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Pizarro/Magellan-Fergus A

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FC: Francisco Pizarro and Ferdinand Magellan By Fergus Allen

1: During the Renaissance the world saw some of the best explorers of all time through their lives. Pizarro and Magellan, two very different men, but strangely similar in one aspect, that is that they both explored for Spain. Pizarro was famed for conquering Peru, while Magellan's crew was the first man to sail all around the world. Pizarro was born in 1471 to his unmarried parents: Francisca González Mateos and Gonzalo Pizarro Rodríguez de Aguilar. Pizarro never received a good education as he was raised by the poor relatives of his mother, and sailed to Hispaniola and began his career in the New World. Magellan was born in 1480 in Sabrosa, Portugal. He was the son of Rui de Magalhes and Alda de Mesquita, who died when he was just ten years old, and he became the page of the queen at the time.

2: Francisco Pizarro

3: Francisco Pizarro, as you probably already know, was a conquistador. His story began in Trujillo, Extremadura, Spain, in 1471. He was the illegitimate son of Gonzalo Pizarro Rodríguez de Aguilar (senior) and Francisca González Mateos. He was raised by the poor relatives of his mother, and he never received a very good education, and never learned to read or write, which is surprising, as he gained so much success. He left home in 1502 to go to Hispaniola to set off for the New World. On the 13th of February, 1502, he sailed to Hispaniola with the largest fleet ever to sail to the New World. In 1513 he travelled with another famed conquistador, Balboa, across the Isthmus of Panama and became the first Europeans to see the Pacific coast of the New World. In 1532, Pizarro made a successful conquest of Peru.

4: Ferdinand Magellan

5: Ferdinand Magellan was born around about 1480, in Sabrosa, Tras-os-Montes, Portugal. His father was Rui de Magalhes and his mother was Alda de Mesquita. He was the brother of Duarte de Sousa, Diogo de Sousa and Isabel de Magalhes. His parents died quite early on in his life, when he was ten years old. After his parents died he became Queen Leonor’s page because of his family’s legacy. Round about 1519–1522, Magellan led an expedition from the Atlantic ocean through to the Pacific Ocean. On his voyage, he traveled through (and also named) the Strait of Magellan. It was a treacherous voyage because the waters were briny and deep in-land. Magellan and his crew were also the first Europeans to reach Tierra del Fuego in Chile. Magellan did not make a family in the New World, unlike some other explorers at the time, who did. He died in the Philippines on April 27th, 1521, at the young age of 40. Too young, too young.

6: Slavery in the Caribbean

7: As you may already know slavery in general was and still is a major issue in some parts of the world. The idea that you can force someone to work for you, at your beck and call, for no pay, is horrible. Most slaves were forced to work in harsh conditions, and in many places, including the Caribbean, slaves received horrible torture, and sometimes even death over the smallest mistakes. Granted, there are different kinds of slaves, some higher ranking (in better living conditions), such as a domestic servant being higher up than a field slave, but it is still a terrible principle. In the Caribbean, slavery was particularly common because of triangle trade, a system in which the slaves would come from Africa, be traded for goods which would go back to Europe, where they would be traded for manufactured goods that would be sent to the slavers in Africa. There were several punishments that were used in the Americas and the Caribbean that were just horrible. One of them was if a slave was caught doing anything against the rules was, he/she would be put in a portable metal cell and be baked alive in the cell. As you can tell, these punishments were just awful.

8: Pop Quiz!!!

9: 1.)What happened to Magellan's parents? What happened to him after this? 2.)Which of the following is NOT true? a.)Pizarro was famed for conquering Peru. b.)Magellan's crew was the first to travel all across the world. c.)Pizarro was assassinated in his own palace. d.)Magellan survived his entire voyage around the world and lived to the age of 83. 3.)Pizarro died on the 26th of June, 1541, True or False? 4.)Find the error in this sentence: Fernando Magellan reached Tierra del Fuego with his crew. 5.)What year did Pizarro conquer Peru?

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