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BC: Theme The theme from the story is to not let greed overtake you. No Matter how much it promises, or how enticing it seems, you have to be strong and ignore the thoughts of greed and envy.

FC: The Pearl by John Steinbeck

1: This Project is by Christopher Joseph De Marco II on November 2, 2010 during 5th hour. In memory of Coyotito.

2: John Steinbeck was Salinas, California, in 1992, he grew up in a valley about 25 miles away from the coast. Both valley and coast would be the setting for many of his writings. He was an experimenter with his writing, he often changed his courses regularly. Although he wrote many books before, popular success and financial security did not come unntill he wrote the

3: book "Tortilla flats." In early 1940, John became a film maker with the story, "The Forgotten vVllage." He wrote even more stories that he devoted to the war, "The Pearl" being one of them. He spent his last years of life in New York City with his third wife. In 1968, he passed away, having won a Nobel peace prize six years before.

4: La Paz is the the city that the story takes place. It was in the 1940's era and is located in Mexico. It has two main areas, the wealthy, well built side, and the indigent side that is mainly huts. The wealthy side is made of stone and is well guarded. The poor area, is where Kino's family resides and most of the Indian'. It is influenced by their culture and mainly made up of huts near the coast.

7: Kino- | Kino is the father of Coyotito and the wife of Juana; he is a brave and strong willed man that discovered the pearl and learned its terrible lesson.

9: Juana- Juana is Kino's loving wife, and the mother of Coyotito. She is Kino's supporter and one of his reasons for becoming so obsessed with selling the pearl. She is calm and mellow, and supports her husband even when he is abusive.

10: Coyotito is the Baby, he is the son of Kino and Juana, and one of Kino's main reasons for wanting to sell the pearl. | Coyotito

11: The Doctor is the wealthy man who would not help Kino for free. He is very decisive and tricks Kino and Juana into letting him help the baby. | The Doctor

12: Chapter 1 The story starts with Kino and his family awakening in a peaceful morning with his wife, Juana, and son, Coyotito. They live a life in a poor Indian village close to the town known as La Paz. The peace is short lived, however, for Coyotito is stung by a scorpion before Kino could kill it. The baby immediately started to show symptoms, and Juana wants to take him to the doctor. The doctor, being a greedy man, would not help the family for free. Kino is unfortunately poor and could not pay, therefore is turned away. He slams his fist against the gate as the chapter ends.

13: Chapter 2 The chapter begins with Kino and his family going out on his boat to look for pearls. Pearl diving was a common job for the men in his village. As he gets ready to dive, Juana puts a seaweed poultice to help his wound and prays that kino find a pearl. Kino jumps in the water and after some time, emerges with several oysters and one very large one. This is the oyster inds the pearl of the world in , a large nearly perfect pearl they could sell to get out of poverty and lead a new life. Coincidentally, Coyotito's wound is starting to heal.

14: Chapter 3 News of the pearl spread quickly through out the town. Many people came to see Kino and his new pearl. Including the preacher, who emphasized they syhould make donations to the church with the money, and the doctor who came to "check" on Coyotito. The Doctor tricked Kino into thinking the baby was still sick, with Kino not nowing any better. The doctor gives the baby something that makes Coyotito violently sick, then cures this with more medicine sometime later. Kino doesn't realize he was tricked and offers to pay once the pearl is sold. That night Kino is attacked by an intruder trying to get the pearl. Kino manages to fight off the intruder, but at the expense of getting hit on the head.

15: Chapter 4 The next morning Kino and his family got in their best clothing and headed into the town to sell the pearl. Little did he know it, but the pearl buyers were actually working together in order to get the lowest price possible. They had already planned to claim the pearl was worthless. Kino caught there bluff and stormed out of the town with his wife, claiming he will sell it at the capitol city. That night Kino is attacked again, and was injured on his face. As Juana tended to him, she begged him to get rid of the pearl.

16: Chapter 5 Juana awoke early the next morning trying to throw the pearl away. Kino grabbed her and hit her before she could, and on his way back to the hut was attacked again. This time he killed his attacker. Juana forgives Kino for beating her and they rush home to see their home burned down and their boat with a hole in it. Kino decides to hide with his brother, and stocks up supplies to leave the next day.

17: Chapter 6 Kino and family head to the capitol city on foot. They try keep a low profile and leave no tracks. One night when they are camping Kino realizes they are being followed by three trackers, one with a gun. After failing to lose them for many nights, Kino and his family decide to hide in a cave. Kino makes the decision to kill them, thinking that it is the only way. That dawn he stalks the trackers and jsut before he is going to kill the trackers, crying is heard from the cave. Thinking it was a coyote pup crying, one of the trackers shoots into the cave. Kino becomes an animal and kills them all mercilessly. The next day Kino and Juana walked home sadly, with a dead Coyotito in Juana's arms

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