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Pizarro/Balboa-Alex T.

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BC: Lost Rat

FC: Pizarro and Balboa Two Incredible Explorers | Alex Trivella

1: No two explorers are the same, some people think that one discovery is more important than another, but everything is important. Today I will explain the lives and triumphs of two great explorers, Francisco Pizarro and Vasco Nunez de Balboa. One discovered an ocean and another a civilization; but who was better and who was more powerful? These things you will never know if you turn back now. These explorers, both in search of glory for Spain, are more different than others say. “Oh, he was an explorer” would be someone's normal answer if you asked “Who was Francisco Pizarro?” or “Who is Vasco Nunez de Balboa?” As you read you will also learn information such as, where they were born, where they died, what they discovered and much, much more. Afterwards you will be a walking, talking encyclopedia about these two amazing men. | Introduction

2: Francisco Pizarro

3: Francisco Pizarro, an explorer and hero to Peru but who was he really? Sadly, Pizarro’s birth was never recorded, but according to some records he was born in Trujillo, Spain in the year 1478. It was a rough province on the top of a plateau, with very rocky land which made farming, the only way to make a living, very difficult. He was an illegitimate son, which means his mom and dad were not married; he also never went to school and never learned to read. When he was merely a baby his mother abandoned him in a church and he was raised mostly by his grandparents and a little bit by his father. Unfortunately he spent 14 years of his life herding pigs due to his lack of education but then he entered the army and liked it. When he was older he sailed to Hispaniola and lived there with his brother and father for about eleven years. When he left Hispaniola he went on an expedition with Balboa and then spent a few years of his life in Panama. Pizarro then got such an obsession with sailing that he decided to sail further south and that is where the real adventure starts.

4: Pizarro decided to explore farther south from rumors of a civilization bigger than the Aztecs. We he reached the southern coast of present Colombia he was sure the civilization existed because many indigenous tribes had told him so. So he asked permission from Panama to go even farther south but Panama declined his proposal. Pizarro then sent a letter to his king and asked for his permission but what made the king decide to let him go was the fact that this civilization had tons of gold. So Pizarro set sail again and this time at the coast of present day Peru he drew a line in the sand and he said to his men “This may be very dangerous but its your choice.” He then walked for miles and finally reached Cuzco the Capital of the Incas. When he arrived a civil war had just finished and their defenses were weak. As Pizarro presented the Bible to the emperor and suggested they turned catholic the emperor threw it to the floor and declared war!

5: After a few days in battle Pizarro was able to take the emperor hostage and asked for pounds of gold. Unfortunately the Incas would not have it and attacked; in the battle a stone was thrown which killed the emperor. So Pizarro was able to take the capital but he did not want a landlocked capital so he moved to the coast and made a new city called Lima. He then lived a few years of his life in Panama and in his new city but then died of old age.

6: Vasco Nunez de Balboa

7: Balboa was from a noble family he was born in Badajoz, Spain in the year 1474. He was the third of his three brothers and he was a descendant of the lords of the castle of Balboa. His father was a noble man and his mother was a normal lady from his birth town. Not much is known of his earlier life because he had such a simple life, unlike Pizarro who had to work harder to achieve what he wanted. When the news reached Balboa of Christopher Columbus’ first voyage he decided to travel to the Americas with a few friends. One of them had a license to find treasure for the king and queen. After a long journey of finding no treasure he realized he had enough men to go settle in Hispaniola and become a pig farmer. Unfortunately he was unsuccessful so he had to leave the island. Balboa then decided to escape and left in a barrel with his dog. He was found by a ship going to South America. When he arrived, he made a colony and married an Indian chief’s daughter.

8: Balboa then left for an expedition with his dog and his men, which included Francisco Pizarro. He spent many months walking through the damp rain forests and fought off many Indian tribes, losing many men. He even destroyed an Indian village that attacked them. Finally he reached the peak of a mountain in Panama and saw the Pacific Ocean. Overly excited for having finally met his goal he ran down with what was left of his men and was the first European to touch the Indian Ocean. After this amazing discovery Balboa went back to Spain full of honor. Unfortunately a friend of Balboa’s, Arias de Avila, committed treason and framed Balboa! He was then arrested by Francisco Pizarro; framed and proven guilty Balboa was beheaded in January 1519.

10: Slavery

11: Slavery, when you hear the word what do you think of? Black rights, Declaration of Independence, Africa? This is what almost everyone thinks but it's time you know a little about how slavery started and when it ended. This act of using other people comes back from ancient times with the Greeks, Romans, Mayas and the Aztecs. These slaves were victims of war, whenever an army lost, their people became slaves to the winners. Then the Portuguese brought back blacks in order for them to work as domestic servants. These are like gardeners, maids and cooks but later were starting to be used in the Triangular Trade, a diagram of the triangle trade can be seen at the right. Slaves from Africa went to the Americas and made ship owners and captains’ rich, it even made the plantation owners wealthy but the slaves were treated worse than animals. Punishment was death or even worse, torture, these were horrific ways of treating others.

12: Pop Quiz! | 1. Pizarro was an illegitimate son, what does an illegitimate son mean? a) His parents were very rich. b) He was an only child. c) His parents were not married. d) He is not legally their son. 2. Balboa traveled with a pet, what animal was it? 3. Name two of the first ancient civilizations to use slavery.

13: 4. What did Balboa discover? a) Atlantic Ocean b) The Lost City of Atlantis c) Arctic Ocean d) None of the above 5. Which civilization did Pizarro conquer? a) Mayas b) Aztecs c) Persians d) Incas

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17: Dedications I would like to dedicate this mixbook to Ms. Bartosz for her hard work Valentina Rios and Cristina Amador for revising it and to Fergus for tapping me over the shoulder every second telling me something funny to keep me going.

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