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Proposal to Terpakistan.

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FC: The Proposal for Terpakistan | By:Aaron Gibbs Zoie Dance

1: We understand the events that have been transpiring within your civil war. These events concur with ones that we have been through ourselves in American history. We are writing this proposal to offer your country advice on how to handle the Reconstruction of your society.

2: Proposal 1: Amendments | Seeing that your country has had racial tension, along with slavery among your society, we offer you these amendments. In the past, the 13th, 14th, and 15th amendments, all together have played a part in ending slavery and attempted to diminish racism and create an equal environment for the people to live in. These amendments are examples of the types of necessary laws your modern day civilization needs in order to prosper in its Rebuilding stage. These ideas have helped a society come out one of its darkest hours, and we're sure it would do the same for yours.

3: Proposal 2: The Black Codes The Black Codes were laws enacted in 1865 and 1866 to reduce the rights of blacks. Under the Codes, they were not allowed to vote, to hold office, or to serve on a jury. They were also not guaranteed any sort of public education. This lead to the displeasement of the African Americans and created an even stronger division. We would not expect or direct you to include the black codes into the Reconstruction of your society. The black codes were repealed shortly after they were displayed to the public eye. Take that as a warning and heed our direction, do not include the Black Codes in your law of Reconstruction.

4: Proposal 3: War War is always something that you need to be prepared for. The Military Reconstruction act split up the military into 5 divisions (not including the state of Tenesse if we are being specific). This made the military much easier to manage and over all left a good impact on the people and its militia. This would be a great strategy to use for reconstructing your military. It will give you much order, over your troops and you will be better off in the case of war.

5: Proposal 4: Plans | At the time of the American Civil War there were three major plans constructed to help reform the society. The 10% plan, brought up by Lincoln, proposed that the South reconcile with the North instead of being punished for treason. It stated that 1o% of the 1860 voters living in Southern sates would take an oath of loyalty, then rejoin. There was also the Radical Reconstruction plan, designed to punish the Southern states for seceeding from the Union. This plan is said to have set the ground work for segregation. The final plan to be used as an example is the Presidential Reconstruction Plan, formed by Lincoln and Johnson. Its goal was to quickly reunite the country and was said to have begun with the Emancipation Proclamation. This plan set off many positive reactions for the civilization. With this being said we feel it is our duty to instill you with the following advice. It would not be a good idea to include the Radical Reconstruction plan into your processes. But we would recommend the use of both the Presidential and 10% plan. These both had success during the time that they were used and could provide your country with a sense of the need for loyalty and unity. Both essential parts to a successful community.

6: Proposal 5: Freedman'sBureau and The Civil Right Act of 1875 In the days of the civil war there were many derogative terms like Carpet Baggers: A person from the northern states who went to the South after the Civil War to profit from the Reconstruction. Scalawag: name given to southerners who supported Republican Reconstruction of the South.. The use of these names weren't taken lightly and being called them was a sign of disrespect. The Civil Rights act of 1875 and the Freedman's Bureau however, are two examples of ideas used to calm down or reverse the use of this kind of language. Both of these events contributed to the education and the legal disowning of racism against African-Americans. It is because of Acts like the Civil Rights one that Hiram Revels came into play. Hiram Revels- were the first African-Americans to serve in the US Senate, and represented Mississippi in 1870 and 1871 during Reconstruction. We believe you should follow the morals of these two pieces of American history to revive your society.

7: Proposal 6: The Slaughterhouse Cases In the Slaughterhouse Cases, the clause of "privilege and immunities" in the 14th amendment was deemed useless, which led to the in by the New Orleans' state government. We propose that when creating your amendments, you attempt to weed out any laws or regulations that may create double meanings or standards, such as created in that scenario. (butchers claimed the state's law violated their 14th amendment privilege to earn a living and work where they please.)

8: Proposal 7: Socieities and Orginizations During the time of the Civil War there was much hatred and contempt shown towards African Americans. Sometimes groups with the same goal and anomisity for a certain persons or thing, would band together. An example of this from this time period would be the Ku Klux Klan. a secret society organized to strike quietly against the Republicans. Their goal was to drive out Union troops and carpet baggers andtake control of the South for the Democratic party, and almost all of the time they went about achieving their goal in violent ways. Their behavior and word of them spread quickly throughout the South and their behavior angered many people like President Ulysses S. Grant. During Reconstruction, Grant pursued the Ku Klux Klan in South Carolina and effectively disabled the organization until the 1920’s. During his presidency he signed legislation that protected entrenched business interests.

9: This set the stage for more monopoly, public unrest over the accumulation of wealth, and increased corruption. Grant was unanimously renominated in 1872 and won reelection, but more scandal plagued his close associates, such as his Secretary of War, William W. Belknap, and his private secretary, Orville E. Babcock, who were both involved in graft schemes. He left office in disgrace and struggled to complete his memoirs while dying of cancer, so that his family would have some means of support after his death. Grant finished his two volume work, one of the finest presidential memoirs ever, four days before he died. The Ku Klux Klan is a great representation of the types of societies that you want to avoid while reconstructing your society. Grant is an example of the type of leader you want to have in your civilization. He effectively put halt to a society who was endangering his people’s safety and ultimately did a very good thing for the society in signing the legislation.

10: Proposal 8: The importance of Equality | Charles Seumner gave an antislavery speech in 1856 in the Senate the speech assailed both the Kansas-Nebraska Act of 1854 and the southern representatives who supported it. In one of the most shocking incidents in American history, Sumner was consequently attacked on the Senate floor and beaten with a cane by South Carolinian Preston Brooks, whose uncle was one of the men Sumner had criticized. It took Sumner more than three years to recover from the assault, a display of violence which galvanized the North. After his return, Sumner strongly supported Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation, and claimed that the Confederate states had "committed suicide" by seceding, thereby forfeiting their constitutional rights. Together with Thaddeus Stevens in the House, Sumner led the fight for the Congressional (or Radical) Reconstruction program that sought to ensure liberty and equality for blacks and enfranchisement for black men. He also led the movement to impeach Andrew Johnson.

11: Sumner is a great example of a person who stood up for what he believed was right. Both The Civil Rights Act of 1875: (Prohibited keeping people out of public places on the basis of race, and prohibited racial discrimination in selecting jurors), and The Civil Rights Act of 1866 (granted citizenship to all persons born in the U.S. except Native Americans. It allowed African Americans to own property and stated that they were to be equally treated in court. This Act gave the federal government the power to punish people who violated these rules) were thoroughly supported through Charles Sumner during this event. Both Civil Rights Acts are laws and ideas that you want to

12: Proposal 9: The Compromise of 1877 In this compromise, two opposing sides (Southern Democrats &Republicans) and gave up sort of power (Southern Democrats would recognize Hayes as president if Republicans removed their troops from former confederate states, appointed a southern democrat to Hayes' cabinet, construct another transcontinental railroad, and create Legislation to industrialize the South, to keep their governmental opposition in good spirits, taking them farther away from the Civil War America encountered. If you use these sorts of tactics to work out problems within your government, you will not have

13: to face any type of war between the types of individuals that reside in your society. Also, if an opposing party of people are proposing something that does not directly benefit you or your circle of population, do not turn it down because simply because of that fact. In the end, the result could possibly create a stronger country that can easily fight any type of problem it faces.

14: Proposal 10: Hope for the people Within Sherman’s General Field Order No. 15, military orders were issued during the American Civil War on January 16, 1865, by General William Tecumseh Sherman, commander of the Military Division of the Mississippi of the United States Army. They provided for the confiscation of 400,000 acres of land along the Atlantic coast of South Carolina, Georgia, and Florida and the dividing of it into 40-acre parcels, on which were to be settled approximately 18,000 freed slave families and other Blacks then living in the area. The orders had little concrete effect, as they were revoked in the fall of that same year by President Andrew Johnson, who succeeded

15: Abraham Lincoln after his assassination. Though the orders Sherman put into place did not last very long, it gave African-Americans (freed slaves) hope that one day, they would be able to live, work, and enjoy life as the white man did. You must provide the citizens of your country with the same hope and determination. They must believe that together, you will rise out of your troubled times, and into a prosperous era where your people are proud to be Terpakistanians.

16: Proposal 11: Take A Stand Behind the Impeachment of Andrew Johnson was a trail of lies and deceit within the American government. Johnson and as impeached simply because he and Congress did not get along politically or idealistically. In order to prevent Johnson, a Democrat, from firing Republican cabinet members appointed by Lincoln before his death, the Republican controlled Congress enacted (over Johnson's veto) a law called "The Tenure of Office Act" prohibiting the President from firing key department heads without the approval of Congress. Johnson ignored this questionable act, and fired some department heads, in which the House respond by impeaching Johnson.

17: In order for your country to remove itself from this horrid era of Civil War, you must come together, and put aside your differences to bring your people out of this tragedy. Any type of cases, as seen in the impeachment Andrew Johnson, where people are out to get someone because they don't agree with there ideals or the way one lives there life, you must take a stand against, before it becomes the disease that keeps your country in the black abyss that you find yourself in currently.

18: Proposal 12: Peace and Safety First April 13, 1873. The White League, a paramilitary group intent on securing white rule in Louisiana, clashed with Louisiana's almost all-black state militia. The resulting death toll was staggering. Only three members of the White League died. But some 100 black men were killed in the encounter. Of those, nearly half were murdered in cold blood after they had already surrendered. This Known in American history as The Colfax Massacre, but I am sure you've had a incident within your Civil War that coincides with the description of this event. In order for your country to return to its form before your Civil War, your citizens must first feel as though they live in a place where there safety is not in danger every time they walk outside

19: their door, or worse, where they don't feel safe anywhere they go. Secondly, you must instill the fact in your citizens that without peace in your nation, there is no nation, just a world of pain and murder. You mustn't accept any acts of terror or racism (such as the events that lead to U.S. v. Kruikshank) against any types of people in your civilization, and those who commit such acts must be removed from your country in some sort of peaceful manner, because violence against violence just creates more violence. This is how you create a perfect government, this is how create a perfect Terpakistan.

20: Proposal 13: The Panic of 1873 | Panic of 1873: was caused by severe economic crisis’ one major one being a series of bad railroad investments. The actual panic though is known as the wide spread fear of the people for the financial part of the community. The panic prompted the scores of smaller banks to close and stock markets definitely suffered. The economy was spiraling down at this time and it hurt the republicans politically. See this as an example to how your people most likely would respond if you do not heed our advice. Good economic skills and governmental decision are essential in a successful community. The community during the Civil War did not have that and this is why they Panicked. We do not want the same to happen to your people.

21: With the use of our corrections, instructions, and opinions there is not much way that you could go that may lead you astray from what you are trying to do. Peace and Equality is key in many cases and during the Reconstruction period there was a lot of laws and ideas that came in to play supporting the ideas of Equality and peace. The Reconstruction during the Civil War era definitely had its flaws but could all around be considered a major success. With the historic facts and examples we have given you today, we hope that you can successfully reincarnate and better the ideas from that time period into a better future for your society, Thank-you for all of your time and patience and we sincerely hope that we have been of assistance. Sincerely, Zoie Dance & Aaron Gibbs

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