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Poems of Photographs

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S: Poems of Photographs

FC: Poems of Photographs An anthology of poems | Edited by & Photography by: Jackson Ryan

1: Dedicated to Jim & Cheryl

2: Poems of Photographs An anthology of poems | Jackson Ryan | Baker/Ryan Books Inc. Stillwater, OK 2010

3: This is Spring The stars are Viewpoint Words from the Eiffel Tower Trees Love's Lantern Canopy of Honeysuckle I Wish the future is unwritten... Create A Friend About the Author Works Cited | 4 6 8 10 12 14 16 18 20 22 24 25

4: This is Spring by Beverly Thompson In October, The wind made whirlwinds of the leaves; In December, The snow piled mountains on the eaves. In April, The blue mist Turned to warm, gentle green, On twisted Winter limbs, Bits of color could be seen. This Is the new Beginning, The damp wind would sing, "Wake up child . . . This is Spring."

5: When I read this poem this photo popped straight into my head. I took this photo on a beautiful afternoon in the Spring. It was my first day in Spring that I could relax and go outside to enjoy nature. After reading the poem, I remembered spending my whole day outside and having a Daoist brain set the whole time. The blooming flowers and trees made this day in Spring even more beautiful.

6: The stars are by Samuel Menashe The stars are Although I do not sing About them- The sky and the trees Are indifferent To whom the please The rose is unmoved By my nose And the garland in your hair, Although your eyes be lakes, dies Why sigh for a star Better bay at the moon Better bay at the moon . . . Oh moon, moon, moon

7: When I read this poem, I was reminded of the vastness of the university. Although it discusses only the stars and the moon, I thought about the never-ending verizon we see when we look up into the sky. Another thought that came into my mind, is without technology, humans see the moon as being the dominate and most interesting object in the night sky. With telescopes the sky becomes much more interesting than the moon alone. But when we look through only our eyes, why bother looking at a point of light, when one could awe at the details of the moon.

8: Viewpoint by Martin Buxbaum Is APPLE TREE a thing of goodness if its wood can make a bow? Make a bow to carry arrow that will kill an unknown foe? APPLE TREE is thing of goodness I will tell you why is so God made apple tree and apples It is man who makes the bow.

9: After reading this poem, I began to ponder on the strength of humans over nature. I've always thought how man does whatever it pleases with nature and most don't see the consequences. However, for the few that do see the consequences, they see how powerful nature really is. This photograph represents this feeling. Nature is what's important, what should be the focusing point. Man's creations should be considered after first looking at the consequences and realizing the importance of nature.

10: Words From the Eiffel Tower by Afzal Shauq Once in my heart an idea came I would jump from The Eiffel Tower Freezing in mid air And shout to God... Add more time to those lives Who seek world peace struggling for prosperity risking their life... But my idea changed hearing the request of the Eiffel... ' Don't do this act oh young man...! I shall never rest from the blame of those people who took their life from my heights.'

11: After reading this poem, I thought about the fact that those people who seek those things should live longer. However, the use of suicide to ask for that is unnecessary. It gave me that idea that anything in this world can change one's thinking. Words of advice to change one's mind doesn't need to be the words of another human, it could be the influence of an incredible piece of art. This photo shows the influence the Eiffel Tower could have, not by overlooking the viewer of the photo, but by showing how it towers over Paris.

12: Trees by Joyce Kilmer I think that I shall never see A poem lovely as a tree. A tree whose hungry mouth is prest Against the earth's sweet flowing breast; A tree that looks at God all day, And lifts her leafy arms to pray; A tree that may in Summer wear A nest of robins in her hair; Upon whose bosom snow has lain; Who intimately lives with rain. Poems are made by fools like me, But only God can make a tree.

13: After reading this poem, I had an optimistic and happy feeling from the praise of a tree. The rhyming of the poem and the idea made me smile as I thought about the things trees seem to do. The personification makes the poem even more wonderful by adding an interesting viewpoint of what trees' actions are. This photo goes well with this poem because it adds another action of what trees do, shade others. The poem reminded me of coming outside and sitting under this tree as I read when I was little.

14: Love's Lantern by Joyce Kilmer Because the road was steep and long And through a dark and lonely land, God set upon my lips a song And put a lantern in my hand Through miles on weary miles of night That stretch relentless in my way My lantern burns serene and white, An unexhausted cup of day. O golden lights and lights like wine, How dim your boasted splendors are. Behold this little lamp of mine; It is more starlike that a star!

15: When I read this, it impacted me because I also see love as a way of getting through certain things in life. The poem explains how the lantern guides her, and love does this in everybody's life. If one is upset or struggling, their loved ones will come to help them get through the tough time. When my grandparents died, my friends and family who love us, helped us get through the tough time we had to go through. This poem explains optimistically how love can do this.

16: Canopy Of Honeysuckle by Dicky Cantrell Last night in the woods Standing on 23 acres of land under a canopy of honeysuckle Dark but not afraid Alone but not lonely The smell of honeysuckle so sweet So real, it could never be duplicated Anything other than real Is not real The swaying of trees Speak softly of the soon coming rain As the wind sings a song That the honeysuckle dance to A song of the heart

17: When I read this poem, it reminded me of sitting in my backyard, relaxing, listening to the birds, and smelling the sweet honeysuckle. This poem reminds me of the tranquility I have when I'm outside with nothing on my mind, except for the beautiful environment around me. I would sit outside with the trees shading me, the birds singing to me, and honeysuckle filling my mouth with a natural sweet taste. The poem and photograph complement each other, because the poem interacts with the smell and hearing senses, while the photo puts a visual image in the reader's mind.

18: I Wish by Beverly Thompson Where are you going? What do you plan to do? Why is it, no one Walks With You? Must you go alone To your own destiny? Will the world Cover you up In Complexity? Or will you find A future Certain and True; I wish, little boy, I could go WIth You.

19: After reading this poem, I imagined the perfect photo to be someone walking away alone. I thought of a person wanting to leave to get somewhere and spend time by himself. This reminded me of myself a few years ago. All I wanted to do was to spend time alone. I wanted to get by myself and not have to worry about anything, to pull myself away from the world. Even though this is a girl, this photo is perfect to show someone that has no plan of where they're heading, but is just going for because they feel the need to.

20: the future is unwritten... by Jackson Ryan the future is unwritten none no the upcoming events, actions, ideas the possibilities are endless the mind cannot grasp world wars, world peace, world epiphanies the future is unwritten what will happen in the next minute, year, generation

21: When I wrote this poem, I was completely inspired by the photograph. Ever since I took this photo I have thought about what could happen in the future. The fact is, no one knows. The poem reminds me of times when I expected something predictable to occur, however, the complete opposite happened. This poem and photograph remind everyone that no one can predict what will happen. Everything is up to chance in the universe's hands.

22: Create A Friend by Jackson Ryan One is lonely and wants some friends One doesn't see the option One has to find a few colorful pens And One can make an adoption One and One make Two close chums Two spend all of their time together Two even start to play the drums But One disappears when touched by weather...

23: When I wrote this poem, I was thinking about reasons why someone might draw this on a door. The idea that someone might have wanted a friend popped in my head. It reminded me of myself when I draw random things all of the time. Not necessarily 'friends', but to someone, their drawings might be their friends. However, the moral of the story is, 'True friends will always be there for someone, while fake friends will disappear once the weather gets bad.'

24: Jackson Ryan is a Renaissance Man! He excels in school, plays disc golf, longboards, enjoys photography, is friendly, and is very modest! He looks at life optimistically and with a smile. "Why bother looking at life without a smile?" Jackson says. He has grown up in Stillwater, Oklahoma his whole life; however, he's Canadian! He loves France and wishes he could go there all the time. Lastly, he loves Mrs. Dawson! Yay! | About the Author

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