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Poe Project

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S: Poe as the Innovator of the Science Fiction Story

FC: Poe As The Innovator of The Science Fiction Story

1: By: Miranda Jaroneski, Sydney Olson, Clare Shupack, Alex Jarrett, and Alex Patsell

3: -Poe was an innovator in this aspect of writing because he wrote some of the first science fiction stories like The Unparalleled Adventures of One Hans Pfaall, one of his hoaxes. -This is an example from Hans Pfaall of his story, “At no epoch of my ascent, I should reach a point where the united weights of my immense balloon, the inconceivably rare gas within it, the car, and its contents, should equal the weight of the mass of the surrounding atmosphere displaced; and this will be readily understood as the sole condition upon which my upward flight would be arrested." -Another science fiction story he wrote was The Facts in the Case of M. Valdemar. -Charles Baudelaire found Edgar Allan Poe's work in 1847. He was surprised at how he had so much similarities between him.

4: How was Poe influential to future writers and artists, and readers based on this aspect of his writing? | -Poe is not only an amazing writer, he also serves as a great inspiration. -In1844 about Monck Masons amazing journey. It was a hoax, which means it was not entirely true, (Poe loved to write these). -Jules loved many of Poe’s writing, -He even wrote the stories Five Weeks In A Balloon and Around The World In 80 Days, from Poe’s inspiration.

5: Jules Verne

6: -Another writer inspired by Poe is Matthew Pearl. Matthew is a successful writer. -He mostly was inspired by Poe’s inventing of cool stories about fantasy, mystery, and science fiction. -He has written The Dante Club and The Poe Shadow, from the inspiration of Poe. -Matthew uses a lot of description and life experience's like Poe in his stories. “The attacker pivoted at the sound of voice and fled, as the young Harvard student hurried to the side of his fallen teacher,” is from The Dante Club. -TS Eliot and EL Doctorow said that one thing Poe would always do with his stories was make people react.

7: Matthew Pearl

8: - Poe was very affective in his writing and many authors both modern and past, take after his writing. -Many similarities in his work and other authors -Jules Verne(1800's) wrote many science fiction novels -Verne's famous book story was Journey to the Center of the Earth. -An excerpt from the story includes.... (Chapter XVI The Eastern Tunnel) "The descent of this obscure and narrow gallery was very gradual and winding. Sometimes we gazed through a succession of arches, its course very like the aisles of a Gothic cathedral. The great artistic sculptors and builders of the Middle Ages might have here completed their studies with advantage. Many most beautiful and suggestive ideas of architectural beauty would have been discovered by them. After passing through this phase of the cavernous way, we suddenly came, about a mile farther on, upon a square system of arch, adopted by the early Romans, projecting from the solid rock, and keeping up the weight of the roof." -A lot of description is found in this passage. -In Poe's stories description is found almost everywhere. -Poe was very inspirational to many authors', in result most writer's stories were based of a work of Poe's.

10: -A modern author: Stephen King was inspired by Poe -Edgar Allan Poe wrote the Cask of Amontillado which was about plotting revenge on a character named Fortunato, due to the fact that Fortunato had insulted him. -In Dolan’s Cadillac, the narrator is also scheming revenge just like The Cask of Amontillado. Dolan had killed the narrator's wife, Elizabeth, or had gotten her killed by his men. Dolan had made a mistake by committing a wrong act, unfortunately Elizabeth was there at the wrong place at the wrong time. -In the end of the story, the narrator made Dolan’s Cadillac break down and fall into a hole. -In relation to the Cask of Amontillado, the narrator's are both planning revenge on one of the character's. -Another similarity is that both the characters that die, die in a room or hole. -In Cask of Amontillado, Fortunato dies in a niche in the catacombs, while Dolan crashes his car into a small hole like Fortunato's small room. -Poe's style of writing had caught on to previous writers, such as Jules Verne, although now many writer's such as Stephen King have comparisons throughout their stories.

12: The so called "horror" stories in Poe's time were women dying gracefully and each story had a happy ending. Poe wanted to write a new definition for the traditional scary story. If he really was depressed and "messed up" from the tragedies in his life then how was he able to write uplifting, adventurous tales that created the science fiction genre as a whole?

14: Soon after Poe's death, his belletristic rival Rufus Griswold wrote an obituary of the author in a bad attempt at revenge for some of the critiquing things Poe had said and written about him . Griswold followed the obituary with a biography. Griswold's attacks were meant to cause the public to stop liking Poe and his works. The crazy image Griswold was created made Poe seem more interesting than he already was. Griswold image still makes Poe very popular today.

16: Another way Poe's popularity grows is when other authors are inspired by him. Stephen King and Howard Lovecraft are more recent. When they write about Science fiction they are putting a piece of Poe into their writing. Some of King's Plots are very similar to Poe's. One example is "Bag of Bone" by Stephen King is very similar to the "Tell Tale Heart.

17: When Steven King uses plot's similar to Poe's he carries on Poe's legacy. Edgar Allan Poe even has his own awards. They are commonly know as the Edgers. Through this writing award people remember Poe.

18: Did you know? | Stephen King | The Edgar Awards are the most prestigious award you can get for writing!

19: Some of King's book covers. | All of these books are movies now. When people see these movies they think of Poe.

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22: Clare- pages 4-7 Alex J- Pages 2-3 Alex P- Pages14-19 Miranda- Pages 12-13 Sydney- 8-11

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