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Poetry Recipes

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S: Poetry Recipes B. Sirbaugh

BC: YOU DID IT! Congratulations, You've created your own Poetry Portfolio. Be proud of yourself and show others what you have accomplished.

FC: A | Creating a Poetry Portfolio B. Sirbaugh | Creating a Poetry Portfolio B. Sirbaugh

1: DEDICATED TO Mrs. Hall for sharing the Poetry Recipes with me, as well as, all the sixth grade students that contributed their poetry as examples to be used in this book. Thank You! * All images for illustrations were taken from the Microsoft Clip Art Gallery or the Mixbook Sticker Gallery unless otherwise cited. Title Page Banner: Schalla, Michael. (2011). HarryP Script. Flaming Logo Design. Retrieved from

2: The poems used as examples throughout this book were all written by sixth grade students. If they can do it . . . so can YOU!

3: The purpose of this book is to help you create your own personal poetry notebook with notes, examples, and illustrations. Take your time, trust yourself, be creative, and have fun with it! Label the first page in your notebook in the following manner . . . . Poetry Recipes Your Name English Teacher Name Grade School Year

4: Acrostic Poem A poem in which the first or certain other letters in each line, take order, to form a word or phrase. Example: P itiful E xample T o E veryone R ight out O f his favorite S port for E ternity | Pete Rose Magazine Covers/ (10 July 1985). Time News. Retrieved from:

5: Acrostic Poem Directions: 1. For every poem in this book you will write the notes and the example poem on the left page of your notebook as shown. 2. Then on the right side you will title your paper as shown and write your poem and your illustration. 3. As the end you will have completed your poetry portfolio. Be sure to keep it and don't be afraid to share it with others. For your acrostic poem, write a poem using your first name. Make sure you add your illustration of you.

6: Color Poem Use all five senses to write about a particular color. Example: Pink tastes like lemonade, water melon, Pepto-Bismol. Looks like nail polish, lipstick, and shrimp. Feels soft like a rose petal. Smells like watermelon and pink play dough. Sounds like grade blowing, a sheet floating, and a hummingbird humming. | 3 3 1 3 3

7: Color Poem Pick a color and write your poem. (Don't repeat anything from the example!) Draw your illustration. (Draw everything from your poem!)

8: Tanka Poem A Japanese verse that is five lines long. The first and and the third line have five syllables. The rest of the lines have seven syllables. Example: Beautiful mountains Rivers with cold, cold water. White cold snow on rocks Trees over the place with frost White sparkly snow everywhere. | 5 7 5 7 7

9: Tanka Poem Write your poem. (Watch your syllables!) Draw your illustration.

10: Simile Poem A comparison poem using the word "like." Example 1: A mushroom is like an umbrella Keeping you out of the rain Example 2: A marble is like the rainbow Wadded into a glass ball.

11: Simile Poem Write your poem. Draw your illustration.

12: Poetry Poem The poetry is often called concrete poetry. A concrete poem looks like the subject of the poem that it is actually written about. Example: Tiger Poem

13: Poetry Poem Write your poem. (Your poem is your illustration.)

14: Bio Poem I This poem tells about a person's life and his or her accomplishments. Line 1 First Name Line 2 Three adjectives that describe the person Line 3 Important relationship (Ex.: son of ___, or friend of ___) Line 4 Three things or people the person loved Line 5 Three feelings the person experienced Line 6 Three fears the person experienced Line 7 Accomplishments (Ex. who discovered ____, who wrote ___, or who learned ___) Line 8 A hope that the person had in his or her lifetime Line 9 His or her residence Line 10 Last Name Example: Bradley Fibber, Fighter, Frustrated Enemies of Melinda, Colleen, Lori Loved his toy animals, Carla, and his sister He felt frustrated at school, Friendless to his friends, Happy when he was with his toy animals He feared doing homework, being rejected and success Who learned how to do his math Who wanted a god star In your neighborhood Chalkers

15: Bio Poem I Write your poem. Draw your illustration.

16: Bio Poem 2 Think back to one of the stories that we have read in class or that you have read for enjoyment. Remember a major event involving a character in your story. Line 1 Who? Line 2 Did what? Line 3 Where? Line 4 When? Line 5 Why? Example: George Calvert Dreamed of land for a new colony in North America Maryland 1632 In order for Catholics to have freedom of worship

17: Bio Poem 2 Write your poem. Draw your illustration.

18: Diamante A seven line poem written in the shape of a diamond. I contains specific parts of speech. Noun adjective adjective participle participle participle noun noun noun noun participle participle participle adjective adjective Noun Example: Night quiet, dark sleeping, relaxing, resting moon, stars, sun, clouds working, playing, awaking light, noisy Day

19: Diamante Write your poem. Draw your illustration.

20: Haiku A Japanese poetic form that consists of 17 syllables arranged in three lines that follow a 5 - 7 - 5 syllable pattern. Example: A big apple tree In a field of red flowers Grows sour apples

21: Haiku Write your poem. Draw your illustration.

22: Palindrome A palindrome is a line that read the same backward and forward; like, "Madam, I'm Adam" or Poor Danis in a droop." This type of poem repeats itself in the same manner. Example: Winter comes here Freezing rain Dripping icicles Delicious and hot cocoa -----SNOW----- Cocoa hot and delicious Icicles dripping Rain freezing Here comes winter

23: Palindrome Write your poem. Draw your illustration.

24: Quinzaine An poem that does not rhyme that contains 15 syllables in a 7 - 5 - 3 pattern. The first line makes a statement. The next two lines ask a question about the statement. Example: Horse with shiny black coats Will they ever roam the prairies

25: Quinzaine Write your poem. Draw your illustration.

26: Two Word Poem A poem that contains two words per line, and number of lines, and any subject. Example: The Works Pizza, Pizza Yum sausage Pepperoni, mushrooms, Anchovies, Yuck!

27: Two Word Poem Write your poem. Draw your illustration.

28: Boast Poem A bragging poem that uses exaggerations and similes. Example: I am as tan as the sand in Florida. My hair is as blonde as moonlight on the sand. My eyes are as blue as the Pacific Ocean. I am as beautiful as the wonderful sky and moon at night. My skin is as smooth as a baby's skin.

29: Boast Poem Write your poem. Draw your illustration.

30: I Used To Be. . . But Now I Am Example: I used to be dumb, But now I am smart. I used to be mad, But now I am happy. I used to be good, But now I am great.

31: I Used To Be. . . But Now I Am Write your poem. Draw your illustration.

32: Cinquain A Five-line poem that contains 22 syllables in a 2 - 4 - 6 - 8 - 2 syllable pattern. (It usually describes something.) Example: I hate the feel of an apple against my teeth when it gets stuck in my braces and stays.

33: Cinquain Write your poem. Draw your illustration.

34: If I Were . . . Example: If I were a snake, I'd twirl around you. If I were a rabbit, I'd jump on top of you. If I were a car, I'd meow at you. If I were a dragon, I'd blow fire at you. If I were a turtle, I'd walk right past you.

35: If I Were . . . Write your poem. Draw your illustration.

36: Riddle Poem Modeled after the poem "What in the World?" by Eve Merriam. Example: What in the world scurries across its cage and eats dry corn? It plays in the night and sleeps in the day. It runs in a little ball, and shakes every time you pick it up? (A Hamster)

37: Riddle Poem Write your poem. Draw your illustration.

38: Alphabet Poem Each line begins with the letters of the alphabet in order Example: A young girl was busy working on her project for school But suddenly she had a question. Could this be her lucky day? Deciding to find out, she Entered her backyard and Found hundreds of Green shamrocks waiting for her. Hiding in the greenery In between the leaves and sky were a set of Jacks, all shiny and new.

39: Alphabet Poem Write your poem. Draw your illustration.

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