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Parker LaTour *

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FC: The seasons of my life By: Parker LaTour

1: Preface | I am from a quiet bridge with a creek running under, and a forest surround. As I silently creep across the bridge, the only sound is the water below. Water swiftly trickles through the rocks and makes gargle sounds. I jump into the creek causing a big splash and ripples to form. This disturbs the almost perfect water. The jump stirs silt from the bottom, fogging the clear water. Some smells from the water arouse and force me away. As I feel my feet sink ankle deep in the mud I jump out and quickly wash them off. I check the time and I'm five minutes late, so I hop on my bike and ride away.

2: The Most Important Day of My Life | October 1, 1999 was the most important day of my life. I was born in the month of leaves and cold breezes. The autumn season brings change to the leaf colors, adding brightness to the plain neighborhoods. I was born in the month of bright colors. | My hometown is Rockford Michigan, one of the few landlocked counties of the state. Here I found friends and a place to call home. Rockford has a large river running through called the Rogue River. There I would spend many days watching the water quickly run by. | The full name given to me is Parker Haven LaTour. Parker means guardian, although I have nothing to guard. Haven means a safe place. LaTour is French for tower. Together, it means guardian of the safe tower.

3: I was little, only one year of age. It's a beautiful summer day with a breeze running past me. Little did I know I was on the other side of the country in Yosemite National Park. This part of my life I can barely remember. | The opposite countryside | With Old Faithful squirting water into the air every hour, this was a once in a lifetime experience. However, I'm not sure what is going on and missed one of nature's greatest phenomenons.

4: My backyard | It is cold but no snow is falling. Winter is about to come and I'm freezing. It is too cold to play outside so all I can do is sit down. I sit on my play fort until my mom calls me in for dinner. | Rockford, Michigan isn't cold all year. In the summer I would pretend to be a pirate, or a monkey in the jungle. I would think I'm on Mount Everest, the roof of the world. All of my imagination would end when my mom called me in for dinner. Then tomorrow I could start all over again.

5: Cake, yum!! | I'm visiting family, somewhere in Oregon. I'm having dinner and eating my favorite dessert. I like cake and I'm a messy eater (not a good mix). My shirt got stained, but I had a good time. | Cake, it is the best dessert in the world. Any type of cake is good but I like cheese cake the best. Cake is definitely best with ice cream. As a messy eater, I get food all over myself. It takes forever to get the chocolate stains out and my shirts usually get ruined

6: Rocky's in Rockford | Rocky's is the best ice cream place on earth. it is downtown, not too far from our house. I go sit in the shade as my parents order me Superman ice cream. The bees are buzzing around me, making the familiar sound of summer. | I lazily sat thinking of nothing, slurping my Superman ice cream. Why should i think? It is summer and plenty of thinking will come when I start Kindergarten in the fall. As my family finishes their ice cream, we walk over to the local library. Here we found books, and ended our day downtown.

7: Turkey day | What smells so good? I think of this as I walk past my dinning room on Thanksgiving. As a tradition, my family dresses up for a fancy dinner. I think of the foods as I sit on my couch. Could it be mac and cheese? Maybe green beans too?! Soon I am called for dinner where a surprise awaits me. | As I finish my food and am about to clean up, I think nothing can stop me. I try to stealthily sneak past my mom, but she notices my unbalanced diet. She then gives me a large helping of broccoli and turkey. For the next hour I sat and poked at my food hoping it would disappear. | Oh no! After family prayer I see a food nightmare that I only dream about at night. Broccoli, peas, chicken, turkey, mashed potatoes, yams, and gravy fill the table. Out of the corner of my eye, I spy a bowl of mac and cheese. i quickly grab some and eat, hoping nobody would notice the absence of the other foods.

8: Still in my Sunday clothes | It"s a great Sunday afternoon. The greatness came from the bright orange and red fall leaves fallen on the ground. My family had just got home from church, and we decide to take a walk. Still in our Sunday clothes we set out into the bright sunny afternoon. | My mom brings her camera knowing we would want pictures. In our yard me and my dad rake a big pile of leaves. I roll around for awhile until it is time to continue our walk, still in our Sunday clothes.

9: "Wow! that looks like real Legos!" Most people said this as I walked into the racing hall. I was proud of my car and ready to race........... When it was all over I came in 4th place. That is very good for my first time. Although I didn't win I went away with the best looking car award. | From the top middle of the cars block base I cut an small rectangular shape, with the help of my dad. That would be the drivers seat. At a store we found some pegs that would fit perfect on top. After sanding an aerodynamic rounded front, we glued the pegs on. Lastly we painted the final car and set it to dry. | What to make? I needed an idea for a pine wood derby car. It was my first time trying to win the contest. The first step was to create a car to race. I spent forever trying to think of an idea. My mind still drew a blank. I did what I do whenever I need and idea, I play Legos. That is when my idea finally hit me. | Lego car

10: The Penguin Pumpkin | "A penguin," I say after my dad asks for my idea. He thinks that would be cool, so we get to work. First I need to draw a plan on a piece of paper. I draw a couple penguins but one looks a lot better than the rest. My dad helps me draw the penguin on the tall pumpkin. we keep sketching and erasing until it looks perfect. I look at it multiple times, then I'm satisfied. | I go grab one of our kitchen knives to cut out the penguin. My dad cuts the hard parts, the parts where you can't cut all the way through. I cut the bigger spaces like the wings and next to the body. When I'm finished, I set it outside and wait for Halloween night. | On Halloween night I'm exited to go trick-or-treating, but then I remember my pumpkin. I go get a candle and a lighter. I light the candle and stick it inside the pumpkin. The whole night everybody could see my hard work, and awesome penguin.

11: It is after school in the winter. My sisters and I play outside in the snow for about an hour. It gets cold, but then my dad comes home. | Snow car | My dad comes outside dressed in snow clothes. We quickly roll the snow into large balls to make something awesome. The work feels hard and exhausting even though we just barely started. All our hard work is starting to pay off when we are finally ready to make our creation. | For the next hour, my sisters, my dad and I cut, carve and stack snow trying to fulfill our goal. I'm ready to give up and get hot chocolate, but my dad says were almost done. Finally, my dad puts the last touches on our cool, new snow car! That winter afternoon was the best snow day ever

12: Greatest school day | Mackinaw Island is the farthest north in Michigan I have ever gone. The five-mile bridge, four hours of driving, and exquisite Mackinaw fudge made this the best school trip ever. I'm in fourth grade. We have been studying early Michigan history and my whole school class is exited to go. My dad volunteered to go along as a chaperon, so he came with us. | As we cross the Mackinaw Bridge, we all sing the song we learned in music class. When we stop on the island, we go into a museum. We learn about the history of this amazing island. We then go check into a hotel to stay the night. In the morning, we wake up and tour different places. After about three hours of information, we are allowed to split up for two hours with our chaperons. My dad and I self tour the island. | First, we decide to try some fudge. We get a ton and eat some, saving some for later. Our next thing was to rent bikes and ride around Mackinaw. We see lots of cool sights and even the lakes. One particular cool thing was a body of a hawk we found on the shore. We pulled out one of its talons, and it was really cool! Sadly we couldn't keep it because it is illegal. After the two hours, we went back to the bus and drove home.

13: Back to Michigan | In the spring we moved away from Michigan to Indiana for my dad's new job. It was really sad moving from all of my friends into a place where I am unknown. Once in Muncie, I went to Yorktown to finish my school year. I lived in an apartment for a while until we found a new home. Every summer we decided to return to Michigan to vacation. It is my first time at this cottage. I have my room on the second floor. We plan to stay for one week. Our cottage has a lake in the back, and we can go floating out super far. Some days are rainy, but it is still fun. | On some nights, we stay up late and have dinner by the fire pit. It is lots of fun burning different items like trash or marshmallows. There is lots of wood stacked up against the forest surrounding our yard. The wood is dry so it will burn easily. There is also lots of it, so we don't need to worry about running out. The best part about taking trips like these is definitely dinners by fires.

14: The American Sport | In Indiana I tried a new sport, baseball. The very American sport seemed very fun, so I decided to try. The first team I played on was the Boston Red Socks. The season ended with a not so good record. The next season I played again. I was chosen for the New York Yankees. While on the team I improved my skills and played many different positions. | I remember one game when the opposing team's strongest batter was up. He crushed the ball towards me. I hopped and caught the ball. The hit was hard enough to be a double or a triple. Not only did I catch it, but I tagged out the guy running to third base! That game was one of my favorites ever played.

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