeding any U.S. council whether or not they are allies or enemies. A shift has begun as the American power is weakened in that portion of the world.

9: The U.S. greatly depends on the Middle East for many products. Our economy is greatly tied to theirs so when their economy is in trouble due to rebellions, wars, terrorism, or any other causes, it too will affect us. Once, America had a political grip on the Middle East and could influence it to do as was best for America. Now there is a shift in power not just within these countries but also a shift in the American power over these countries. Only time will tell just how this will affect our economy for better

10: China's economy continues to grow exponentially. Its economy's yearly growth is at about 9.5 percent. At this rate of growth it is at, China faces the possibility of over-inflation. Now, China is trying to gradually slow its economy on purpose to avoid having a major drop like the United States did. The number one country in growth tied with Argentina is China. Such growth is much larger than the mere 1.3 percent growth rate of the United States. Though even with this incredible rate of growth, people in China are struggling to keep up with rising prices and continued inflation, forcing companies to let people go. Not only does China have to worry about inflation but its demographics are changing to where most of China's labor force is aging greatly. On the bright to China's communist economy is that its government can change it and try to pull it out of a disaster a lot more easily than the United States can. This is what the government is relying on in order to avoid a great economic recession. | World Economy: China Must Slow Growth | By Paul Wiseman

11: This just shows how complicated economies are. Normally you would expect growth to be a good thing but the past has shown that right before a great recession was rapid uncontrolled growth. Also, it is interesting to note how different types of economies must learn to handle things differently. The American economy is based off of spending whereas the Chinese economy depends on exporting goods and building structures. Also, America has to handle this in a more careful way for the public than China because China's communist economy gives its government more control than the American economy.

12: World Map | United States | Mexico | Guatemala | Honduras | Canada | Uganda | Democratic Republic of the Congo | Egypt

13: Kenya | Sudan | China | India | Japan | Jordan | Israel | Map Key: | Orange: Countries Articles Take Place. | Yellow: Surrounding Countries

14: Article 1- Google Images: "United States Mexico Border" Article 2- http://www.signonsandiego.com/news/2011/sep/08/widespread-power-outages-across-san-diego-county/ Google Images: "San Diego Power Outage" Article 3- http://web.signonsandiego.com/news/2011/oct/15/us-ventures-into-bloody-africa-conflict/?ap Google Images: "LRA", "Joseph Kony" | Bibliography

15: Article 4- http://globalspin.blogs.time.com/2011/11/24/cairo-inturmoil-obamas-plan-b-stumbles-whats-plan-c/ Google Images: "Protests in Cairo" Article 5- http://www.time.com/time/business/article/o,8599,2098353,00.html Google Images: "China Growth" World Map- Google Images: "World Map"

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