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2: On the eve of December strolled a wild wind howl, Singing the story of Irving McDowl, Was he a soldier was he a friend, Did he find salvation and faith in the end?

3: Haiku 1. Ding, Sing, Goes the bell, The men get in fighting stance, Wham, bam, smack, pow, boom 2. The bird sings today, Not singing of tomorrow, This is the birds way 3. The ice is melting, Into the icy cold earth, The sun it still burns

4: I am Poem Kevin Average, old fashioned, passionate, expanding, Son of Kevin and Judy, Lover of Katie VanNewkirk, God, Family, and music, Who feels love, ambition, and pressure, Who needs salvation, faith, and family, Who gives love, a helping hand, and the best he can, Who fears destruction, heartache, and hatred, Who would like to see peace, good health, and safety, Who lives in a home, DiBello

5: Free Verse Majesty is the skies, A feast for the eyes, In radiant bright perfumes, In every summer they parade, In the spring it smells much sweeter, In the fall it's bittersweet, But sweet none the less in all its grandeur, As the suns tender heat, The earth is burning fast, Faster than the sea, faster than me, The sun he scorns the world, Beauty in the sky, Hides dismay in my eye, The winter has now gone, Ice blue beauty is gone

6: Brylkreem makes my hair shine, And glisten like the the ocean blue, A little dab will do ya, This is very true, Aroma so masculine, Texture so soft, My lady really digs it, My lady rocks, It's been around for decades, grandpop had some too, You can try two dabs, But still a dab will do, I like to touch my hair, Random people too, I say no, They can't control themselves

7: Today is my birthday, Where is the party, It is not here, It is not there, Many gifts I receive from stranger and friend, From family from myself, Today I am eighteen years old, I can legally buy tobacco, I don't smoke, But I could purchase for minors, If they want to smoke, This poem aint no joke, Today is not my birthday, But today I continue, I continue to write this, Because I have three more to write

8: Today is a dreary night, But lacks the sparkle of midnight sky, Wet and damp like an oceans mist, But less majestic and tranquil, Tomorrow will be fairer, If the clouds subside, If they do not I will not, I can be as dark as the sky, Sleepyness flee my eyes, Leave me to a land of dreams, sandman come to me, Wake me when the sun comes, I'll come to you then, When the dark sheds light, When the sun melts the black, And my love comes back

9: There is far too much to do, For one day is never enough, We need to get our thoughts in order, We need piece of mind, Each day is a rising sun, But quickly it likes to set, The sun is a passing every hour, It melts away the night, Bright and youthful days, That smell of field and earth, Transcending emotions, My heart is full of joy, Another day full of sunshine, Just for today, Tomorrow is darker, Just today

10: The sky is splendor, In and out of sight, The atmosphere is full of celestial light, Mighty beauty it does appear, As heaven whispers in my ear, I look around his earth, Wondering and wandering, Walking in life, Our tree is stable and fit, Wind cannot move it, It is a rock, Still stable and fit, This is our heart, Life is our heart, We live for and because, because we live, I live

11: Cinquain I dance, Swiftly gentle, To roll with the punches, To move away or move to punch, To dance I punch, Strongly scornful, To hurt the opponent, For victorious battle, To punch I run, Persistently. For to go many rounds, So I don't get tired and fall, To run

12: Diamante I Am diamond boy I sparkle and Shine, I bring others joy, I am no ones but mine, I am diamond boy, That is I Dreams Are dreary Things, Like a bird without Wings, It hurts to fly, Life is but a dream, But falsely I dream, Obscene Writing, To finish a poem, Even I don't know em'. I still write Em', For my class, For my grade, For me

13: Ballad There once was a tale of old Pauline, She walked in beauty by the light of the moon, One might think, and say obscene, That the sun would have melted old Pauline, Now old Pauline was young once, But she has lived for many years, Now she just groans, sneers, and grunts, because getting old was one of her fears

14: Limericks I'm too tired to count some sheep, I'm too tired to even weep, I'm too tired to stop and speak, My future is looking awfully bleak, I'm so tired I want to sleep How much wood could a wood chuck, chuck, I'm too tired to even duck, Woodchucks to tired to build a dam, Woodchuck does not want to eat no spam, Woody the wood chuck, chuck Dr. Sues did eat a moose, And Mrs. Sues a goose, Dr. Sues is writing a book, About moose goose eating crook, He also ate coos coos

15: Pantoum Going to Massachusetts, Where the water is cold, Where the birds sing sweetly, Where perfect peace lives, Where the water is cold, I wish to be, Where the perfect peace lives, It lives in my heart, I wish to be, In Massachusetts, It lives in my heart, It feeds on my heart, In Massachusetts, Where the birds sing sweetly, It feeds on my heart, Going to Massachusetts

16: Sonnet To have a lovers quarrel is woe, But substantial in itself, Even if we do not know, An open book upon our shelf, Allow an end to come swift and soon, This is no fun for love, In between the icy moon, And flaming stars above, A lovers quarrel with the world of which I am aware, Even though she loves me not, It gives life quite a scare, I want out of this dwelling spot, A lovers quarrel is woe, And this one thing I know

17: Narrative In walks sugar, Full suit to weigh in, Lamotta in his trunks and skin, Who will be immortalized In the fight of the year, Pound for pound, the best, Each to their own, Throw a punch, Receive a punch, Bloody and ugly, A matter of who wants it more, Battle it out, Lamotta came out on top, one out of six, For the rest, Lamotta picked up his sticks

18: Concrete Pow,boom,bang, Fists fly by, Left to the right, Chin to glove in perfect array, First knock down tonight, It is the last knock down today, Left hook and over hand right, A more perfect combination, A most perfect fight, Jab stick the jab, jab, jab, Keep moving, bouncing, fight with heart, Pick it up, Don't stop if you cannot start

19: Photograph | Perfect love, Perfect equal, Heart so full filled, Love of my life, Love of my universe, Partner in crime, Partner in Rhyme, Sweetheart and honey, So sweet I may contract diabetes, Love whole heartedly, Love you seamlessly from end to start, Perfect love deep within my heart

20: Oh, Chuck McKnett, How could I forget, BELLRINGER, And wife trash talking, Someday you may regret, Listening is a skill, Said grandpop, Eleventh grade government, There did the horror stop, You are a great guy And we both know you love your wife

21: Freedom and liberation, Of the heart and soul, Of which there was a hole, Beautiful freedom, Perfect air, Perfect peace, Perfect stare, A time and place that live in my heart forever, Looking out to that beautiful river, So great and vast, Even if the cold made me shiver, I always knew that you would last

24: "Families are like fudge ... mostly sweet with a few nuts."



27: { | { | LOVE

29: "The friends we meet on the path of life make the trip worth while."

31: EASTER | happy | Spring Time

32: so many | Each memory we keep with care means future happiness to share.


37: Happy Father's Day

38: Life brings simple pleasures to us every day. It is up to us to make them wonderful memories. ~Cathy Allen

40: Summer Time!

46: Trick or Treat


51: It's The Little Things In Life That Matter

53: A Day to Give Thanks

55: J O Y


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