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Paragon of Societies

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S: Paragonian Valley Lewis

FC: Paragonian Valley

1: Love is the doorway through which the human soul passes from selfishness to service and from solitude to kinship with all mankind. Urim and thummim Drop thy still dews of quietness till all owe striving cease; take from our souls the strain and stress, and let our ordered lives confess The beauty of thy peace.

2: Paragonian Valley is by no means perfect in anyway due to the fact that my mind can't comprehend a perfect or flawless place, for I have never experienced such a place. The name is paragonian because paragon means the best that can ever be achieved hints* (Paragon*-ian) The Utopian society is more based around the religious aspect of things, sort of like an Amish place only with slight differences. The church will govern the schools and the political aspect of things, in terms changing moral beliefs based on the type of religion. In this case, Christianity.The government system is Democracy, based on the church and everybody in it. The Paragonian Valley societal structure is based on a near perfect medieval era, village that has no modern day advancements such as electricity, or president. The reason for this is for better morals and the factor of want isn't really a necessity. The society that I live in now is corrupt, and here are some reasons why... It is to beholden to cooperate interest (e.g., Copyright law). It is unable to recognize when something is broken until it's to late (e.g, intelligence function and patent process). It is too willing to sacrifice individual liberties in order to concentrate power (e.g., Patriot Act). It is uninterested in listening to opinions that oppose its own (e.g., appointment of White Hose Staff to cabinet positions). Too eager to embed Christian ideologies into the nation's laws, even when those changes defy contemporary science,global society, or even our own Constitution (e.g., Stem cell research). Last but not least it doesn't listen to the citizenry as much, as effectively, or efficiently as it should (e.g., no national referenda on any individual issues).

3: Rules and Regulations 1: Year round schooling, 8 hours a day. 2: Church/Bible study everyday, 2 hour a day. 3: Celebrate Sabbath Day, Nothing will be done on Sundays. Not even school, or any businesses what so ever. 4: Equality of Opportunity. 5: There is no abuse emotional, or physical towards children, discipline is allowed. (Assumption: the nature of man is to cause their offspring pain, intentionally, or unintentionally.) 6: There is no violence. (Assumption: the nature of man is violent.) 7: Democracy is not corrupt. (Assumption: the nature of man is to want power.) 8: Money is of no importance. (Assumption: the nature of man is greedy.) 9: There are no crimes committed. (Assumption: the nature of man is to play by their own rules once pushed to a point of desperation.) 10:All men and women are open minded, while having different opinions. (Assumption: the nature of man is to be judgmental.) 11: No hermaphrodites!!!!!! Or homosexuals! 12: No C.j or Jared... I have spoken. Symbolism In this society the chosen symbolic animal is the Dove, this animal represents the freedom in the society, the holiness and purity of everybody there. This is also referred to as the animal of God.

4: Daily Itinerary The inhabitants of Paragonian Valley normally spend their weeks a little something like this, Monday-Friday: School 8 hours, Work X-hours, Bible study 2 hours, family time X-hours. In other words; after school, or after work, you have one hours of independent Bible study, and then you have normal family events: chores, dinner, family time, and then group Bible study. Saturday is ran mostly like Monday-Friday but with one added event on the family time, everybody must help cook a feast for Sunday's breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Sunday: Celebration of Sabbath day, for there will be know work done on this day, no school, no cooking, no businesses are open; the only thing allowed is Bible study, Church, and the Feast that everybody prepared for the preceding day.

5: Invitation To Friends and Family No pain, suffering, grieving, mourning, hatred, or disabilities. Sounds perfect, right? Come to my Utopian society, for it is the paragon of societies. Paragonian Valley is an ideal place to raise kids and families, there is no hatred, there is no pain and suffering there is only the glory of God, and the opportunity to become more devout Christians. Unlike other societies Paragonian Valley has no corrupt government, there are no political parties, we Paragons take pride in saying that we are the closest to perfect as perfection comes. I want to offer you the chance to become part of this amazing society, and also the opportunity to become closer to the creator himself. I believe that you and everyone alike will love this Utopian society I have called Paragonian Valley. PS: This offer will always be open to my dear friends or to my close family.

6: Journal Entries June 18, 2010 Sunday- 6:30 P.M. - I sit now at the dinner table awaiting the meal that all of my family and I have prepared the preceding day. After the dinner I will sit with my family for a Bible study and then we go over the creation of the earth, to celebrate the Sabbath Day. June 17, 2010 Monday- 7:00 A.M. - Today is a typical day of school in the life of a child whom isn't home schooled. We the students are now learning about equality of opportunity, and how we should never discriminate against any of God's children. June 17, 2010 Monday- 5:00 P.M. - After school got out I came home to my loving family where we all have a group Bible study. Then we all sat down and had a nice dinner as a family, where we all shared our day's exciting and disappointing climaxes. We kids learn most of our great morales from this family time spent during this period.

7: Come one, come all! Join us in our journey to the most perfect place on earth... The paragon of societies, No Pain No Sickness No Suffering No Abuse No outside evils to sicken the land. Sounds perfect right? Join us now! Paragonian Valley Perfection has finally been achieved!

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  • Title: Paragon of Societies
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