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Paper Printing and Books

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S: Family

FC: Ancient China | MAking Paper Books and printing | Paula P

1: In ancient china there are 3 inventions which are paper, books and printing. These 3 inventions were important the three inventions were paper books and printing. It all started in ancient china civilizations. If you realize in all civilization they invent something new and in these civilization they invented the paper book and printing.

2: In the 3rd century Chinese invented paper. Paper was one of the most important inventions in ancient Chinese times because governments couldn’t wrote their things like for example Obama needs to writes his speech to tell them to all the world, if there wasn’t paper I bet Obama in his speech could get confused would forget that is one of the reasons why paper was and is important today. Also it is important because we wouldn’t know the news we wouldn’t know what is going on out in the world , we wouldn’t know that there is a tsunami coming, we wouldn’t be able teach our kids how to rea. | \These are other reasons why paper was and is important paper is another a material for the life because normally we need for almost everything we do that’s why you should recycle because guess from where we take the paper from trees and someday if wont recycle we will run out of trees and trees gives us oxygen. Paper was made of hem plant or the inner bark of the mulberry tree for fiber. The steps for making the paper are the next. There are 5 steps. The first step is to mix the hemp plant or the inner bark with water . | The second step is to press material in shallow mesh covered with mold. The third step is when the molded fibers drained the molded fibers resulted in a thin sheet of paper. Paper is a very helpful thing to our life.

4: Books weren't as important as paper because as you see if paper did not exist books wouldn't exist. Each page was carved from black wood. They used the process of printing. They used to do each letter of the alphabet with a separate piece of metal. Because of these it took a shorter to produce books. The first books were made out of bamboo strips, but they also used wood 300 years ago. They covered a lot of space. The first book that they invented was called Diamond Sutra it was invented in 860AD. | It was made out of bamboo. They used movable typing in their books. They sewed or glued the pages. Were they sewed the pages it will be called the spine. As usual they had careful with their book. As you can see books were important and are important to us. As you can realize everything is a little bit important. Maybe not as much as important as other things but it is important. Like for example paper is very important because we couldest do printing without paper and we wouldn't have books. Can you imagine nit reading not teaching your kids not knowing knew vocabulary life wouldn't be the same.

5: Artist use linoleum wood or similar things to carve their image. Artist have to follow specific steps some of these steps are the same that we follow today . the steps are the next: the 1st step is to sketch the picture or letter with a pen or pencil in a block. Pencil is better with pen because you can see it better. The 2nd step is to cut it with a knife through the lines. You use special knives to cut it . There different types I g knives and each different knive does a different cut like thick thin . After cutting the lines the artist spreads tick ink on the raised uncut parts of the block. With a roller specialized for printing the artist spreads it out through the block. Then s sheet of paper is pressed and while is pressed on to the ink it id transferring the ink onto to the page. The inking of the block comes out reverse. The printing was very useful for one reason because imagine you did something very hard and needs to do it every single day you can just do a print of it that is much easier than drawing it. Printing sometimes looks fun but it looks fun but really it isn't. I got cut once during art class and it wasn't fun.

6: These 3 inventions were very important to ancient china. They were very important to ancient china. I really liked researching these even though it was a little bit hard researching it. Mostly books and printing. I really enjoyed researching this project. It was really interesting. Mostly researching about paper

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8: Quiz Check 1.What was the name of the first book? 2.Normally what did they use to do the books? 3.They did printing on 2 types of things normally? 4.What year was the first book invented ? 5.Name the first three steps of the printing process

9: Quiz check 6.In which century did Chinese invented paper 7Name the first step of the papermaking process 8.What was called were they sewed the pages ? 9.Which type of writing did they use to do their books? 1o.They used wood how many years ago?

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