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Pre Calculus: Children's Book

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FC: The Adventures of Mike and Sulley Ginger Odum, Ivonne Ramirez, Laura Bellato and Autora Lorimer

1: Once upon a time, in the city of Monstropolis, there lived two friends named Mike and Sulley. They worked together in a factory called Monsters Inc.

2: One morning Mike decided to stop at Sulley's house on his way to work... Mike is standing outside his door facing the sunrise. He immediately turns 52 degrees north and walks 27 feet to Sulley’s house. From thier original heading, Mike and Sulley turn 140 degrees south towards the factory. What's the distance Mike would have walked if he decided to go straight to the factory from his house? | Chapter 1 | The Factory

3: Solution ASA: | Mike would have walked 17.36 feet if he wanted to go straight to the factory.

4: Chapter 2 | A Door | Sulley and Mike arrive at their workplace, Monsters, Inc., a huge corporate building that houses the power plant... Mike needs to order Sulley a new door but doesn't have the distance number to type in. The door will fly in 4.5 meters diagonally down, and then drop straight down 6.8 meters to the ground. Considering that the door’s angle of depression to Sulley is 15.5 degrees, what is the direct distance from Sulley and Mike to the door's origin?

5: Solution SSA 1 Triangle: | Mike can now record Sulley's distance from the door to be 10.9 meters. | A | C | B

6: Chapter 3 | The Child | Mike and Sulley's job is to scare little children. When they open a door, they can walk into a child's bedroom in the human world. Sulley, who is 72 inches tall, creeps into the room and stands 23 inches away from the child laying in bed. He leans over the child at an angle of 83 degrees. In order to get the most scare out of the child, the glare distance between Sulley’s eyes and the child's eyes must be 72.86 inches. Is the distance between their eyes 72.86 inches?

7: Solution SAS: | B | A | C | Yes, glare distance between their eyes is exactly 72.86 inches.

8: Chapter 4 | Boo | Sulley goes back to get Mike's paperwork and finds one door still on the scare floor. Curious, he opens it and is frightened by a little girl (Boo) who sneaks out of her room and onto the scare floor. Sulley quickly puts her back in her room, but she sneaks out again. Sulley hears the evil Randall coming, and stuffs the toddler into a suitcase and sneaks her into the locker room. When he goes to show Mike, he sees that Boo is running away. The monsters must go on a chase to find her before Randall finds out. Sulley sees Boo escaping southwest 15 feet away from him and then sees her turn east down a hallway, making a 32 degree angle. In order to catch her, they must split up to find the fastest way. There are two hallways that branch off from where Sulley and Mike are standing, which extend 12 feet out. What would be the distance Boo runs if Sulley catches her vs. Mike catching her?

9: H2 | H1 | ft | ft | B | C | A | B

10: Solution SSA 2 Triangles: | If Sulley catches her first (H1), Boo would have run 3.73 feet. But if Mike catches her first (H2) Boo would have run 21.71 feet.

11: Triangle Solution 2 | Triangle Solution 1

12: Chapter 5 | Moving Doors | The evil Randall finds out the child is in the factory and tries to kidnap her. Sulley, Mike and Boo are now trying to get away from Randall and decide to jump on one of the moving doors. Randall has also jumped on a door and is 12 feet away from the group's door. The angle between Randall’s door and the next door coming from the north is 45 degrees, and the angle between Randall’s door and the group's door is 30 degrees. In order to correctly time their getaway, the group needs to find the exact distance from their door to the new door.

13: Solution AAS: | The new door is 23.2m away! | C | A | B

14: Chapter 6 | The Chase | The chase continues with Randall getting closer and closer to Mike, Sulley and Boo, and is now only 11.6 feet away. The group has just jumped 10 feet with a 40 degree angle of elevation to the next moving door and goes into the room to hide. Randall is so tired from the chase, he only has energy left to jump 6 feet towards that same door. Does Randall make it to the door?

15: Solution SSA no triangle: | No, Randall doesn't make it and falls!! Oh darn.

16: Chapter 7 | Scream Extractor | Randall has entered a dark room and thinks he has just kidnapped Boo. However, he finds later that he accidentally snatched Mike. Randall decides to turn his scream extractor machine on Mike unless he tells him Boo’s location. Mike tries to create a plan to avoid the machine. He is 52 inches away from Randall. The scream extractor, located above the monsters, is 46 inches away from Randall, and 73 inches away from Mike. Mike needs to find the angle of elevation to the machine in order to escape its power.

17: Solution SSS: | The angle of elevation to the machine is 38.79 degrees. | A | B | C

18: THE END | Mike manages to escape and meets up with Boo and Sulley. Together they return to Boo’s room, tuck her into bed, and then shred the door. And they all lived happily ever after. And remember children...the moral of this story is to keep your math skills in tip top shape so that you can solve your own life problems!

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