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PIMA Yearbook

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S: Pima Medical Institute Nursing Class 6

BC: Congrats to All we are Done!!

FC: Pima Medical Institute Nursing Class 6

2: The secret to making it through the toughest of obstacles is putting God first. As dad always says, “You perform your best, and God will provide the rest.” Along the way, I saw people come and go. I thank God for every encounter, experience, and person I was blessed with in my life. Difficult circumstances helped me grow, and there were those that gave me the extra boost when I needed it the most. I refuse to live life saying “I wish I would’ve done this, or would’ve been that.” I will be what I want to be, and I want to encourage everyone to do the same. It’s not easy, but it’s worth it. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, to all those who helped me reach this milestone. I love you all. Grandma, grandpa, my wonderful husband Junior, Tonio, ama, dad, apa, Isai & Jessica, Gladys, Yesi, and Junjin. El secreto para vencer los obstaculos mas dificiles es poner a Dios primero. Como dice mi papa, “Tu has lo major de tu parte, y Dios proveera lo demas.” Por el camino, gente entro y salio de mi vida. Le doy gracias a Dios por cada encuentro, experiencia, y persona con la cual me bendicio. Circunstancias dificiles me ayudaron crecer, y hubieron esas personas que me dieron ese empujito cuando mas lo necesitaba. No vivire mi vida pensando, “ Hubiese querido hacer esto, o querido ser lo otro.” Sere lo que quiero ser, y quisiera apoyar a todos a que hagan lo mismo. No es facil, pero vale la pena. Gracias, desde el fondo de my Corazon, a todos los que me ayudaron a lograr esta etapa. Los amo a todos. | I want to thank my wonderful family for being here for me. Thank you Lord for giving me the strength. Steven, Brittany, Monique, & Kayla you all have given me lots love and support through this whole program. You never gave up on me and have always believed in me. Special thanks to my Dad and Mom for helping Paul and me with the kids, I couldn’t of done it with out both of you!! Very special thanks to my husband Paul thank you for your love, support and strength you gave me!! Thank you for never giving up on me. I love you all dearly!! | My husband, thank you for your understanding, for the patience, love and support. My parents, although far I know that I've made you proud, thank you for the encouragement. Nena, my mom in law you were a great big help with my 4 angels. My favorite and only sister, I am so lucky to have you, thank you for just being there for me and understanding me. My friends,coworkers, & classmates, you guys kept me smiling even through some of the toughest times. But I want to specially thank the ones who gave me the most strength and made the greatest difference - Sergio, Cassandra, Brianna and Joel, my 4 kids, because this was all for you. Thank you all, you are truly loved. Here I will leave you with some of the words of The Spanish poet Antonio Machado "We are all on our own journeys, we are all creating our own paths as we take each step forward, making space for ourselves out in the unknown." I will not only continue my journey but actually my life long dream of growing into a great Nurse! Mi esposo, gracias por tu comprensión, paciencia, el amor y apoyo. Mis padres, aunque lejos sé que los e hecho sentir orgullosos, gracias por el aliento. Nena, mi suegra se que fue de gran ayuda con mis cuatro ángelitos. Mi hermana favorita y única me siento muy afortunada de tenerte, gracias por estar ahí para mí y para entenderme. Mis amigas, compañeras de trabajo y de escuela, ustedes me mantuvieron sonriendo incluso a través de algunos de los momentos más difíciles. Pero quiero agradecer especialmente a los que me dieron más fuerza y hicieron la mayor diferencia - Sergio, Cassandra, Brianna y Joel, mis 4 hijos, porque todo esto es por ustedes. Gracias a todos, en verdad los quiero mucho. Aquí los dejo con algunas de las palabras del poeta español Antonio Machado "Todos estamos en nuestros propios viajes, todos estamos creando nuestro propio camino a medida de tomar cada paso, y así creando espacio para nosotros en lo desconocido. Caminante, no hay camino. Se hace el camino al andar." Yo no sólo continuo mi viaje, si no hago realidad mi sueño de siempre - el de poder llegar a convertirme en una gran enfermera! | MariaElena Hernandez | Rachael Cadena | Nancy Barrientos | Alicia Lopez | Tami Richarson | A special thank you goes out to my parents, Frutoso &Velma Lopez , as well as my brother & sister in law, Flavio & Trini Lopez for all their love and support. I would also like to thank my best friend, Adriana Astorga for her continued encouragement throughout my journey thru nursing school. I love and appreciate you all. | I would like to thank all my family, friends and all the wonderful nurses I work with for taking an interest in my development as a baby nurse. I especially want to thank my Aunt Gloria and my wonderful preceptor and mentor Jane for their encouragement and support. Last but certainly not least I want to thank my wonderful soon to be husband Fritz for loving me unconditionally and supporting me through this tough transition in our lives, I love you the most..

3: Jessica Ortiz | Anthony Chavez | Jeanine Edwards | Belinda Lopez | Mandy Bolton | Tami Taylor Baca | I would like to thank my son Jude for pushing me to be better. I realize it has been rough and there have been times that I was not able to spend as much time as I would like with you but I really wanted to finish school so I am better able to support and care for you. You are my life! My parents for showing me that anything is possible and you can be what you want to be. My brother for the enouragement and support. My friends for allowing me to express myself in my times of need. And most of all fo my fellow classmates for the huge amounts of support we have all shared through this journey. We did it! Now lets go make some lives more comfortable. | I would like to thank my strong and patient husband, because with out him and his confidence in me, this day would not have been, love you Derick. "Gandolf is on his way" and to my mom, with out your help this journey would have been WAY tougher. To my girls who have always believed in me no matter you Fantasy, Alisha and Elena. To the rest of my family, your support has carried me through those tough and enduring times. THANK YOU ALL! | David the love of my life. I thank you for all your support and love. You have been there to push me along when times were rough. To my little one Jazzlyn. You are my inspiration. I know there were many days that I could not do fun things with you. I understand that when you wanted me to read to you your first choice would not have been Nursing material but you still sat in my lap and listened. I love you very much baby girl. A very special thank you to my mom. You have always been so supportive and I appreciate all you have done for me. I am grateful to all my family and friends for your support during this time. Its all over. I made It! | I would like to say thank you to all my nursing classmates. I enjoyed being in class/clinicals learing with all of you. I wish you all the best in your nursing careers. Class 6 is the best nursing class ever!! Special thanks to my family for all the support, encouragement, and patience while I was in school. Thank you and I love you guys. | First and foremost I’d like to thank God, for without him, none of this would’ve been possible! Thank you for this incredible opportunity! I can’t wait to experience all the wonderful blessings you have in store for me! Secondly I’d like to thank my two beautiful children Jessica and Vinny; what blessings they are! I appreciate all the sacrifices they made to allow for my busy school schedule. Now they’ll finally get their mom back! I’d like to say a special thanks to my parents for their continued support and the incredible examples they’ve set for me. My mom has been a successful nurse herself for the past 49 years! And my Pop is the sweetest man I know who I thank for just being who he is! I’d also like to thank the rest of my family as well as my close friends for all their prayers and support these past two years. Thank you! I love you all! | To my love Tim, Thank you for all of you encouragement, support, love and understanding, I love you. My daughter Ciera, thank you being so patient, sweet and understanding. Mom thank you for all of your love and support and for introducing me to the amazing field of nursing. Liz and Abel for all of your ongoing support. Mikey, Mel, Loo-Loo and family thank you for your support. Belinda thanks for being an awesome friend and always making me laugh. Class 6 for taking me in and for being such a great group. Thank you to all the instructors for giving us your time and pushing us to do our best! Mandy

4: Gina Lucero | Darlene Gonzales | David Whipple | Annjanette Serna | Lindsey Spellman | I would like to thank first and foremost God for being my strength and my rock. I never thought that this moment would become a reality, but realized that as my mom has always taught me, with God all things are possible. I would like to thank my mom and grandma for carrying me through all the times in my life and for being the greatest support system a girl could ask for. Mom you have always been my cheerleader, my supporter, my backbone, and my best friend, my life simply would not be what it is without you. I am a better woman because of you. I hope to grow up to be just like you. Thank you for all the long nights of watching the 4 men that are most important to me and waking up at the crack of dawn to get them to school when I was already gone before the sun rose. Grammy, thank you for making sure my babies were always taken care of, fed, and that they weren’t tying each other up in the trees. I apologize that sometimes they tied you up!!! Thank you for believing in me and thinking that I am so smart, you mean the world to me and I’d be lost without you Abuela. Also, thank you for the burritos that always kept us going! And for my boys, my life and my strength, it is because of you that mommy does what she has to do to make sure that you guys have everything you deserve. The 4 of you are above all my greatest blessing, the best gift a mommy could ask for and you boys own my heart. Elijah, Josiah, Micah, and Judeah mommy dedicates all this hard work to you my little men. Thank you for being just what mommy always needs at the end of the day. I LOVE YOU boys!!! | There are so many people to thank for supporting me, loving me and encouraging me. God first and foremost, he is the reason why I am here. I am a strong believer that God will lead you wherever he needs you. I am grateful to my children, Alex and Taylor for sacrificing so much, so I could complete this endeavor and start a new life for us with endless possibilities. They are my inspiration. My parents, Gene and Gloria for all they have done. They have given unselfishly to me and my children and I am indebted to them for the rest of my life. My other family members (siblings, aunts, uncles, nephews and nieces) for all the support they have given for the last two years, whether they were words of encouragement, or allowed me to store my belongings, everything you have done or said has meant a lot to me. I want to thank My best friend Eleana Woodard . She also encouraged me to follow my dreams and listened and consoled me when I felt defeated. I am thankful to Class 6 for being an amazing group of friends, which I will treasure for the rest of my life. Thank you Instructors of Pima, for sharing your knowledge and expertise and transforming us into professional nurses that are ready for this exciting chapter in our lives. Gina Lucero, LPN ( soon to be RN) | Thank you to my friends and family that have supported me through this long journey. Thank you to my employer who encouraged and supported me.But most of all a special thank you to Melanie, I could not have done it with out you! | I would like to thank all the faculty of PIMA for being so patient with me and my silly sense of humor. I would like to thank my kids Ashley, Adam, and Celeste for putting up with not seeing me much in the last two years. I would like to thank Dean for loving me and supporting me through my long nights of homework, and weekends that I had to be at work. I thank Lucille for understanding my crazy life and not giving me too much of a hard time for being away. Most of all I thank God for the strength when I thought I had nothing left. God is wonderful. I want to show my family that by me achieving my goalsI hope to have set a path for all of you to follow your dreams. I love you! | I want to first thank God for this opportunity to go back to school, thank you my Lord Jesus. I also want to thank my wife Denise who has always loved me with her whole heart, trusted in me without doubts, and supported me throughout my career changeI couldn’t have done this without you always faithfully at my side. I’d like to mention to my family that life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, but about learning to soar in the strong winds above.

5: Kaaki Garner | Venessa Jackson | Daniel Booker | Steve Moore | First and foremost I would like to thank my dad who is watching down on me from heaven. For he is the one who taught me that failure is not an option. I did it daddy! I would like to thank my husband Nic, for his support and encouragement. Thanks Punk for putting up with all my studying and homework time. I wouldn't have been able to get through this without you. I am so glad to be trading places with you! To my mom for always believing in me, for being such a strong woman who has taught my sister and I the true meaning of courage and strength. To my sister Margaret for the early morning phone calls before a big exam.Thank you to all my friends and family who believed in me and encouraged me every step of the way. Without you I would not be who or where I am today. Last but not least I want to thank my classmates, the friendships I have created over these past 22 months will last a life time. You all have become an extended part of my family. Mr. Booker thank you for showing me that I had nothing to fear. I simply needed to believe in myself! I will leave that open spot at the barber college for someone else! | Thank you to my wife, Carol, for loving me beyond measure, and without limits | I want to thank Brandi my wife for all the help, patience and support you gave me. also, Mom and Dad thank you for everything. | School makes you tired! | Thank you to all my wonderful classmates for all your support through the cancer treatment. You are amazing and I'm so lucky to be able to call you my friends.

6: Mrs Ferguson | Mrs Phillips | Mrs Day | Mrs Farley | Dr. Leavy | Mrs Soprano | Mrs. Demo

7: Our lovely Nursing Instructors | Mr Diaz | Mrs Luttrell | Mrs Amador | Mrs Farmer | Mrs Johnson | Dr. Smolley

8: Microbiology - looking at what grows in the school.

9: Such good microbiologists!

12: Lab - Learning the basics.....

15: Learning to do wound care.

18: learning CBG's

21: Normal 70-150mg

22: Rel;axing in the halls

27: Class Time

29: No picture kaaki are the best ones!

31: Pink day for Kaaki - showing class support!

35: Our class stood out proudly on this day..

38: Wound Care by Gina

39: Sterile techniques!!

40: So not sterile!!!

42: Starting IV's

43: Lab presentations

44: The awful IV machine. | yay Ann - she got an IV started | More IV practice | Great JobDar & Tammys! | Nancy got 1 on Alicia!

45: Helping out in the community

46: Helping to feed the homeless....

48: Ann and her niece. | Having fun - giving shots! | Come on it didn't hurt that much..... | Ready mon....1-2-3

49: oh it comes.......she looks scared. | Rather not look..... | Another victim..... | he's brave....he'd rather look. | Flu about we practice on each other first.....

50: Awesome presentation gilrs!!

51: Sim lab, lab, and even in the OR! | Oh no - that doesnt look good Dar!

52: Scary!!

53: Community helpers.....

55: Memory walk

56: Having some fun in our last sequence!!

58: Board of Nursing Disciplinary Hearings!

59: Frito Pie Sale! $$$

60: Fieldtrip to lovelace

61: Clinicals!

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