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Our World's History

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S: Our World's History

BC: The history continues on...

FC: Our World's History | By: Dana Shin & Angie Lopez 1B

1: TABLE OF CONTENTS | a. Ancient River Valley Civilization b. Classical Greece/Rome c. Post-Classical Africa/Asia d. Post-Classical (Medieval) Europe e. Renaissance/Reformation f. Enlightenment/Revolutions g. World War l h. World War ll i. Cold War

2: ANCIENT RIVER VALLEY CIVILIZATION | In early river valley Civilizations, sumer gained their technologies from irrigation, cuneiform, bronze, and wheel while Egypt gained their knowledge from hieroglyphics, mathematics, and medicine. In china, community and family were more important than individual and had sharp divisions between nobles and peasants. China also traded silks by using silk road. In Indus Valley, they had centralized government with no social divisions and gained their technology from the writing.

3: WHAT IF HAMMURABI DID NOT WRITE HIS CODE OF LAW? | Can you imagine! If Hammurabi didn't written his code of law, life back then would have probably been less harsh and rough without all those cruel punishments. Even though people had to go through some pains, we learned a lot from Hammurabi's code. If he had not written it we would not have learned that some of the punishments were unfair and we would have probably not have learned from those mistakes. But Hammurabi's code wasn’t all a bad example, some of the punishment inspired some of the punishments we have now a days, if they hadn’t been written we would have not had those examples.

4: CLASSICAL GREECE/ROME | Greece was widely known for arts which included drama, poetry, sculpture portraying ideals of beauty, painted pottery, and classical architecture. Greece gained their knowledge from development of lever, pulley, pump, and accurate estimate of circumference of earth. Greece had government of direct democracy; citizens rule by majority vote and had written code of laws. Greece also had great impact on mythology about gods and goddesses.

5: WHAT IF ATHENS HAD NOT EMBRACED DEMOCRACY? | can you imagine! If Athens hadn’t been a democracy! Thanks to Athens we got the idea of Democracy. If they hadn’t embraced democracy would have no example to follow and we could have a different form of government right now. Perhaps we would not have judicial system as we have now. We learned a lot from Athens democratic government, if they hadn’t embraced democracy i would have nobody’s example to follow.

6: POST-CLASSICAL ASIA/AFRICA | In 202 B.C., Liu Bang started Han dynasty; strengthened central government and gained knowledge from Chinese invented paper, collar, harness, and watermill. In A.D. 9, Wang Mang temporarily overthrew the Han. In Africa, the Bantu-speaking peoples migrated throughout southern Africa, spreading their language and culture. Some cultures were governed by family clan leaders or village chiefs. Migratory peoples, such as the Bantu speakers, exerted their power by spreading their beliefs and influence to other cultures.

7: WHAT IF THE MONGOLS HAD NOT OPENED THE SILK ROAD TO SAFE TRAVEL? | Can you imagine! If the Mongols hadn’t open the Silk road for save trade! That would have impacted a lot of stuff, especially for China. Most probably China would have stayed even more isolated. Trade would have been more limited too. No one would have been save traveling by the Silk Road so no one would have used it. China wouldn't have impacted the whole world if silk road was there.

8: POST-CLASSICAL EUROPE | In European middle ages, Feudalism had biggest impact on the government which was based on landholding and they had alliances between lords and vassals. They had belief system of the church by unifying force of Christian faith and involving in political affairs. Europe had set of rights and obligations between serfs and lords and contained self-sufficient community producing a variety of goods. Unlike other countries, Europe had respect toward women.

9: WHAT IF THE BLACK PLAGUE DID NOT ATTACK WESTERN EUROPE? | Can you imagine! If the Black plague hadn’t occurred! The economic impact of the Black Plague was huge. If this hadn’t occurred a lot of economic problems would have avoided. Trade would have not have decreased, farmers wouldn’t have lost most of their workers and a lot of people’s lives would not have been lost. Also, people wouldn’t have questioned the churches as such for the lack of help in humanity.

10: RENAISSAMCE/ REFORMATION | The Crusades had a very big impact on the Renaissances and the Reformations. The Renaissance was a time of rebirth. People stared to become more educated and wealthy. Thanks to the wealth of kings and queens people like Patrons and artists, musicians, and writers were also able to become wealthier. The Renaissances Man were man that were masters in several fields, like Leonardo da Vinci. Because people became more educated more questions started to pop up. People started to look for answers and stared coming up with their own ideas. The printing press was something that helped information get around faster. Because of the new information that was coming to light people stared to question the church and some even became known as Protestants.

11: WHAT IF GUTENBERG HADNT INVENTED THE PRINTING PRESS? | Can you imagine! If Gutenberg hadn’t invented the printing press! First of all, who knows when a way of printing things would have been invented if he hadn’t done it. News would have spread less fast too. Also the Gutenberg Bible would have not even printed and less people would have had the access to information. Perhaps the reformations would have not been so success full because it wouldn’t be so easy for people to get printed information.

12: ENLIGHTENMENT/ REVOLUTION | A new way of thinking about the world developed based on observation and a willingness to question assumptions. Enlightenment writers challenged many accepted ideas about government and society. Enlightenment ideas swept through European society and also to colonial America. Colonists declared independence, defeat Britain and established republic. Salons helped spread Enlightenment thinking. Colonists denounced taxation without representation. War began in Lexington and Concord.

13: WHAT IF THE ENLIGHTENMENT IDEAS WERE NOT EMBRACED BY THE COLONISTS? | Can you imagine! If the Enlightenment ideas were not embraced by the colonists! The Enlightenment ideas had an influence of the revolutions has came after words, if they hadn’t been embraced perhaps the American revolutions hadn’t happened. The Enlightenment ides brought many things to the light and people like Locker or Rousseau would have not been so popular for their ideas. Maybe Thomas Jefferson would have not written the Declaration of Independence.

14: WORLD WAR I | In world war I, problems that helped cause the war-nationalism, competition, remained. The league of Nations is established to help promote peace. The assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand in June 1914 prompted Austria to declare war on Serbia. Nationalism spurs competition among European nations. Imperialism deepens national armies. The alliance system divides Europe into two rival camps.

15: WHAT IF THE AUSTRIAN HEIR TO THE THRONE WAS NOT ASSASSINATED? | Can you imagine! If the Austrian heir to the throne was not assassinated! That could have completely changed everything in history from then on. His assassination was the spark of it all. If he had not been killed the whole war could have been avoided. Bosnia and Austria would have not been in conflict, there for the other countries would have not gotten involved. Perhaps all our relations with other countries might be different today.

16: WORLD WAR II | In August 1939, Nonaggression pact between Germany and the soviet union happened. In September 1939, Germany invaded Poland; World War ll began. In June 1941, Germany invaded the Soviet Union. In august 1942, Adolf Hitler orders attack on Stalingrad. In November 1942, Allies landed in North Africa. In June 1944, Allies invaded Europe on D-Day. In December 1944, Battle of the Bulge began. In May 1945, Germany surrended. A lot of people had to enlist the army without even knowing the reality of war. People were misleaded by the propaganda.

17: Can you imagine? If the British and the French had not used appeasement as their foreign policy, they would have not let the Germans restock their weapons unchecked and allowing Germany to have the Sudetenland at Munich in 1938. Germany's weapons and armament, by 1939, were as powerful than the British. However, accords made in the Treaty of Versailles about German rearmament were not policed. | WHAT IF THE BRITISH AND THE FRENCH HAD NOT USED APPEASEMENT AS THEIR FOREIGN POLICY

18: COLD WAR | The Cold War was all about fear. Fear is what drove the U.S and the Soviet Union to not act upon their threats of launching nuclear weapons into each others territories. Both were afraid that a nuclear war would emerge. NATO was the alliance that was form by countries trying to stop the spread of Communism , most of which were Nationalist. The Warsaw Pact was the other alliance that considered the NATO as a threat. This included the USSR and all the countries controlled by the USSR. The US and Soviet Union were very close to starting a nuclear war. The space race also influenced in the conflict between the two countries.

19: WHAT IF SOVIET UNION HAD LANDED ON THE MOON FIRST AND NOT THE UNITED STATES? | Can you imagine! If the Soviet Union had landed on the moon before the U.S! That would have created even more conflict between the Soviet Union and the United State. It was a space race between the two, and when the U.S successfully lated in the moon before them it proved that they had superior Knowledge about space. If the Soviet Union had won that space race the U.S would have been more intimidated by the Soviet Union because they had superior knowledge. The Cold War would have been leaned more toward the Soviet Union dominating. Also NASA would have probably not be in the US but in Russia.

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