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Pizzaro/Coronado- Nomonde G

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S: Spanish Explorers

FC: Francisco Vasquez Nunez de Pizzaro and Francisco Vasquez de Coronado Nomonde M. Gila

1: This book is about the two explorers with the names of Fransisco Coronado and Francisco Pizzaro. These two explorers were born in Spain and sailed for their native country. They both had the same dream; becoming rich and being knighted by the king and queen. Its funny how two different people who were born and raised in the different places have the same ambition. Reading this book will tell you all about how their ambitions were all the same. Enjoy!

2: Francisco Pizzaro

3: Young Francisco was born raised in an unwealthy family. He had both a mother and a father but his parents were never official married. So his mother took care of him but she wasn't that wealthy. He was born in 1476 in Trujillo, Spain. Pizarro's father was the captain of the Spanish army. Pizarro spent most of his childhood working as a swineherd, and never got the opportunity to learn to read and write. His family did not have to the supplies or money to send him to school. In 1502 ,Francisco decided that he wanted to make a better life for him self and his family, but especially for him. He wanted to explore the islands off of Hisponola. In order for him to peruse his dream he started to engage exploration activities. Like the great explorations of Vasco Nunez, and his first discovery with the famous explorer Balboa in finding the Pacific Ocean. In about 1520, Francisco participated in two expeditions to South America.

5: He noticed that all the accessories and jewelry that the natives wore were precious to him and very expensive in Spain. From them on he wanted to rule and invade the Incan Empire, that way he would get all the stones on the jewelry, he would become rich and happy like the queen and king. That was his lifetime goal to discover something in the name of Spain. In 1524 Pizarro was so set on exploring he kept begging his dad and finally his dad helped him out with some men ships and other major supplies. His brother, his father , Diego De Almagro, and he off to the “City of Gold.” At first the sea and weather was very rough and harsh, just when the Pacific Ocean started calming down they floated by land. Indians started attacking the ship and make sure that they didn't land anywhere near their Incan land. Three years later they tried again and they finally succeeded and landed in the Incan territory in Peru! Before he lived with his dad he lived a nice and wealthy life. While he was living in Peru he was perfecting his dream.

6: Francisco Coronado

7: In 1510 a young man was born named Francisco Vasquez Nunez de Coronado. In the small town of Salamanca of Spain, he grows in a small family of only two children. Like every other young dreamer he dreamt of have having money and living the big life. But one day his parents told him that all the family profits will go to his older brother. So after hearing that and seeing that his dreams were being crushed he decided to run away from home. At that time he realized that the only way he could get rich is exploration. And knowing that it was the time where explorations were many.At the age of 21 in 1535 he decided to go sail to Mexico with Antonio de Mendoza the colonies first Admiral and the royal viceroy.

9: About 2 or 3 years later he married on very rich girl who was the daughter if the colonial treasurer. After a good and successful start they had eight children together. Then on 1538 Coronado became the governor of Nueva Galicia (new Galicia). In the 1538 the viceroy Mendoza sent Coronado to find that gold city in which all the houses streets, rooms and even kitchens were all made of gold. So he would have to find it invade it then claim it in the name of Spain. A few years later he left straight across the ocean with 300 hundred solids and 1000 Indian slaves. They landed down in the U.S.A. they searches countries such as Arizona, Texas, Kansas, and finally the Grand Canyon. Many things came out of that trip but no gold city ever came out. In his lifetime he came out as a failure for not discovering land and not discovering gold. 2

10: Exploration Maps The two maps that are placed here are routes of Pizzaro abnd Coronado. The map that is in green shows that Pizzaro started raviling from all the way hispanola to Lima. The picture that is in brown and red all the way to right is a picture of the adventure all the way to New Spain.

11: Pizzaro's Route | Coronado's Route

12: Slavery

13: Have you ever been enslaved, beat, torn away from your family, and been treated like a animal? NO, well African slaves have. A slave is a person who works very hard without proper remuneration or respect and appreciation, a person who is the legal property of another and is forced to obey them, without getting pay. I know that when someone says slave we all think "poor them, mean master, thats sad, but thats just to bad." But if we were actually looking in the past we would never say that is just so sad we would be traumatized, shocked, exasperated, apprehensive and we would feel dejected. Slavery is a violation of love, equality, humanity, peace and everything else that follows under the category of humanity rights.

15: Slaves were ruddily attacked by the Europeans and they take them as a form of money all the way to the Caribbean to trade for field supplies. The people of the Caribbean's take them all the way to the north America. This process was called the triangle trade. This trade was dependent on the U.S.A, Europe, Caribbean, and Africa.The European captains were very violent and only thought about money.In the olden days there were people somewhat like helpers( maids), people called indentured slaves. They got paid, shelter, and they also were given respect. Identured slaves weren't that common, but in the later years they were. The only thing that was wrong about indentured slaves was that they gave them a name slaves because they were either African or they worked for someone else.

16: Quiz Time !

17: 1. what was the job of Francisco Pizzaro? A. Farmer B. Captain C. Explorer D. Viceroy 2. In what city was Pizzaro born? A. Trujillo B. Salamanca C. Caracas D. Madrid 3. In what year was Coronado born? A. 1534 B. 1535 C. 1536 D. 1537 4. Who sailed to Peru? A. Pizzaro B. Coronado C. Cortes D. Hernan

19: 4. Who sailed to Peru? A. Pizzaro B. Coronado C. Cortes D. Hernan 5. Who sailed to New spain in the name of Spain? A. Pizzaro B. Cortes C.Coronado D. Francisco

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