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prezidantz scrapbook

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BC: The End.

FC: President scrapbook

1: Term served 1789-1797 political party: Federalists. 1st president He was a general He developed the cabinet Vice President:John Adams

2: John Adams Term: 1797-1801 Political Party:Federalist Nickname was "The Atlas of Independence" | Thomas Jefferson Vice president

3: Thomas Jefferson Term:1801-1809 Political Party:Democratic Republican Considered Man of people Wrote a book Stayed neutral | Arron Burr:Vice President

4: James Madison Term:1809-1817 Political Party:Democratic-Republican made many contributions to the states Born:March 16,1751 | Vice President:George Clinton

5: James Monroe Term: 1817-1825 Political Party: Democratic-republican he was the 5th president of the usa | Vice President: Daniel Tompkins

6: John Q.Adams Term:1825-1829 Political Party:Democratic-Republican 2nd person in his family to become President religion:unitarian born July 11th, 1767 | Vice President:John C. Calhoun

7: Andrew Jackson Served from 1829-1837 Political Party: Democrat Religion: Presbyterian 1767–1845 | Vice president:John C. Calhoun 1829–1832 Vice president:Martin Van Buren 1833-1837

8: Martin Van Buren Terms:1837–1841 Political party:Democrat 8th President He was a lawyer | Vice President:Richard M Johnson

9: William Henry Harrison Terms:1841 Political Party: Whig He was soldier He went to Hampton-Sydney college | Vice President: John Tyler

10: John Tyler Terms served:1790–1862 Political Party:Democrat, Whig He was a lawyer NO VICE PRESIDANT

11: James K. Polk Terms served:1845–1849 Political Party:Democrat He was a lawyer | Vice president:George Dallas

12: Zachary Taylor Terms served:1840-1850 Political Party: Whig He was a solier | Vice president: Millard Fillmore

13: Millard Fillmore Terms served:1850-1853 Political Party: Whig He was a lawyer NO VICE PRESIDENT

14: Franklin Peirce Terms served:1853-1857 Political Party: Democrat He was a lawyer, Public official | Vice President: William King

15: James Buchanan Terms served: 1857-1861 Political Party: Democrat He was a lawyer | Vice President: John C. Breckinbridge

16: Abraham Lincoln Term:1861-1865 Delivered the emancipation proclamation | Vice President: Hannibal Hamlin(1861-1865 2nd Vice President: Andrew Johnson

17: Andrew Johnson Term:1865-1869 Political Party:Democrat,Unionist Born in a log cabin in North Carolina | Vice President:William H. Seward | Andrew Johnson Term:1865–1869 Political Party: Democratic-republic He was a tailor and a public official NO VICE PRESIDENT

18: Ulysses S. Grant (1822–1885) Terms:1869–1877 Political Party:Republican He was a soldier | Vice President:Schuyler Colfax Vice President:Henry wilson | Ulysses S. Grant Term:1869–1877 Political Party:Republican religion:Methodist | Vice President: Schuyler Coifax

19: Rutherford B. Hayes Term:1877–1881 Political Party: Republican | Vice President:William A. wheeler

20: James A. Garfield Term:1881 Political Party:Republican Was assassinated 100 days after being assumed to office | Vice president:Chester Arthur

21: Chester A. Arthur Term:1881-1885 Political Party:Republican The 5th child in his family | No vice President

22: Grover Cleavland Term: 22nd and 24th President of the United States (1885–1889 and 1893–1897) Political Party:Democrat | Vice President:Thomas A. Hendricks 2nd Vice President:Adlai E. Stevenson

23: Benjamin Harrison Term:1889–1893 Political Party:Republican Born in Ohio | Vice President:Levi P. Mortan

24: William McKinley Term;1897–1901 Political Party:Republican His nick name was idol of Ohio | Vice Presidents:Garret A. Hobart, Theodor Roosevelt

25: Theodor Roosevelt Term:1901–1909 Political Party:Republican He went to harvord | Vice President: Charles W. Fairbanks

26: William Taft Term:1909–1913 Political Party: Republican was a lawyer and a public official | Vice President:James S. Sherman

27: Woodward Wilson Term:1913–1921 Political party: Democrat he was a professor | Vice President:Thomas R.Marshall

28: Warren G. Harding Term:1921–1923 Political Party:Republican Religion:Baptist | Vice President:Calvin Coolidge

29: Calvin Coolidge Term:1923–1929 Political Party :Republican Religion: Congregationalist | Vice President:Charles G. Dawes

30: Herbert Hoover Term:1929-1933 Political Party:Republican Religion Society of Friends (Quaker) | Vice President:Charles Curtis

32: Franklin D. Roosevelt Term:1933–1945 Political Party:Democrat Education: Harvard College | Vice President John N. Garner (1933–1941) Henry A. Wallace (1941–1945) Harry Truman(1945)

33: Harry Truman Term:1945–1953 Political Party:Democrat Was a farmer | Vice President:Alben W. Barkley

34: Dwight Eisenhower Term:1953-1961 Political Party:Republican He was a soldier | Vice president:Richard Nixon

35: John F. Kennedy Term:1961-1963 Political Party:Democrat He was an author | Vice Presidents:Lyndon Johnson

36: Lyndon Johnson Term:1963-1960 Political Party:Democrat was a teacher | Vice President:Hubert Humphrey

37: Vice President Spiro T. Agnew (1969–1973) Gerald Ford (1973–1974)

38: Gerald Ford Term:1974-1977 Political Party:Republican Was a former vice president | Vice President:Nelson A. Rockefeller

39: Jimmy carter Term:1977-1981 Political Party:Democrat was a soldier | Walter Mondale

40: Ronald Regan Term:1981-1989 Political Party:Republican He was an actor | Vice President:George H W.Bush

41: George W.Bush Term 41st President of the United States (1989–1993)43rd President of the United States (2001–2009) Political Party:Republican Bissiness man | Vice President:Richard B Cheny

42: Bill Clinton Term:42nd President of the United States (1993–2001) Political Party:Republican Was a Lawyer | Vice President:Al Gore

43: Barrack Obama Term:2009- Political Party:Democratic !st Black president | Vice President: Joe Biden

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