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Pythagorean Theorem

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FC: Pythagorean Theorem | Named After Pythagoras

1: Pythagoras was born in around 570 B.C. I say around because in his time, there were no good record keepings.

2: Pythagoras was born in Samos in Ancient Greece in about 570 B.C. HIs father was Mnesarchus and his mother was Pythais. HIs father made sure that his son had the best possible education. When he was 18, Pythagoras was sent to Lesbos. There he learned from philosopher and astronomer, Anaximander, and Thales of Miletus, a wise philosopher and mathematician.

3: Around 547 B.C., Pythagoras visited Egypt. It was here that he most likely learned of the theorem that is now named after him in Egypt. | He learned much while in Egypt. At age 55, he returned to his homeland of Samos and started a school for children there.

4: After living a long life,Pythagoras died at the age of 99.

5: Although the theorem was known to many cultures, including the Chinese, Babylonians and Caldeans, the Pythagorean Theorem is known after Pythagoras because he was the first man to prove it. It is one of the most vital theorems in the geometrical world.

6: Definition: describes relationship between the length of legs/hypotenuse for all right triangles | (Image to right shows how it works) The legs are always Side 'A' and Side 'B'. Both squared and added together always equal the hypotenuse squared.

8: HOW TO SOLVE 1) Square Side 'A' then square Side 'B' 2) Add these numbers together and this is the square of Side C. 3) Then find square root of this number. The number you get as square root is the length of the hypotenuse.

10: An example of how it would be used could be... Side A-12 inches Side B-15 inches Side C-UNKNOWN | 12 squared is 144 15 squared is 225 Added together, they equal 369

11: The square root of 369 is 19.2 This makes the Unknown Length, Side C, 19.2 inches long

12: Word Problem #1 Julia goes to the park. At the park is a basketball court, with a length of 21 meters and a width of 10 meters. | If Julia wants to run the across the diagonal multiple times to work out, how far is she running each time?

13: 21 squared is 441. 10 squared is 100. | Added together, the sum is 541. Now, you find the square root... | ...which is 23.3 Making the diagonal of the basketball court 23.3 meters in length | Word Problem # 1 Explanation

14: Word Problem #2 Mark enjoys swimming at his local pool. Each side of the pool is 20 yards. What is the diagonal of the pool Mark swims in during his spare time?

15: Word Problem #2 Explanation 20 squared is 400 20 squared is 400 Added together, they equal 800 The square root of 800 is 28.3 Meaning the diagonal of the local pool is 28.3 yards across

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