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Poetic Bodies

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Poetic Bodies - Page Text Content

S: Ms. Haralson's Classroom Mixbook

FC: Poetic Bodies: My Body and Me By: Crystalle Haralson

1: Welcome to my Mixbook Project! The following pages are representing a simulated classroom technology project in a kindergarten class. Technology is a very useful tool that teachers can use to have students publish their work. This allows for the students to see their own work and also gives friends and family an opportunity to see what their student is doing in school. This Mixbook can also be made into a hard copy for families to purchase and share. Ms. Crystalle Haralson

2: I can bend my knees and walk with my friends. ~ Jen & Emma

3: My feet help me to stand! ~ Bobby, Ryan, and Conner

4: I could not talk without a mouth. ~ Louis My arms move for my hands to reach. ~ Sara My legs help me walk. ~ Lauren

5: I like my body and its parts. My legs are good for stops and starts. They dance and leap and move with grace Or bend to hold my knees in place. My arms are always at my side No matter if I walk or ride. They reach up high to touch a star, My arms go with me near and far My head is quite the perfect fit With lots of stuff attached to it: A mouth with which I eat and sing And eyes that see most everything. I have no favorite body part; They've all been with me from the start. They work in perfect harmony-- I love my body because it's ME!

6: My hands help me to touch and feel things. ~Lacey | I have eyes to help me see things. ~Millie

7: Hands My hands upon my head I'll place, Upon my shoulders, on my face, At my waist and by my side, Then behind me they will hide. Then I'll raise them way up high, And let my fingers fly, fly, fly, Then clap, clap, clap them-- One - Two - Three! Now see how quiet they can be. | I Have Two Eyes I have two eyes to see with, I have two feet to run, I have two hands to wave with, And nose I have but one. I have two ears to hear with, And a tongue to say "Good day".

8: We use our heads to dream ~ David and Ally Dreaming Of Summer by Kenn Nesbitt | I'm dreaming of warm sandy beaches. I'm dreaming of days by the pool. I'm dreaming of fun in the afternoon sun, and week after week of no school. I'm thinking of swim suits and sprinklers, imagining lemonade stands. I'm lost in a daydream of squirt guns and ice cream and plenty of time on my hands.

9: I'm picturing baseball and hot dogs, Envisioning games at the park, and how it stays light until late every night, and seems like it never gets dark. I long to ride skateboards and scooters. I want to wear t-shirts and shorts. I'd go for a hike, or I'd ride on my bike, or play lots of summertime sports. My revery turns to a yearning to draw on the driveway with chalk. It's really a bummer to daydream of summer while shoveling snow from the walk.

10: The lesson plan on the right is aligned with Missouri Show Me Goals as well as Missouri Grade Level Expectations.

11: MixBook Lesson Plan SECTION ONE Author: Crystalle Haralson Email Address: mscmharalson@yahoo.com Semester Created: Fall 2009 LESSON OVERVIEW Title: Poetic Bodies: My Body and Me! Brief Description: In this lesson called “Poetic Bodies: My Body and Me” the students will be able to identify their major body parts using a poem that identifies each student, what their favorite body part is, and how it functions. In PE the students will be learning about their body parts and how they function. In the classroom, the students will use a Web 2.0 resource, to showcase what they have learned in the lesson. ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS/GENERALIZATIONS: What is the one big idea that you want the students to leave your class with? The students understand that it is important to know what their body parts are and how they help us function in life day to day. ENGAGING QUESTION/SCENARIO: How will you engage students and set up the lesson? The teacher will ask the students if they know their major body parts (i.e. head, neck, shoulders, knees, toes etc.) by asking questions like, “Where is your head?” “Can you show me where your knees are?” Then he/she will get the students moving around the gym with music. When the teacher says freeze the students will touch the body part called out. (For example: The music is playing and I say “freeze!” “Touch your toes”) They will do this for about 2-3 minutes to warm-up. This will get the students moving and allows time for the teacher to move around the room to make sure everyone is participating and to assist those who need help. We will stop this warm up and sing a song; “Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes”. SUBJECT AREA(S) (Put an X by all relevant subject areas.) ___ Math ___ Science _x_ Reading ___ Writing ___ Social Studies/History ___ Foreign Language ___ Art ___ Music _x_ PE ___ Information and Technology Literacy GRADE LEVEL (Put an X by all relevant grade levels.) _x_ Kindergarten ___ Grade 1 ___ Grade 2 ___ Grade 3 ___ Grade 4 ___ Grade 5 ___ Grade 6 ___ K-12 Elementary ___ K-12 Middle ___ K-12 Secondary ___ Secondary DETAILED LESSON DESCRIPTION GLE #1: Statement and Context of the GLE with Show-Me Performance Standards Content Area: Physical Education The SWBAT identify their major body parts and explain why they are useful. (GLE Body Systems: Personal Fitness and Healthy Active Living, Strand I Physical Activity and Lifetime Wellness, Concept D - Grade K) (Performance Goals 1.4,1.5,1.8, 2.1, 2.2, 2.4,2.7,4.1, 4.6) GLE #2: Statement and Context of the GLE with Show-Me Performance Standards Content Area: Communication Arts The SWBAT listen for enjoyment, for information, and for simple directions. (GLE Purpose for Listening: Develop and Apply Listening Effective Listening Skills and Strategies, Strand I Listening and Speaking, Concept A - Grade K) (Performance Goals 1.4,1.5,1.8, 2.1, 2.2, 2.4,2.7,4.1, 4.6) STUDENT ASSESSMENT *Formal Assessment: For this lesson the formal assessment will be observation as the students learn about their bodies through movement in Physical Education. *Summative Assessment: The summative assessment is the Mixbook project that students will do to show what they have learned. PERFORMANCE ASSESSMENT CRITERIA (attached) COLLABORATION The collaboration in this lesson is done with the PE teacher and the classroom teacher. In gym class the students learn the information and in the classroom they will emphasize what they learned by doing a Mixbook. LESSON IMPLEMENTATION This lesson will span across 3-5 days to make sure every students has an opportunity to share about something they learned about their body using Mixbook.com. The PE component may finish before the classroom component of the lesson because it may take more time for the students to share the information. Prerequisite Skills: Students must be able to have some knowledge of body awareness. ACCOMMODATION OPTIONS ELL/IEP Students: All students will be given a fair chance to learn. As the teacher signs can be used to show the name of the body parts and what they look like, extra assistance will be given (Para or myself), and the student will not work alone; instead work together with other students in PE and in the classroom when it’s time to present. Any other instructions given on the IEP will be implemented. Assistive Technology Needs: The student(s) will be given extra time to work and also will receive extra assistance from myself or a Para. MANAGEMENT/ORGANIZATION TIPS (What suggestions could you provide others that would help them implement this successfully in the classroom?) A suggestion I have for this lesson is that the PE teacher and the classroom teacher work closely together to put this unit together. Use each other’s strengths in their area of expertise and combine the two to create an awesome collaborative lesson. It won’t do any good for the classroom teacher to do everything or vice versa. This will build a bond between the two and can possibly lead to more collaborative work done throughout the school with other subject areas. MATERIALS AND RESOURCES REQUIRED FOR UNIT Computer, paper, markers, crayons, gym, gym equipment, internet ***All pictures used were taken from Google images.*** TECHNOLOGY Web-based resources (name and link) UNIT PLAN FLOW CHART/TIMELINE Identify and explain the activities, materials, resources, technology integration strategies, collaboration, and timeline for your lesson. A clear and easy way to complete this section is to identify what you’ll be doing for each step of the process. Day 1: The students will get introduced to the lesson in PE class using the engaging questions scenario from above. Day 2: The classroom teacher will read poems to the students about different body parts. -website(s) for poetry: http://findarticles.com/p/articles/mi_hb047/is_199712/ai_hibm1G120496465/ http://www.preschoolrainbow.org/family-rhymes.htm http://www.poetry4kids.com/poem-172.html -After each poem the classroom teacher should ask the students probing questions like what did you think about as I read the poem? What do you think the poem means? Does this poem remind you of anything in your life? -Have the students draw a picture to describe how their favorite poem makes them feel. Day 3: The PE teacher will have the students do different activities with their bodies. -Games and activities using the body; warm-up, fitness, and main activity. Day 4: The classroom teacher will have the student share why their body parts are useful. -Students share their drawings and also tell what their favorite body part is with a partner. Then choose a poem to go along with it. Day 5: The Mixbook will be created by the classroom teacher. (The classroom teacher will have been collecting pictures of the students so they can choose one to go along with their favorite body part and poem for the Mixbook.) ***May take longer than 5 days***

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  • Title: Poetic Bodies
  • In this simulated lesson called “Poetic Bodies: My Body and Me” the students will be able to identify their major body parts using a poem that identifies each student and what their favorite body part is. In PE the students will be learning about their body parts and how they function. In the classroom, the students will use a Web 2.0 resource, to showcase what they have learned in the lesson.
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