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Polish Culture: A-Z

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Polish Culture: A-Z - Page Text Content

S: Polands Culture A-Z

BC: koniec | (The End)

FC: | Poland's Culture: A-Z | | Poland, the hidden gift. | | By: K-T Fink

1: An Alphabet description of the Culture in Polad! Enjoy! | **Purple Writing is where I synthesized | Dedicated to Great-Grandma-Nana Brice | Kultura = Culture

2: A | rt | Art in Poland expresses feeling but the only thing that the artists feel is pain, despair, sadness and that they are trapped. The artists use dull colors and smeared strokes to make you think about the art. They want you to take it apart and see what they feel inside. Most pieces are impressionism, what the piece means is up to you. The poles need to be careful because of their Communist government. If the militia think they are up to no good they will destroy their art.

3: B | uildings | Most buildings in Warsaw, Poland are Neoclassical style or Baroque style. There are may buildings to see in Warsaw. | Every building is unique. Some buildings are old and have that lasting structure, others are new and are built for creativity and entertainment. In those poor times, however, buildings were built solely to last them through the cold season so that they could make repairs in the summer.

4: C | D | ommunication | Poland Communicates very effectively with its citizens. They have up-to-date technology. The communication that is used most is mobile phones. Mobile phones are most convenient for any society.There is two radio broadcasts in Poland and 75 television broadcasts. Most people do not use TV's or radios because of the lack of work it would cause. Cell phones are the main type of communication. internet users are about 30 million less than mobile phones because of the lack of work that gets done with them in the homes.

5: D | ress | The Polish culture dresses almost the same as americans. There is a slight difference in teens though.The teens in America go out in sweat pants, slippers, huge hoodies etc. . The teens in Poland definitely dress to impress. The girls always have their hair and make up done, the guys wear fitting clothes, and no one walks around in pajamas.This is most likely because they hold themselves to standards and want to present themselves and their families well. They definitely respect themselves

6: E | conomy | Polish money is called Zloty. | TARCZAS. Veer. Web. 16 Dec. 2010. | Poland's economy is pretty good for a country coming out of communism. They have one of the best economies for a country that is recently out of communism.

7: F | amily | Families in Poland are pretty much the same as in America. They have one father, one mother, and kids. Families in Poland are close, they care about each other and love each other. They like to learn and grow with/from one another. They are probably brought so close because of their firm belief in God that they all share with one another. Because of their strong faith, they go to mass every Sunday and thats an activity that brings the family together. They eat meals together and pray before they eat. They grow close over the years because of all the activities they do as a family.

8: G | overnment | "The adoption of the Little Constitution promised to resolve ambiguities in the executive powers of the president and the prime minister and to clarify the scope of control of the bicameral National Assembly." (Mid-1992, By.)

9: H | istory | Poland had a terrible history. They were always being invaded. Most of their invaders were Russian and German because of their close proximity to Poland and their power. Poland was an easy target for invasion, it was invaded about 16 times since it became a country. It had weak defenses and must have been pretty poor. Poland is doing pretty well now though, it is one of the top countries that made it out of communism | Link for video of history on Poland:

10: I | con | Poland doesn't really have any icons that I could find. They are simply Poland. In my book the girl received a plum pit from her friend's mother to represent Poland. The meaning was that the plum looks the same on the inside no matter what the outside looks like or where it goes.

11: J | obs | Jobs in Poland are the same as jobs in America for the most part. They still need doctors, lawyers etc. | Jobs are needed every where throughout the world. Different regions have different popular jobs.

12: K | L | L | L | nowledge | People in Poland learn like we do. They get free education where we do not.

13: L | anguage | Poland has its own language. The language is mixed with slovakian because of the czechoslavakian rule in the past. The language has been around for a long time and is refered to as 'Polish' just like anything else from the country. there are a lot of unique letters in their language, they all have different sounds and appearances.

14: M | ovement & Migration




18: Q | UALITY OF LIFE | The quality of life in Poland is pretty good. They are free like the USA but their country isn't as rich. They are doing well but could be a little better off. | Common manor house in Poland

19: R | ELIGION | The main Religion in Poland is Catholicism. Roman Catholic takes over 89.9 percent of the population. Poland has always been big on Catholicism. Most Poles have been Catholic for a very long time in their culture. Their faith has molded their country. Most of the laws and taboos come from their major faith and belief in the ways of Christianity. Their society is based off of the way that God wants them to live. Catholics are probably high in number because Poland is relatively close to Italy which is where the Vatican for the religion is. The leaders must have had strong faith through all of the invasions.

20: S | TATUS | Poland fights for its equal status in the world. Poland still has not received equal status in the NATO and EU groups. It seems that other countries do not want Poland to be equal. Russia uses its political status and wealth to gain status among these groups. Poland remains unwanted by Russia. This may be the result of Russia's invasions in the past and the anger towards 'the country who survived invasion' was passed down through generations .

21: T | ABOOS | There aren't many big taboos in Poland. Mainly, don't joke about the pope and don't ask about other peoples' salary. Other taboos include talking openly about sex, gay marriage, gay relationships, having abortions or anything against what is believed in the Catholic faith.





26: Y | UM | They eat Pierogies a lot.

27: Z | OO | Poland houses may animals. There is the Grey wolf, European elk, White Stork, White Tailed Eagle, Wild Boars and many other animals. They eat

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