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Pictures of hollis Woods

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S: Pictures of Hollis Woods

1: I | I drew a picture of what I imagined of Hollis’s first picture looked like. She loves to look at it because it is a picture of a happy family which she does not have. She cut it out of a magazine when she was in kindergarten. Her teacher drew an x over it because the things that are in the picture were supposed to begin with W. Hollis pictured the W word in that picture would be wish or want, because she lives in foster homes. The teacher did not agree, so she sent Hollis out of the classroom. When imagined I the ruined photograph, I pictured a family in front of their house taking a happy family photo. I would feel bad too if I were Hollis and want a real family. I would always look at the peanut butter and jelly stained picture and I would long for a good family.

2: I drew what I pictured as the first time Hollis met Steven. They met at a restaurant near the Regan’s summer house. There were two burgers for Steven and Hollis. There was a checker board sitting on a table, which is what Hollis and Steven played while they ate lunch. Hollis let

3: In Hollis’ ‘Fishing in the Delaware River picture’ she was drawing about a day she remembered being so happy with her new family. That day was so important to her because she felt like she belonged. She had people she trusted, like Izzy, the Old Man, and Steven. Steven was her best friend. Hollis was finally happy with her family.

4: When Hollis and Steven headed towards the mountain, she was wondering if she wanted to go all the way to the top. Steven said that the Old Man would have a fit so they would not climb all the way to the top of the mountain. Hollis started wondering why the old man thought she was so great. Everyone else said that she was a mountain of trouble. She wondered if Steven minded that the Old Man loved her so much, but then she knew he thought she was great too.

5: I drew a picture of the Old Man. He is wearing a straw hat that is sort of ripped. When Hollis was drawing that picture on the porch the Old Man had decided to peek over her shoulder to look at her picture. He said that she was a great artist, because her picture looked so much like him. Hollis felt embarrassed. No one had ever called her a great artist before. She realized that she loved the Old Man, her Old Man.

6: When Hollis and Steven took turns driving the truck on the mountain road, she felt as if she already knew how to drive. She never showed anyone the picture of that Saturday night. Izzy and the Old Man where at a movie in town, while Steven and Hollis where disobeying them by driving the truck. For some reason Hollis was enjoying the thrill of driving for the first time on the slippery mountain road.

7: Izzy was Hollis’ 7th picture. Hollis was on her way to give Izzy the picture of her flipping pancakes on the stove. She heard her and the old man talking about how they needed to keep Hollis. They were going to put an addition on their winter house so she could have her own room. Hollis had never felt so happy. She knew that the stucco woman was wrong about her being a mountain of trouble.

8: I drew a picture of Hollis’ picture #8, “End of Summer”. Izzy and Hollis are both standing next to Steven. Hollis just felt so excited to be with a family and be wanted by them. She leaned over and kissed Stevens greasy cheek. Izzy says that she wants to give it a try, and kissed his other cheek. Steven was trying to hide his face under his glasses, because he is so embarrassed. Hollis will always remember the time she kissed Steven.

9: I drew a picture of Hollis’ picture #9. Everyone is sitting at the table, on the porch, with the river behind them. Izzy had delivered a cake that said, ” WELCOME TO THE FAMILY HOLLY.” Izzy said that there was not enough room for her full name. It was such a special moment for her because she was going to get adopted and belong somewhere. The Old Man was not yelling at Steven for once, just staring lovingly at Hollis.

10: When Hollis found out that she was getting adopted, she felt as if she was floating on air. She drew a picture of her flying in the air with wings. Her eyes were closed to show how ecstatic she was. She was going to be happy for the rest of her life because she would be with the Regan’s, every day, which would make her feel like she belonged somewhere, with a real family.

11: When Hollis and Steven went to the mountain, Hollis had already tripped and hurt herself. When Steven found her, he had to help her stand back up. They took a break and decided to sit on a big bolder. Hollis showed Steven the W picture and he understood that it was W for want or wish. Steven was going to take Hollis back in the truck, but the mountain was too steep. There was mud under the truck that was making it slip. Steven was still trying to stop the truck when he yelled,”jump Holly.”

12: I drew a picture of the truck falling down the mountain. It was getting cold outside when they had gone to the mountain. Hollis and Steven were both hurt. Hollis had to get help, and then she saw Izzy and the Old Man coming back. They were so concerned, but they still had to save Steven. Later an ambulance came, and Hollis saw Steven get wheeled away on a stretcher looking sick and hurt with blood on his face. She couldn’t help feeling it was her fault.

13: After Steven went to the hospital Hollis had run away because she could not live with the guilt. The agency found her and took her to their office. She was sitting in a conference room drawing while Emmy, an agency lady, argued about what to do with her. When the Old Man walked into that conference room Hollis didn’t know what to think. She decided to be expressionless, and just stare at the letters carved in the wood table “TR”. When he wanted her to come home all she would do was sketch on her drawing. Hollis kept saying that the mountain incident was her fault and after a while he left. Emmy came in with tears in her eyes, but Hollis was still playing tough.

14: Hollis tried to match the picture of her and her family in front of the house in Branches with the W picture. The pictures did not match exactly because there were five people in the new picture. Hollis, Izzy, the Old Man, Steven, and Hollis’ new baby sister Christina. She hung this picture so that every morning when she woke up she would see it. Her new room was painted French blue her favorite color. She was now Hollis Regan.

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