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Poetry Portfolio

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S: Shannon's Online Poetry Portfolio

BC: Spelling can be oh so fickle With exceptions that put you in a pickle Only one letter that doesn’t belong Can make your essay go all wrong Now wouldn’t that give you a tickle? Grammar, how about that stuff? As if spelling is not enough Do you put I or me? Or maybe him or he? English sure can be tough There was a time when we wrote an essay When I just wanted to play Five paragraphs done It was almost fun But I wouldn’t do it everyday | Poems can be better a bit As long as I don’t have to make it Reading them’s a joy Something all can enjoy Maybe I’ll write some, I admit Language arts, I use you forever You exist in my life whenever On the web, on the signs Your prevalence shines Never leave me, never | Language Arts Limericks


1: Roots (I Am From) Mother to Daughter Mother's Kitchen Ode to GSMST "Take Pills" Analysis "May" Analysis Language Arts Limericks | Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 Page 6 Page 8 Back Cover | TABLE OF CONTENTS

2: I am from hills in lands of the east From mosquitoes buzzing in moist jungles From the brave people of the boats Traversing the sea towards better days I am from the world of the people before me I am from the land of peanuts Which grow fresh in the earth From the humid summers and Oft’ green winters From a place of growth and community I am from the southern development I am from the red house With pines in the back From the swings that Tremble in the breeze From the see-saw that creeks Fondly to children's play I am from chipped white-paint | I am from a drive to new places From the comforting floors And beige walls From grassy green lawns Full of nostalgia and longing I am from saying good-bye and hello again I am from once-strict traditions Growing lenient with the times From a new brother and new cousins From the warmth of family I am from who I was once And who I will be | "Roots" (I Am From)

3: Come here daughter Have a seat, come Closer, listen well I do this for you Learn from your mistakes As I have told you Many times, even if You do not always succeed We have moved on from The older times I know better now And you should become better Take my mistakes And improve them yourself Work hard and a Better life is yours | But I see you stress I see you cry, no Make the most of What you have now Your childhood is Not yours forever The harder you work The harder you play So take that and Remember to work But let play by equal They all matter But most of all You must care For family, for friends For you | Mother to Daughter

4: Mother’s hand rules Over this cooking domain Her iron fist is forceful Stern and proud Her silverware army Toss left and right Always, her fruits of Labor are worthwhile Freezer burn’s no worry The microwave hums gently The kitchen is a-brewing For the dinner of the evening Something’s baking Hear it crackling To a crisp, to a crunch And ding! The oven yells | And there they are Golden tan rows of Baked fish, long dead From blue oceans far People shuffle in Sisters and grandmothers Those who wish to learn From a master Oohs and ahhs Circle round the crowd Once again Another masterpiece | Mother's Kitchen

5: Oh, GSMST I appreciate your math It’s beyond counting to three More like calculus wrath You push me past the limit Keep me up long nights But teach me to take An academic hit To stay in the fight Even if I really ache Oh, GSMST You gave me advanced placement Though sometimes I want to flee And hide down in the basement It gives me a good future And a feel of what’s to come Knowledge I once thought beyond me Still I feel like I’m in sutures At times a little glum But it’s for the good, I will agree Oh, GSMST Let’s talk about that science That field fills me with glee My favorite mental appliance You give me many choices All of which are really great Be it physics or chemistry Should you hear me rejoice? Science is my educational date I love it to a great degree | Oh, GSMST Engineering is something new You gave me something else to see And I assure you I enjoy it too Different programs and ideas Inventor and AutoCAD Like a scientific art Like tasty data tortillas Like the friend I never had Engineering has a place in my heart Oh, GSMST Beyond and above all You gave me a second family Within your white brick walls They’re caring and supportive Both the teachers and classmates With a pretty neat sense of humor My decision to come here was not abortive Oh, GSMST, forever stay as great You’ll never be a bloomer | Ode to GSMST

6: Surely there is No substitute For company My mom's ripping Off her hands One flake at a time All her children left the house And left her all alone Just like she'd tell me Things gets better Just wait And you'll see | Take one day at a time Everything else you can leave behind Only one thing at a time Anything more really hurts your mind I don't want for us to Take pills Anymore Not that it's bad I don't want for us to take pills Because we're stronger And we don't need ‘em | Take Pills by Panda Bear

7: Title: The title obviously refers to the consumption of pills in some way or another. Paraphrase: In the first stanza, the narrator is discussing the condition his mom is in after her children have left the house. She seems to be deteriorating from loneliness. He then offers advice in the second stanza to stop taking pills and take life slowly. Connotation: At the beginning there is alliteration in “surely” and “substitute.” Imagery is used when describing the mom ripping her hands in flakes. Pills are a symbol for dependence. Also, the language in the song is very casual, as can be seen by the use of “’em.” End rhyme is prevalent in the first four lines of the second stanza, but other than that, the song appears to be entirely free form. Attitude: The first stanza is sung in a very solemn tone as the singer is telling the audience the state his mother is in. However, as the song moves to the next stanza, the tone switches to that of optimism. Shifts: The song makes its most apparent shift as it transitions from the first stanza to the second. However, things really begin picking up when the singer discusses things getting better. Title: The title seems to contradict the meaning of the song itself. However, it is addressing the reasons for taking pills, and encompasses the entire song. Theme: The theme of the song is that you should conquer dependency. All problems can be solved without reliance on potentially dangerous things, such as depression pills.

8: The wind is tossing the lilacs, The new leaves laugh in the sun, And the petals fall on the orchard wall, But for me the spring is done. Beneath the apple blossoms I go a wintry way, For love that smiled in April Is false to me in May. | May by Sara Teasdale

9: Title: The title, being May, seems to convey a very sprightly mood because May is seen as a very happy, sunny month. Paraphrase: The nature around her is very playful and joyous, but the poet acts ironically bitter and resentful towards it as she walks beneath apple trees. Connotation: The poem follows a ABCB rhyme scheme, which means every second and fourth line in each stanza ha s an end rhyme with each other. Imagery is used especially in the first three lines of the first stanza. Additionally, personification is used to describe leaves as “laughing” and love that “smiled.” Attitude: As the poet addresses herself in the first person, she is very sullen and sour towards her environment, which in contrast was very happy and light in mood. The mention of May and wintry ways could be a metaphor of something bad that happened, leaving the poet stuck in a mental position of sadness. Shift: Mentioned earlier, the first three lines of the first stanza are cheery, using descriptive word choices to portray this bliss. From the fourth line in the first stanza down, however, the tone become very gloomy in knowing that the poet does not share the sentiments that May is very joyous. Title: This time around, the title “May” represents the ill feelings that swirl about in that time of the year for the poet. At the same time, it also sets the time frame for the poem’s occurrence, and although unspecific, it can help the reader visualize the environment. Theme: The poem addresses a person staying caught up in something bad that has happened before. It could be a message to move on, rather than remain caught up on the past.

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