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Personal Thoughts

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S: Personal Thoughts

FC: Personal Thoughts by Mrs. Harrison's Third Graders 2009-2010

1: Personal Thoughts by Mrs. Harrison's Third Graders 2009-2010 | The objective of this book was to create a personal narrative integrating technology so third graders learned to communicate effectively with each other and the world while building sentence fluency and word choice. | All images are from Microsoft Office Software Clip Art.

2: The Christmas Present By Melissa Do you enjoy Christmas? Well, I do because I get lots of presents. This past Christmas I got a huge Barbie dollhouse from my grandma. It is dark pink in color with 12 rooms. It’s as big as a mansion. Often, I make my Barbies have sleepover parties. I feel so creative when I play with Barbie Mansion and my Barbie because I get to use my imagination. I can play in my fantasy world for hours. This is why my Christmas present is so special to me.

3: My Vacation by Devora I went to beautiful Mazatlan, Mexico for a vacation with my family! It was absolutely AMAZING! When we first get out of our car, my sister Alexis and I ran really fast. So fast, that we crashed into a bunch of card board boxes. We finally got to our hotel and put on our blue colored swimsuits. Then we ran so fast to the sandy white beach. We jumped and swam into the baby, blue waters. It was icy cold. We crashed into the huge waves and played together for a long time. We were so happy. The next day, we had to go home and I felt so very sad. I hope to one day return to beautiful Mazatlan.

4: My Favorite Activity By Julian My favorite activity to do is drawing. I often like to draw airplanes and hot rod cars. The best thing about drawing is creating the pictures. I really like to use all the color crayons or markers to color them. I also like to draw and color different types of backgrounds. I feel happy when I draw. My favorite drawing was making my VW Beetle. I felt so focused and creative. Drawing also makes me feel calm and special. I know that I am good at drawing. Next, I would like to draw the Fast Fortress, a type of Hot Wheel car that looks like an airplane. I really look forward to drawing again.

5: At the Beach By Jose AD I like going to the beach! It was on a Sunday, the day we were leaving from our camping trip. We asked our parents if we could go swimming. They said, “Yes!” We got ready to go. When we got to the beach, my feet began splashing in water as if people were throwing lots of rocks into it. Next, I dove deep into the water, which was the color of milky brown, due to the dark brown sand and giant rocks. The water felt frigid and I felt as if I would turn into an ice cube. I still kept swimming just to keep warm. Soon, I swam so far out that I decided to swim back for safety. That’s my favorite beach memory. I loved that moment in time.

6: My Birthday By Evelin My eighth birthday, last year, was very special for me. It got to spend it with my really nice grandmother. I don’t get to see her all the time. She took me to the mall on March 22nd. We walked into Old Navy, my favorite clothing store. Grandma bought me a small light pink purse. The purse is really beautiful because it has little red roses sewn on the sides of it. I really like this purse. I felt so happy to be with my grandma on my birthday. I hope my 9th birthday will be as wonderful.

7: Tooth Fairy by Arely One summer day, my tooth fell out! But let me tell you exactly what happened. My mother was roasting corn on the cob. The corn was so delicious, juicy, yummy and buttery. The corn looked like the color of the yellow sun. I took a big bite of the roasted corn and then I felt something twisting in my mouth. I took the corn out of my mouth and I felt the tooth just hanging by a thread in my gums. So, I ran to my mother and told her that my tooth was falling out. She took a tissue and yanked really hard on my loose tooth. I was so overjoyed! I galloped like a horse to my room to put my tooth under my pillow. The tooth fairy left me two shiny quarters! I brought grape tasting gum with my new money. What an incredible experience!

8: My Favorite Place by Ailen My favorite place to go in the summer is Water World. I bet you would love it too! Have you been there before? There are these great, big blue and yellow slides and they are such a blast to go down. You have to climb a lot of stairs in order to get to the top. Another ride I enjoy going on is the one where 4 people must go down together. This ride looks like a funnel twisting and dropping suddenly towards the center of the slide. Lastly, I like going into the wave pool. Sometimes the waves are so large in size that you can jump into them. I hope to go to Water World again this summer! It’s the best place ever!

9: Chocolate Chip Cookies by Valeria On a Tuesday afternoon, my brothers, Alan and Jerry and I baked chunky, chocolate chip cookies. It was an incredible experience! We had so much fun because while we were making them, we had a food fight! We started throwing flour all over the kitchen. We were laughing and giggling as the flour hit our faces. All of a sudden, our parents came home from work and saw the mess in the house and they started yelling, “you better clean-up this messright now!” I felt guilty for making such a mess. My parents grounded us for one week. After, it was time for us to go to sleep. We felt sad but making the chocolate chip cookies were lots of fun!

10: Jump By Ramon One day, I jumped off my skateboard, but before that event happened, my friend and I went to a basketball court to play basketball. The ground was smooth and wet. Afterwards, we went to hills near the basketball court to skateboard. One hill was huge and the other was smaller. I decided to skate down the big one. As I was skating down really fast, I got scared and jumped off the skateboard. I flew off and hit the ground hard. I couldn’t breathe and I scraped up my entire body. Then I felt a sharp burning pain on my leg. I learned to never do that again.

11: Pancakes by Jacquelin Everyday, I eat pancakes for breakfast with my loving mom. I like pancakes because I get to spend extra time with her. When I spend time with my mom, eating pancakes, we talk a lot about school. I also like eating pancakes because my mom puts a square slice of butter that melts all over them. Then she makes a smiley face with rich, dark maple syrup on all four of my small pancakes. When we eat the pancakes together for breakfast, we have so much fun because I get the sticky syrup all over my face! Breakfast is my favorite time of the day!

12: A Dream of Chihauhau Last week my mom told me a story of Chihauhau, Mexico. Years before I was born, Chihauhau was a big beautiful place to live. There were lots of people, but they no longer live there because there was a drought and most moved to Mexico City. My grandpa is building a house for us for when we go back and live there. I asked my mom, “Is all of Chihauhau City the same as Mexico City?” My mom said, “Yes.” I asked her, “Are we going to go to Chihauhau?” Again, she answered, “Yes, in two years.” I am thrilled. Jose D.

13: My Guinea Pig by Jordyn My guinea pig’s name is Crystal because she is a girl! After school, I go home and pull my guinea pig out of its cage and play with her. Crystal has a spinning roller in her cage. Often she rotates herself round and round on her wheel. Crystal is a very lucky guinea pig because her cage is enormous. Her coat is . My guinea pig means a lot to me because I share everything with her. I love Crystal!

14: Christmas Eve By Brittany Last Christmas Eve, I had a special moment with Santa. I was wearing my favorite blue dress that my aunt Lori for Christmas. This blue dress was also given to my little sister, Stephanie. When we visited Santa at the mall, my sister and I wore the same cute dress. Not only did we have our picture taken with Santa, Frosty the Snowman was there too. Now, we have a neat photo of all of us.

15: Showcase By Violet Have you ever been to a showcase? A showcase is where cheerleaders do a choreographed dance in front of judges. A few months ago, it was my team’s turn to do our dance that our coaches made up. We danced to a song sung by Hannah Montana. After we danced our routine, the judges gave us 1st place. I felt so happy and excited that we won 1st place. It was so wonderful!

16: My Cousin’s Birthday by Carlos My cousin had a birthday party in Mexico. It was great! His name is Eddy. He is 13 years old. The moon was bright and the sky filled with shining stars. The party was so crowded it felt like over 1,000 people were there. I was not bored at all. It was kind of exciting because almost all of my cousins were there. Soon it was time to cut the rich, chocolate cake that had pink, blue, yellow and white frosting on top of it. I tried to eat my piece of cake quickly so that I could have another piece. It was so delicious! My aunt took lots of photos and many were hilarious. We all giggled and laughed at them. I had a fantastic time in Mexico at my cousin, Eddy’s 13th birthday party.

17: Panda Bear by Lisbeth I read a really good book this year and I loved it so much. It is very special to me. The book’s title is called A Baby Panda Is Born. I love that book because it gives me lots of information about all panda bears. I learned about how they grow up and how they behave. I learned that some pandas are really shy and I am sometimes shy too. Sadly, pandas cannot find food easily because people are building homes where they live. One day, I hope to see a real live panda.

18: Football by Nicholas Football is my favorite sport to play. One of my best memories was playing at recess one day at school. Jose, Alberto, Santiago, Angel, Max and I played an amazing game. We divided into two teams. Santiago, Jose and I were on team one. As we began to play a rough and tough game of football, we strategized on how we could beat the other team. The warm outside was warm. The sun was shining high in the sky. I remember feeling so happy as we played. It is a great memory.

19: My X-Box 360 by Angel My X-box 360 is my favorite video game to play with. I got it for Christmas this year. The remote control is black in color with two buttons on the side. My brother and I always play Halo -2 together every day after homework time. I have lots of games but in Halo-2, you have to save Earth from aliens. My brother and I love to try to save the world together. It is a special time for us. It is my favorite time of day.

20: My Dog By Miguel My dog, Carlos, is the best dog! Every day after school, my brother, Omar and I go home and Carlos is so happy to see us. I like to give Carlos a little fake plastic bone to chew on. He can chew it for hours. Carlos’ fur is a dark tea color and he has rich deep chocolate wide eyes. Carlos is a large pit bull. He is really sweet. Yesterday, after I came home, he licked my hands for a long time. I love my dog, Carlos!

21: When I Got My Two Turtles by Santiago When I woke up, I got out of my bed for breakfast. I had eggs when I finished my dad said to get dressed up because we were going to visit my grandma and grandpa in Mexico. When we got there my grandpa gave me two turtles. One was a boy and one was a girl. The girl had a soft shell and the boy had a bumpy shell. After that I was eating soup. When I finished eating, I went to play outside with my brother. Then I went to take a shower.

22: Wicked By Mrs. Harrison Many times in my life, I’ve traveled to New York City. Each time I’ve visited, a special memory remains with me. My favorite memory was going to the Broadway musical Wicked. I will never forget that evening. My family and I crowded into the Gershwin Theater with our hearts pounding wildly with excitement. The stage had a huge wood like structure painted to perfection waiting for the actors to dance and sing upon it. Suddenly, the lights dimmed and the dramatic music crept into our ears. The characters poured onto the stage, into the bright lights, like flowing water from a faucet. I sat mesmerized by all that transpired in front of my eyes. The costumes were rich in colors like yellow, blue, red, pink, gold and orange. They dazzled my sense of sight. The music struck my heart as a musician would pluck a guitar string. At the end of the musical, I cried tears of joy and left the theater feeling breathless. Wicked is a musical everyone must see.

23: Armer Core by Thaiger When I got my Armer Core-4 video game, I said “Oh yeah!” It is about making your own robot and going into a battle with it. My robot’s name is Raptor. Raptor is huge in size with a machine gun, sword and on his back he has two missile launchers. Armer Core-4 has two remote controls for two players to play. I often play with my brother. It is a special time for me when I get to play this game with him.

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