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Prehistoric People

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FC: Prehistoric People | By Carly, Shane, Ariana, Carlos and Evan

1: This Mixbook will feature the Paleo Indians, Mound Builders, Hopewell, Mississpians, and Cliff Dwellers.

2: The Cliff Dwellers | Some types of food the Cliff Dwellers ate are mice, rats, groundhogs, buffalo, squash, beans, chicken, and corn. The people that grew their food were called farmers. The people in the tribe who collected the food were sometimes called hunter-gatherers.

6: Above is is a photo of a type of shawl that women and girl Cliff Dwellers would have worn. | Below is a jacket or shirt that Cliff Dweller men and boys would have worn.

7: Above is picture of a piece of pottery made by people from the tribe of the Cliff Dwellers. | To your left is another piece of pottery made by the tribe of the Anasai. | Below is picture of many different types of tools. Some include hide scrapers and fire drills. In the picture they also show an arrowhead used to stab small game. | To your right is a petroglyph created by the Cliff Dwellers. | Every picture on this page except the one above are pictures of artifacts.

8: The homes they lived in were very interesting. The Anasai made homes in the sides of cliffs that were sometimes several stories high. The homes were sometmies called pueblo's. | They often painted the cave walls red, pink, yellow or white with paint they made them selves. They used the high walls to protect them selves from enemies. They used ladders to reach the homes that they bulit higher up. they often built buily parts of their homes out of adobe.

9: Different tribes of indians were spread widely across America.

10: What did they trade? | They traded beads among them selves. | The bead in the top left corner is onev found by an archaeologist.

11: The Adena Mound Builders

12: The Adena lived from 1000 B.C. to 200 A.D. | They were farmers.

13: Some of the tools they used were spears, utensils, and hammers.

14: The Hopewell lived in the Mid-West. <-A map. | The Hopewell wore clothing from hides of hunted game using spears and daggers. Like deer and turkey. They can also get items from trading.

15: The Hopewell made rock carvings called pictographs. | They traded goods such as copper, flint, hides of animals, mica, shells, obsidian, tools, pottery, and art.

16: The Hopewell were a creative tribe that could make pottery that looks like a machine carved the details into it. they used pottery methods to put food and water into pots. | They made tools out of rocks(arrowheads), hardened wood, bones, and flint.

17: They made weapons like spears out of rocks(arrowheads) and hardened wood. | The Hopewell ate mostly native game and plants. They drank water like all humans should. A common plant is the Squash.

18: Some Hopewell were hunter gatherers, and some were farmers later in their existence. The are related to the Mississippians, who were temple mound builders. | The Hopewell Indians were an interesting tribe. They erected mounds that served as ceremonial sites, burial grounds for people and artifacts, and "lunar observatories". They existed from late B.C through early A.D.

19: This is one of the mounds they made. The Adena Mound Builders used mounds for burial sites and religious ceremonies.They also built Conical Mounds. Conical Mounds were used for holding water.

20: The Hopewell lived in huts called Wigwams. | Many Native American tribes of the eastern part of the U.S. lived in Wigwams. | FAST FACT! Wigwam is a sock company in Sheboygan, WI. | Wigwams are made of sticks, tree bark, and native trees and plants.

21: The Adena Mound Builders lived in Ohio, Indiana, West Virginia, Kentucky, and parts of Pennsylvania and New York.

22: They used Pictographs for basically drawing and to talk part of the time. The pictographs represented many different symbols.

23: They made weapons out of stone and wood. They were basically used for hunting.

24: They ate........ ~Berries ~Nuts ~Fruit ~Vegetables ~Fish ~A wide variety of mammals

25: They hunted........ ~Bison ~Big cats ~Fish ~Mammoths ~Bears ~Deer ~Turkeys ~Moose And many more!

26: They lived in many different styles of houses. Some lived in Pueblos and others may have lived in huts.

27: They wore different types of clothing. Woman wore dresses and men wore shirts and pants. The woman also wore jewelry. And they both wore shoes sometimes.

28: Some of the pottery they made are pots, utensils, vessel shapes, and jars. | Archaeologists dig of allot of stuff which are called artifacts. Most artifacts are pottery.

29: The Hopewell had special mounds called effigy mounds. They were in the shape of an animal or a human. They were used for burial grounds. ARCHAEOLOGISTS found ARTIFACTS like tools, bones of humans and animals, and weapons in the mounds. | The Hopewell mound builders

30: Where were all of their mounds? | Their mounds were located in the states of Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Ohio, and in many places in the southeast.

31: When did they all live? | 1. Paleo 2. Cliff Dwellers 3. Adena 4. Hopewell 5. Mississpians They all lived in the time period of A.D..

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