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Photo Journal

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FC: Photo Journal | By Autumn Lowery

1: Something that Describes my Personality | I can not photograph something that describes my personality. I am me, and a photograph of me would not tell you anything about my personality. Personality is a feeling, which is something that you can not capture. The only thing you can do is give people little snapshots of your world. Which is why i chose to put this slide first, everything that follows is a little snap shot of my life that will allow you, for yourself, visualize my personality. If i told you what kind of person i was and didnt let you judge for yourself would not really be describing my personality very well. So have fun and enjoy.

2: Favorite Place On Campus

3: The Superior Dome is one of my favorite places on campus because its one of the few places where i feel like i belong there. Its an amazing engineering feat and is just astounding to the eye. Its also i spend at least 3 hours a week in the Superior Dome if not longer due to a football game on the weekend or an extra practice during the week. I just find it really beautiful in there. Not to mention that the artificial turf is fun to walk on without any shoes :D The Superior Dome also makes me happy because when we have football games on the weekends during the fall when it starts to get cold, or when it is raining, we don’t have to deal with the coldness or the wetness. This makes things really enjoyable for me because doing things in marching band in the cold and wet can ruin my instrument, (warp wood, etc.) or could possibly get me sick. Both of which is not good. So all in all the Superior dome is a wonderful place to go and hang out at before band, and a wonderful place during the fall for the football game and other sports to be held in.

4: My Room | This is Judi and my room. My room has changed many times since i have moved in. I had my first roommate, Ashley and she had her side set up really weird and then i had my side set up with my loft and and my desk under my loft.. And Ashley moved out, so i was alone for a week and moved the dresser around and a couple of other things so i could use them more efficiently. Then Judi moved and we both had a lot of

5: stuff, so we had to plan where to place everything rather carefully. We both wanted our room to be somewhere that we were comfortable being at, and some place that felt like home rather than a cinder-block room that we would live in for 10 months. Thats about the only thing i can think of, other than we came up with some clever ideas for things, like our coffee table, we used a rubermaid container with a sheet on top of it for it.

6: My Roommate

7: This is my roommate Judi. She was originally my suite mate. My roommate had decided that she wanted to live closer to her boyfriend on the 3rd floor and there happened to be an open room. So she talked to the Resident Adviser and was able to move upstairs. Judi did not like that fact that her roommate was a slob and other things that shal not be mentioned. So when my original roommate moved out Judi asked if she could just move in with me. OF course i said yes because by that point i was getting lonely. I mean I like being alone sometimes but not all the time, having no one and half an empty room to come back to every day makes you feel really lonely. A week or so later Judi moved into my room and everything has been amazing ever since. My roommates name is Juli Flynn. She is from Ironwood, Michigan and was born on February 20th, 1992. She was adopted as a child and as far as i can tell has a pretty large adoptive family.

8: My Best Friends

9: I have THree really amazing friends, Nick, Chelsea, and Robyn. Nick is my all time best friend. I can tell him absolutely anything and he doesn't judge me . We know each others deepest darkest secrets and would trust each other with our lives. He knows me the best out of anyone and always knows how to cheer me up, or is there when i need to talk, go on an adventure or whatever i need him for. I'm really sad that he choose to go to Alaska for college but i know that I'll see him soon. And talking to him every day helps me not miss him so much. Chelsea and i met in band, our teacher would always get us mixed up, and she was my section leader for a few years. I always laugh my but off when I am with her. We would always go out to Iargo Springs and just walk around and talk. We would spend so much time together it was unreal. I am her voice of reason and she is the same to me. Lastly we have Robyn. She is my road trip buddy and my "twat waffle." She makes me laugh and is always there when i need her. We've drove all the way to Alabama and back in 2 days with each other. So these are my best friends, each unique in their own way which is completely indescribable.

10: Something That Makes Me Laugh

11: This is what makes me laugh. Not the picture but what the picture stands for. I could not actually take a picture of what makes me laugh because it is something that can not be photographed. It is something that my roommate does, she says "bloody hell harry" in this British accent. It really it one of the funniest things that i have ever seen. I really dont know what else to write. I hate writing, I never know what to say. So this is me not knowing what to write, which I am allowed to do, because it is a journal, Correct? so therefore i can write about whatever i want because its my journal? Er, well i hope so, and i hope that this doesn't have to be grammatically and punctually correct, because i am 90% sure that it isn't any of that. Hmm, i guess this pertains to the topic because its something that makes me laugh, the random talking/thinking to ones self.

12: My Family

13: So this is most of my family. There is only a few people missing, which would be my dad, my brother Jayson, and his wife Robera, my uncle Fred, aunt Sarah, and my cousins Brittany, Felica, Anthony, Matthew, and Abby. This picture is from the family vacation that we took to Florida this summer. My family tends to bicker a lot when we are all together in a close space. Although we all tend to bicker with each other we still love one another dearly, and would be devastated if anything ever happened to one another. My family has a strong Irish and polish background. Um, I have Four sisters and two brothers in my immediate family. Although my cousins aren't my siblings we call each other sissy and like brother. I don't really have much to say about my family. They're my family thats about it. I really couldn't wait to leave home and get away from them. They are so critical of one another and cant ever get along for an extended period of time. One person says one thing about someone behind their back and then everyone else hears about it from someone else. Its basically like being in high school with my family, rumor after rumor about each other. Which is why i couldn't wait to leave, the only person i really miss is my little nephew Alex

14: My Favorite Place Off Campus

15: My Favorite place off campus so far is the beach. I have not really explored Marquette that much so i do not know where a lot of things are. I do however know that i really like the beaches here and the black rocks to go cliff jumping. I really love to swim and spend time at the beach, because thats what I would do when i was at home during the summers, or whenever it was warm enough to go to the beach. The beaches are really interesting here because the beaches where i live do not really have the natural rocks and the pretty scenery. I guess that I like the beach and the Black Rocks because they are a good place to go and relieve stress, whether it be from swimming, to hiking, or just jumping off the rocks themselves. IT is just nice to go to the beach, sit in the sand, and think about your day or relax and get away from the world for a little bit. Its like using the beach as an escape for me instead of other less legal methods.

16: Favorite Activity On Campus

17: My favorite activity on campus so far is marching band. It is really the only thing that i do on campus, because it takes so much time out of my schedule. I have marching band on Mondays from 4 to 5:30 pm, Wednesdays from 4 to 5:30 pm, Thursdays from 6:30 to 9 pm, Fridays from 4-5:30 pm and then Saturdays of home football games which normally go from 8am to about 5 pm. So as you read this you understand that being in the Northern Michigan University marching band takes up a significant amount of time. It takes out about 16 hours out of my week if it is a game week. Being in band so far has given me the opportunity to meet a lot of people that i wouldn't have gotten to know if i was not in band. It has provided opportunities for me that i would not have had otherwise. I do not really have much to say about the Northern Michigan University Marching band because I have only been in it for a few weeks. Every Thursday the band rehearses in the dome, and we do a dress up night, and on Sundays we also dress up. We have fun times, like during band camp the drumline had a sectional night and we had a root beer keg. We had more than half of it left so we brought it to band the next day and had a whole bunch of people doing root beer keg stands. It was really funny, cause Dr. Grugin didn't know what a keg stand was. so we had to explain it to him.

18: Favorite Activity Off Campus

19: My favorite activity off campus so far is cliff jumping at the black rocks. It provides a really great rush. You just step off the side or jump, and then you fall just long enough to get that "oh shit" feeling and then you hit the ice cold water of Lake Superior. It is this tremendous feeling. I am so glad that i did it while it was still warm. It happened to be on a day when i just needed a break from studying, so me and some friends went a jumped off the Black Rocks and had an amazing time. It allowed me to forget everything that was going on that day for a period of time, so when i came back i could really focus on things, because the chapters that i were reading at that time took forever to read.

20: Something that I Love

21: Something that i love would have to be skittles, and more so snickers and ice cream. I also like video games, like killing floor. I think killing floor is my favorite game. I have only had it since February and i have already logged over 140 hours on it. Which if you do not play video games, or anything like that, is a significant amount of time, thats over 3 days of my life that i have spent playing video games. I also love to spend time with my friend and family, more so my friends. My family kind of bothers me at times, so i would much rather spend time with people that i enjoy being around. I think my favorite person to be around would be nick, i never get sick of being around him. We always have something to talk about even if it is totally stupid and doesn't matter, or if it is totally embarrassing. I can tell him. Back to skittle and snickers. They are my favorite candy. So buy me a snickers and i will be your best friend, not really but okay, i do love them. There are so may things that i love that i cant just put it into a couple photos and write 250 words about it. Some of the things i love can not be photographed or put into words, they have thir own special meaning to me and no one else could understand what i mean because they are not me.

22: I really hate spiders, they are creepy looking and just move around in a weird way. I used to have to be the brave one and kill them for my older sister. It was quite funny actually, my three other sisters would all go and hide while i was the one going after the thing with a shoe. I also do not really like ghosts. Ghost stores and ghost movies just really creep me out. They also give me nightmares. I'm not saying that i don't like ghosts I'm just saying that i don't like ghost movies or stories. I also don't like cats or kittens. They are such unclean animals, with litter boxes, and then their nails get caught on everything. They tear up furniture and scratch you and your family all up, so it is easier just not having a cat.

23: Something That You Hate

25: I love photography. I really love love love it. My teachers and may of my friends and people of the community back home and a few here say that i have "a good eye" for that sort of thing. I just take pictures of what i want and what i like and then hope that other people will like them too. Sometimes i think that i am over critical about my photography, always having to find an excuse to why i took the picture in case someone doesn't like it. I just tend to always think that people don't like my photography so i put my guard up to avoid myself from getting hurt. It is my own special defense against negative feedback. Other than that i love taking pictures of anything and everything. When I'm out with my camera just snapping photographs I'm taking snapshots of time, I'm saving little pieces of history, so i can go back and look at all the tings that i did throughout my life, and hopefully someone else will be able to look back on everything and know what i did with my life.

27: Another major part of my life when i was in high school was percussion ensemble. The pictures on the left are from District Solo and Ensemble, Kaleidescope (a sort of high school talent show), Painting the rocks outside of the high school and the last picture is from State Solo and Ensemble I started percussion ensemble my junior year of high school. It just started out as an idea with a group of friends but it grew so much bigger in its second year. Through my senior year percussion ensemble went to District Solo and Ensemble and received a one rating, we also went to State Solo and Ensemble and received a one rating. The Tawas High School Percussion ensemble performed at Kaleidescope and took First place in the performing arts category. We also performed at the Relay For life, during halftime of some of the basketball games, and school assemblies and concerts throughout the year. Percussion Ensemble consisted of our instructor Diane Meyers, Myself, Nick Cameron, Shanna Britt, Heather Britt, Amanda Stanfill, Rebecca Gray, Nate Marx and Brandy Prater.

29: The beach pictures are to represent where i came from, and my love for the beach and water. I swear that im a fish because i spend so much of my time in the water during the summer months. I also told myself that i would not be able to live anywhere that i was not able to walk to the beach. Which is partially why i did not choose to go to Central Michigan University, or any of the other out of state universities that i was accepted to. These photos represent where i come from because to Tawas the beach is the only real reason why the town thrives like it does. During the summer there is a major influx of people, mainly due to the fact that Tawas has a lot of really nice beaches right on Lake Huron through the town. Tawas also has a lot of nice tourist destinations. Like the Tawas Point Light House and Iargo Springs. Not to mention that Tawas sits in the middle of a state forest and has a lot of rare birds that people from all over the world come to photograph. We also have a lot of nice shops through out the main stretch of town. One of them being a chocolatieer, various local pizza places, and the movie theater. The town does an amazing job of preserving its history, there are still many old store signs that still work throughout the town. Its definitely one of those places that you would come and retire to.

31: I just recently got into airsofting. My best friend nick would go airsofting during his birthday parties and i found it fun. So he took me to one of the airsofting events in Alpena. (about an hour north of where i live) It turns out that i am a pretty good airsoft player. I managed to get everyone but two people out on the other team, and pin the two people in a spot where they could not move. I eventually ran out of ammo (everyone else on my team had run out of ammo long before i did :D) and the match was ended. Airsofting is a great rush. Its amazing the changes your body makes when you have plastic pellets speeding around you (that hurt like a bitch if shot at from a close distance or on bare skin) I would not recommend airsofting your younger kids because you can have some serious injuries. My friend heather was out airsofting at nicks birthday, one of the plastic pellets hit off something and hit her in the mouth. It ended up knocking her tooth out and she had to go to the dentist and have a fake took put in. Also you should always wear goggles or some sort of eye covering, becuase a pellet to the eye would not be a good thing at all. I'm guessing that it would have devastating consequences.

32: I also play video games a lot. I have a Steam account that i play video games on because i dont have an xbox or anything. Steam is a gaming community, i have actually met a lot of cool people through steam just by playing games. I have only had steam since new years, but it has had a substantial impact on my life. I mainly play a game called killing floor. It is a co-op, first person shooter, zombie horror game. It is kind of comparable to left for dead but is different in a few ways. I also play portal which is a single-player puzzle game, in which "the cake is a lie." The game refers to "cake" in which is the ultimate prize for winning the game, but you never actually get the "cake" I also play Day of Defeat: Source which is a team-based first-person shooter, co-op game. It is set in World War II, normally the European Theatre in the year 1944. Players choose to join the forces of either the United States Army or the German Wehrmacht and compete against each other in a variety of game modes, such as capture the flag and other methods. I normally just play capture the flag. Video games are a fun way that i can relieve stress and kill other things, virtually, instead of doing it in real life, or it allows an escape for when i get upset.

35: I really enjoy tattoos and piercings. I got my first piercing when i was six it was just my ears but still, my first piercing none the less. My second piercing was when i got my nose pierced for my fifteenth birthday. That one didn't hurt that bad but it still made my eyes water. When i turned sixteen, i had told my mom that i either wanted a tattoo or my lip pierced. She is totally against lip piercings and would always say "as long as you're in my house and i see your face every day, you're not getting your lip pierced." So i got my first tattoo for my sixteenth birthday, which is the treble clef and the shamrock. It did not really hurt until he hit the bone, otherwise everything was fine. I got my ears pierced for the second time when i was sixteen, which did not really hurt that bad. I also got my belly button pierced when i was 16. That was a great adventure, i almost bled to death. It was just gushing out blood and it would not stop. Which was rather gross, i had to go back and have the piercer stop the bleeding for me. I finally got my last tattoo of the sparrow this summer as a graduation gift from my sister. We both got the same sparrow on our ankles as a "sister tattoo." I really want to get another tattoo, its kind of like an addiction.

36: I love animals. Just as long as they are cute animals. The only animals that i do not like are cats. I cant stand cats, which you should have already learned from my previous slide on this that I don't like. But moving on, I like cute animals, like puppies and monkeys and things like that. When I was younger I wanted to become a veterinarian, but eventually that love for animals and the drive to help animals changed to wanting to help people instead. Regardless I like cute animals, mainly little puppies. I have three dogs back at home, a black lab named stormy, a white pit bull named Mia and another white pit bull named Laci. I also have a white faced cockatiel, named Sammy and i have a fish named Edward.

39: I love the fall time with all the pretty leaves. The different colors of the leaves during the fall make them so fun and interesting to photograph. The first picture of the tree with the pretty blue sky behind it was from one fall when my aunt and i were raking leaves and i jumped into the leaf pile and looked up and snapped that picture. It is just amazing how the colors of the leaves, the pretty orange and reds pop out from the amazing blue sky. The second photograph is from one of my photography classes, it represents the "fall" slide show that we had to put together. I love how with just the one leaf you have so many differnt colors on it, from a pinkish color, to yellow, orange and a light red. Paired with the plain green of the plants behind it just makes it a visually appealing photograph. The third and final photograph is probably what you would call "my pride," even though i hate it. I really really hate it. I entered this photograph in a local county wide photography contest and won first place in the"digitally enhanced" category. They bought my photo from me and now use it around the county in various ways. You can view the picture on the develop iosco website (www.developiosco.org) The contest is titled "a slice of life in iosco county." I also entered the same photo in a school wide contest and won second place out of 7 different schools that competed.

41: I really enjoy going to the movies with my friends and family. I also enjoy watching movies at home with people too. When i was home my mom, sister and I would sit around all day and have what we liked to call a "lazy day" and we would just rent movies off pay-per view and make popcorn and sit and spend some time with each other. Some of my favorite movies include National Treasure, The Hangover, Titanic, Zombieland and hundreds of other movies. I try not to pick favorites when it comes to movies and music but sometimes you just ca not help liking a movie more than another one. Jake Gyllenhaal and Nicholas Cage are two of my favorite actors. I've seen a lot of movies with Nicholas Cage and i have not found one that i did not like with him in it. I do not like scary movies at all. I am a super jumpy person and you can really tell when i try to watch a scary movie. The movie jeepers creepers scared the crap out of me, i am still afraid of it, especially during Halloween time. I really like romance and comedy movies, i love things that make me laugh. Laughing is the greatest feeling in the world.

42: I really like energy drinks. The green Rip it's are my favorites but i can never find them anywhere but back home in Tawas. So therefore I will settle with redbull. I know that they are not good for me but sometimes when you just need that extra little boost of energy to get you through the day, an energy drink like redbull and rip it are the trick. My mom always yells at me for buying them. Like when i went home for my birthday I bought a really big redbull from the gas station because i had been up since 9am, and it was already 5:30 pm and i was getting tired and i did not want to fall asleep on Andy while we were driving home. Which driving home is a six hour drive for me. I had a little of my red bull left when i got home, because it was a huge can. When i walk in the house with it my mom starts lecturing me about how energy drinks are bad for me and what not. All i told her is that "i am a college student and i do not have time for sleep, i need to stay awake and do work" and she just laughed. Whenever my dad sends me money he always tells me that i cant buy energy drinks with it "because they are bad for me." i just find it funny that he can drink them but i cant. So buy me a redbull and I'll love you till it is gone :D

45: I love music a lot. If you cant tell from all of my band and music pages, I normally go to Warped tour every year, Warped tour is this giant concert, its held at Comerica Park when it comes to Michigan. It has about 70 bands on the line up, and there are normally about 7 stages scattered about. I have also been to a Hellogoodbye concert, and Page 2/Please Promise concert. My very first concert was an NSYNC concert. Music is a major part of my life and my sisters lives. I like to think that I get my taste in music from my sister, we both listen to the same bands and she is the one that takes me to the concerts that I go to. I just recently bought pictures for the Fearless and Friends tour. Which has Mayday Parade, Every Avenue, Artist vs. Poet, Go Radio, and the victorious secrets.

46: Marching band is one of my greatest high school memories. So many fun times have happened throughout my marching career that I wouldn't even know where to begin telling someone. I guess we can start with how long I've been in band. I've been in marching band for 5 years this year being my 6th. In high school i played cymbals for 2 years and then bass for 3., and now i play snare for pre-game and cymbals for half time. I really really really hate plying cymbals, i cant even describe how much i hate playing cymbals. They are like the stupidest part of the drumline, they really have no musical value in them whatsoever. Over the years i have had 5 band directors in the course of my musical career. Due to the fact that i had so many different directors in such a small period of time, i didn't really learn much technique wise, which is really coming back to bite me now. I wish that my teachers hadn't quit, so i could have actually learned all of the things that i needed to through my years in band to help me in college marching band. But i guess you don't always get what you want.

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