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Plant Scavenger Hunt

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BC: The End

FC: Plant Scavenger Hunt | Elaine Yung Period 7,8,9

1: Entry#1 | 1. Poison Ivy (Toxicodendron radicans) -Grows in Warm Temperature -Origin: Midwest / Eastern US 2. Poison Oak (Toxicodendron diversilobum) - Grows in Dry Climate / Warm Temperature - Grows in Somewhat Dry Soil - Origin: Northeast and Midwest US 3. Poison Sumac (Toxicodendron vernix) -Grows in Marshlike / Moist Soil - Origin: Southeast and Midwest US | Poisonous Plants in Ohio! | 1. | 2. | 3. | Susan (2011). Poison Ivy – Leaves of Three Leave it Be!. Retrieved September 23, 2011, from: Miller. (2011). PLANTS Profile. Retrieved September 24, 2011, from: Armstrong. (2011). Poison Oak: More Than Just Scratching The Surface. Retrieved September 24, 2011, from:

2: Entry 2

3: g | Gymnosperm—male gametophyte | Eastern Cape Blue Cycad (Encephalartos horridus) -Grows in Direct sun -Grows inDry Soil -Origin: South Africa

4: Entry 3

5: Eastern White pine tree (Pinus strobus) -Grows in Dry Soil - Grows inDirect Sun - Origin: Northern America Rook, Earl. (2002). Pinus strobes. Retrieved September 24, 2011, from: | Gymnosperm—female gametophyte

6: Entry 4

7: Angiosperm —perfect flower | Hot Pepper (Capsicum eximium) Grows in: Humid, warm conditions Grows in: Full Sun Grows in: Somewhat Moist Soil Origin: Bolivia / Argentina A perfect flower has everything it needs to produce seeds--that is, it has both male and female parts. A perfect flower has both stamens and carpels. | Trade Winds Fruit. (No Date). Capsicum eximium. Retrieved October 8, 2011, from:

8: Entry 5

9: Angiosperm Complete flower | The Purple Queen Tradescantia pallida Grows in Full Sun Grows in Ample Moisture Origin Eastern Mexico A complete has four parts, carpel, stamen, petals, and sepals, which join together to form the pistil. | Duever, Linda. (2000). #734 Tradescantia pallid. Retrieved October 8, 2011, from:

10: Entry 6

11: Dioecious plant | Chinese Juniper Juniperus chinensis 'Shimpaku' -Grows in Dry Soil -Grows in Partly Shade -Origin: China -Dioecious plant are plants having separate male and female plants. Monoecious plants have male and female parts on the same plant.

12: Entry 7

13: No Author. (2011). Red Oak. Retrieved October 6, 2011, from: | Endosperm | Red Oak Tree (Quercus rubra) -Grows in Somewhat dry soil -Grows in Direct sun -Origin Ohio

14: Entry 8

15: Plant that shows symbiosis with mycorrhizal fungi | Japanese Corkbark Black Pine Pinus thunbergiana 'Corkbark' Grows in Somewhat Dry Grows in Partial Shade Origin: Japan Mycorrhizal fungi and plants form a mutual dependence. The fungi are nourished by root exudates (sugars, starches, proteins, and lipids) and in return bring great amounts of soil nutrients and moisture to their host plants. A mycorrhizal plant can uptake 100 times or more nutrients than one without the beneficial fungi. | Kourik,Robert. (2008). The Fungus Among Us. Retrieved on October 19, 2011, from:

16: Entry 9

17: White Orchid (Angracum comorense) - Grows in Partial Shade - Grows in Very Moist - Origin: Madagascar, Afric -Monocot is a class of angiosperm, or flowering plant. It has a single cotyledon (seed leaf)in their embryo, and monocot pollen has a single pore(furrow). | Monocot

18: Entry 10

19: Dicot (Eudicot with Compound Leaf | Knock Out Rose (Rosa 'Radrazz') -Grows in Direct Sun -Grows in Somewhat Moist Soil -Origin: Wisconsin | Klingaman, Gerald. (2005). Plant of the Week. Retrieved: October 1, 2011, from:

20: Entry 11

21: Camellia Camellia sasanqua Grows in Dry Soil Grows in Full Sun Origin: China / Japan | Dicot (Eudicot) with simple leaf

22: spring | Entry 12

23: Thinking of you is like the Spring, You bring love and joy to everything. | Moss Grows in Shade Grows in Very Moist Environment Unknown Origin | Bryophyte

24: Entry 13

25: Vascular seedless plant | Horsetail Equisetum hyemele Grows in Partial Shade Grows in Very Moist Soil Origin: U.S. | Wasowski, Sally. (2011). Equisetum hyemale L.. Retrieved October 8, 2011, from:

26: Entry 14

27: Edible Leaf | Allspice (Pimenta Dioica) Grows in Full Sun, Somewhat Moist (can survive droughts) Origin: Jamaica | Christman, Steve. (2004). #749 Pimenta dioica. Retrieved October 8, 2011, from:

28: Entry 15

29: Edible root | Asian Taro (Alocasia odora) Grows in Direct Sun, Very Moist, Warm Climates Origin: Southeast Asia

30: Entry 16

31: Edible vegetable that is not a fruit | Lemon Balm Melissa officinalis -Grows in Partial Shade -Grows in Somewhat Dry Soil -Origin: Eastern Mediterranean region | Hauschka. (No Date). From happy plants. Retrieved on October 23,2011,from:

32: Entry 17

33: Edible fruit | Kaffir Lime (Citrus hystrix) - Grows in Direct Sun - Grows in Somewhat Moist -Origin: Southeast Asia

34: Entry 18

35: Cleveland Select Pear Pyrus calleryana Grows in Moist Soil Grows in Partial Sun Origin: Cleveland, Ohio | Fruit that is specialized for dispersal other than digestion

36: Entry 19

37: “Heterotrophic” plant | Pitcher Plant (Sarracenia purpurea) Grows in Full Sun, Very Moist, Warm Climate Origin: Northern US and Camada These heterotrophic plants do not make their own food, and thus depend on other organisms for food. Pitcher plants capture insects for food.

38: Entry 20

39: Parasitic plant | Dodder Vines Cuscuta spp. Grows in Shaded /Somewhat dry soil Origin: North America Dodder vines wrap around the host plant and produces haustoria that penetrates into the vascular system of the host. By debilitating the host plant, dodder decreases the ability of plants to resist virus diseases, and dodder can also spread plant diseases from one host to another if it is attached to more than one plant. | Ombrello. (No Date). DODDER. Retrived on October 19, 2011, from:

40: Entry 21

41: Modified leaf | Peace Lily | Spathiphylum Wallisii Grows in Moist, Partial Sun Origin:Tropical America | Belle, Autumn (2011). My Nice Flowers. Retrieved October 13, 2011, from: | Modified leaf is an adaptation of plant meant for its own survival and adapted due to its environmental stress. In the peace lily, the modified leaf (the white leaf) protects the flower cluster and turns green given enough light.

42: Entry 22 | DallisGrass Paspalum dilatatum Grows in Moist Soil, Warm Temperatures, & Partial Shade Origin:Argentina /Uruguay

43: Invasive, alien, or non-native Ohio Plant | LeStrange. (2008). Dallisgrass. Retrieved October 15, 2011, from: | Dallisgrass was introduced to the United States from South America (Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil )sometime before 1875, and was initially used as a pasture grass. Dallisgrass forms dense dark green grassy clumps about the size of dinner plates in all types of lawns. After mowing dallisgrass, the weed produces seed stalks with small, black seeds that spread by water, mowing, pets and humans. Unless you take proper steps to get rid of the dallisgrass either after seed germination or before, the weed continues to spread rapidly, infesting your lawn.

44: Entry 23

45: Cork of a deciduous tree Japanese Maple Acer palmatum Grows in Somewhat moist, Partial Shade Origin: Japan

46: Entry 24 | Yellow Orchid Phalaenopsis Orchid Grows in Moist Soil Grows in Partial Sun Origin: Asia

47: epiphyte | An epiphyte (they usually have aerial roots) is a plant that grows on another plant (such as a tree) non-parasitically or sometimes on another object (such as a gate), derives its moisture and nutrients from the air and rain near it, and is found in the temperate zone and in the tropics.

48: Plant With Medicinal use | Entry 25

49: Coral Aloe Aloe Striata Grows in Full Sun, Dry Soil Origin: South Africa Parts of the leaf are used as a laxative to treat arthritis, and sinusitis. It is also a very commonly used remedy for skin irritations, cuts, abrasions, minor burns, sunburn and bruises | Klopper, Ronell. (2010). Aloe L.. Retrieved on October 23, 2011, from:

50: Bonus 1

51: Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale) -Grows in Direct Sun -Grows in Somewhat moist soil -Origin: Europe The pollinator can be my shoes which carry the seeds from the plant to other places. | Angiosperm with non-insect pollinator

52: Bonus 2

53: Amur HoneySuckle Lonicera maackii Grows in Somewhat moist Grows in Partial Shade Origin: Asia The honeysuckle berries are edible. | Edible "wild" plant native to Ohio

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