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Pearls and Vipers

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S: Pearls and Vipers

FC: Pearls and Vipers By Danielle Stoops

1: Once long ago, there were two sisters; the eldest went by Dusk and the younger by Bridget. The eldest was cute but lazy. She had long black hair and sharp hazel eyes and was rude and pushy to everyone she met. The youngest was sweet and heard working; she was a soft blonde that had to do all the chores her sister did not, but she didn’t mind enough to argue.

2: They lived in Woodload, a dark-grey town crowded with town folks who were fickle and trivial. Dusk was considered the town’s elite; she was very pretty and had many followers. She often was pushing others around her to their knees, ordering them to follow her whims, and imposing herself as queen of the small village. Bridget was the one behind her sister’s path of destruction, helping pick up carts and goods that had fallen in her wake. She was kind to the others, though no one wanted anything to do with either of the sisters.

3: One day, a new visitor arrived at the town; she was a quiet person, with short brown hair and round, thick glasses over large grey eyes. No one took interest in her; no one cared who she was. The first introduction the new visitor made was with Dusk on a normal afternoon: “Hello.” She stated with an even voice. “Hm?” Dusk took a glance at the girl. Her plane appearance was more than enough to get a laugh. “Who are you?” Dusk cackled with a smirk across her face. Her little followers nodded and giggled in unison. “I—” The new girl started. “Whatever!” Dusk cut her short. She looked down menacing at the short girl. “Get lost, whelp!” And then she turned away and went back to gossiping.

4: The new visitor stood there, her large eyes blinking slowly. She looked confused, but otherwise unfazed by what had just happened. “Sorry.” Bridget said suddenly, walking over from where she stood; she had seen the whole thing. “I’m Bridget.” “Ah, I’m Fay.” The girl introduced herself, “I’m new here.” “Yes,” Bridget replied gently, “I thought so. Would you like a tour of the town?” “No, that won’t be necessary.” Fay shook her head and smiled warmly. “You’re very kind. I’d like to give you something.” She held out her hand, waiting for Bridget to place her palm in hers. “I give you this gift,” Fay said mystically, waving her hand. “I am a fairy. Your kindness is great; your heart is warm. Now, every time you speak so sweet, jewels and flowers will fall from your lips.” Bridget blinked, staring at her hand that Fay had held. Before she could reply, Fay was gone.

5: Dusk returned to her sister, a puzzled look on her face. “What is wrong?” “O-oh, well” Bridget stammered closing her hand quickly. But, as she spoke, a stone slipped out from her mouth. Dusk quickly scooped it up. “T-this is!” Dusk gasped, her face turning slightly pale. She quickly jammed the jewel into her coat pocket, a scowl on her face. “I-I received it from a fairy.” Bridget said softly. Pearls and roses fell from her lips. “A fairy?” Dusk smirked, a plan unfolding before her eyes. I want a gift too!

6: The next day, Dusk and Bridget returned to town to find a major commotion taking place in the square. Groups of people chatted and whispered to each other, everyone thinking about the beautiful girl sitting on a bench. She had short, curly brown hair and large silver eyes; her face was calm and pleasant. She was dressed like a princess; her robes were silk and a gold crown rested on her scalp. She seemed absorbed in a small leather book, ignoring the crowd around her. Dusk frowned, noticing how everyone’s attention wasn’t on her. She marched over to the girl, shoving her way through the crowd. Bridget followed slowly, staying quiet as she pushed her way through. The princess looked up from her book, and smiled politely. “Hello,” she said calmly. She closed the book and stood up to Dusk’s eye level, a smile on her lips.

7: “Who do you think you are?” Dusk demanded to the princess. She then grabbed the book and tossed it over her shoulder and glared. “That is not how to treat other’s things” The princess murmured, her face staying composed. “Please, return it to me.” Dusk laughed rudely, “What? You don’t have legs? If you want the book that much, you are welcomed to get it! Just because you are royal does not mean I serve you!” “You,” The princess paused and looked Dusk directly in the eyes, “You have no manners. Well, then, since you have so little refinement, I give you for a gift that suits you.” Dusk paused, “What? A gift?” “Yes,” The princess replied with a sneaky smile. “My name is Fay, I’m a fairy. This,” she waved her hand in front of Dusk’s face, “Is for you.” Dusk opened her mouth to reply, but then a toad jumped out from her mouth. It landed on Dusk’s foot making her scream as a snake slithered past her lips and to the ground. Her face was pale, her arms shaking. The crowd screamed louder than Dusk, watching with horror as another toad fell from the sister’s mouth as she screamed. Fay smiled happily, “See how ugly you are in your heart? A rude and heartless girl, snakes fill your soul.” And with another wave of her hand, the fairy was gone.

8: The crowd backed away from Dusk, avoiding eye contact with the sister. “H-help!” Dusk cried, a viper coming from her mouth. “Someone!!” The crowd dispersed, fleeing from her to their homes. Only Bridget remained. “Sister” the sweet girl tried, jewels slipping from her lips. “Do not—“ “Back off!” Dusk spat out, a toad slipping by. “This is entirely your fault! Get lost!” “But—“ “Go! You are not my sister!” Bridget cried then, and fled to the surrounding woods. Once she was a great distance away, she collapsed and cried her heart out.

9: Eventually, a handsome prince found her after hearing the cries during his evening hunt. He looked at the young girl, taken in by her beauty. “What is wrong my dear girl?” “Oh sir!” Bridget cried, pearls slipping from her lips. “My sister has run me out of home!” Even more interested in the girl, the prince asked to hear her story; Bridget explained herself. Jewels and flowers fell as she spoke. At the end of her tale, the prince was so amazed by the girl’s ability that he found her to be the perfect wife. They married immediately, and Bridget lived in great comfort and happiness.

10: Dusk, however, did not live happily ever after. Eventually, she was run out of town as well by the disgusted villagers; they didn’t want such a terrible being spitting out snakes in their town. She wondered the forest alone, scaring away anyone passing by. In the end, she died due to loneliness.

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