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Our Year 2011-2012

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S: Our 4th Grade Book 2011-2012

BC: Mulfinger Productions

FC: Our Year | 2011-2012

1: Our Year | by Mrs. Mulfinger's Class of 2011-2012 | MontgomeryElementary

2: This is Mrs.Cassidy,our guest speaker. | Mrs. Cassidy, an entomology research biologist from Penn State University, came to talk to us about invasive species. She told us how invasive insects like the woolly adelgid can cause erosion that ruins streams. The adelgids kill our state tree, the hemlock. When the trees die, the roots can't hold the soil anymore so the ground erodes away. The soil is washed into the streams and makes it hard for the fish to breathe because they get soil in their gills. Mrs. Cassidy also brought some insects for us to see. They were the American walking stick and the Australian walking stick. | This is an American Walking Stick.

3: This is the adult Australian Walking Stick "dancing" for us. | (Left to Right) Breanna holding an Australian Walking Stick, Mrs.Mulfinger's with baby walking sticks on her hand, and Robyn holding an American Walking Stick.

4: R. B. Winter has a lot of exciting activities. We learned about birds and amphibians, and we went to a museum all about nature. | This was the best field trip we had ever had. We took a bunch of pictures to help us in class with our nature unit in science. | Field Trip to R. B. Winter State Park

5: The game we played at the amphibian place was a matching game. It was incredible. It was really fun when we won the game. | The bird section was amazing. We learned about all kinds of birds in Pennsylvania. The ranger gave us a quiz. He would ask what tool is like what bird body parts. Some of us guessed the right answer but some not. Therefore the bird section is really fun to learn about.

6: Computer Projects | We also created a Glog. A Glog is a website that we used. We used them to write about Arctic animals. You can post pictures and stickers on the Glog. You can make a poster too. | We have written a lot of poems in our class. We wrote all kinds of poems. Then we put them into Photo Story to create a class poetry book. | In fourth grade, we did a lot of activities on the computer! We learned how to use Inspiration, Word, Paint, and Photostory. We typed almost all of our writing stories!

7: Our class went to a website called WebRangers. The website is very fun. There are many games about national parks. You can unlock awards. Sometimes games are added on. | Another computer project we did was an ABC book of literary devices. We had all 26 letters to write about. Every sentence had to use a literary device. For example for the letter D we might write ''the dumb dog doesn't do anything.''

8: Shaver's Creek Environmental Center | During one day at our school we got a big surprise. Our teachers invited Shaver's Creek Environmental Center to educate us about birds of prey. | This is a screech owl. He was hurt and lost an eye so he cannot be released back into the wild. At Shaver's Creek, they rehabilitate injured wild animals.

9: The type of birds you see here are birds of prey. The hawk above has a wing span of 36 inches. Whatever food the hawk eats is the color that its feet will turn. The Great Horned owl that you see pictured is a cavity nester. This owl has a wing span of 22 inches. The owl can spin its head three-fourths of the way around.

10: We did a reading unit on the Iditarod. Each group chose a musher. One team's musher won the race in our room. Their musher, Aliy Zirkle, came in 2nd place. It was fun and interesting. We learned a lot about the Iditarod. | This poem was made by Alex Hans, a classmate.

11: We had an Iditarod buddy named Mr. Levis. We got a trophy dog and saw a dog named Molly. We beat our Iditarod buddy by having one of our teams finish before his. That's how we won our trophy dog and got to see Molly. It was so exciting and fun. | This is a picture of Molly, an Australian shepherd dog. This is our Iditarod buddy's dog.

12: , | One thermal feature is a hot spring. There are three types of of hot springs. One type of hot spring is a fumarole. The water in the fumarole never reaches the surface. What happens instead is that the water underground heats until it turns into steam. Sometimes fumaroles roar or hiss as the steam comes out. Another type of hot spring is a mud pot. A mud pot looks like boiling mud but really the gases in the mud pot are bubbling up to the surface. Geysers are the last kind of hot spring. Old Faithful is the most famous geyser in the world. Hot springs can be so hot that they can kill anything that falls in! | During our science unit on land and water, we also did a reading unit about Yellowstone National Park. In Yellowstone National Park, there are over 10,000 thermal features. A thermal feature is a natural formation that is heated. All thermal features need to have water, heat, and a way for the water to reach the surface. These are usually cracks in the earth. In Yellowstone, there are four kinds of thermal features.

13: Yellowstone is an interesting place. But what catches my attention is the wildlife. One giant animal to learn about is the bison. The bison is the largest land mammal in North America. Bison are 6 feet tall and 11 feet long. You never want to get close to a bison or try to feed one. You never know if it likes you and they can run 40 mph! If you irritate it, it will most likely pick you up by its horns and throw you. Or it could gore you or kill you! There are over 4,000 bison roaming around in Yellowstone's valley. Take pictures of them, but stay far away! | What was fun about the mud pots was that we got to make our own mud pots with coke and ice cream. Then we had to blow inside our mud pots to make the gases bubble to the surface. It could get messy!

14: In class we did a geometry hunt. When we did the geometry hunt, we had to find different kinds of shapes and figure out how many sides they have. Also we had to find out how many angles it has and what kind of angles they are. | There are two parallel line segments in the floor mat by the door. Parallel line segments are when two lines match up exactly side by side and will never cross. | This square has 4 sides and 4 right angles. | Do you see the stop sign? If you do, you can see that it has eight sides so it is an octagon. It is not only an octagon, it is a regular octagon. Regular octagons have all sides equal and all angles equal. | That star has 10 vertices and 10 sides. All of its points have acute angles but the concave angles are all obtuse.

15: This triangle has three sides and three acute angles. | In this picture there is a lot of geometry. For example, there are intersecting line segments and parallel line segments. | This picture is a picture of a rectangle. This polygon has 4 right angles and it has 4 sides. The opposite sides are parallel and equal.

16: During a field trip to the Bloomsburg Children's Museum, we were greeted by a friendly turtle. This was only one of the many amazing sights we saw at the museum. | There was a tunnel with stuffed animals inside. It looked like the animals were in their habitats. You were allowed to crawl through the tunnel. There were foxes, moles, beavers, and turtles hiding inside.

17: Indians used to live in these houses. These houses are called Long Houses. Indians could sleep, cook, and get dressed in these houses. Up to 100 people might live in one long house! | Here is a beaver that is stuffed. There are headphones next to the beaver. When you put on the headphones, you could hear the sounds of the beaver's habitat and other animals in its habitat.

18: Awards! | In our room, we set a goal for A.R. points. If everyone in our class got 50 points, we would get an ice cream party. Mrs. Mulfinger thought we couldn't do it. But we did! The ice cream was yummy! | Another award we got was a pizza party from the PTO! We had a blast. Also the pizza was delicious. We all wished we could have more pizza but we ran out.

19: "My favorite moment in fourth grade is when we watched Old Faithful on the web cam." ~~Breanna | ''My favorite moment in fourth grade is when all the students in our class got to have ice cream sundaes because we all had 50 points.'' ~~Saige | "I loved making mudpots for the Yellowstone unit. It was yummy and we got to see how it worked." ~~Catalin | "My favorite thing we did in class was when we learned about the solar system. I liked doing this because of all the planets we learned about." ~~Shea | "My favorite moment of 4th grade was the field trip to the Bloomsburg museum." ~~Hayden | "The thing I liked best about 4th grade is the science unit on fiddler crabs. I had so much fun learning about the animals." ~~Wyatt | "My favorite part of 4th grade is when we took the PSSA's. It was fun and easy. I just loved it. ~~Dashawn | "Glogster is my most memorable moment in fourth grade because it was fun and amazing." ~~Robyn | "My memorable moment in fourth grade is when we did the Iditarod study. I thought it was exciting to learn about a new topic!" ~~Dylan R.

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